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Sweet tomatoes without vinegar for the winter, very tasty

Sweet tomatoes for the winter

In order not to interrupt the sweet taste of the marinade, in this recipe of canned sweet tomatoes spices are placed in a very small amount, and there is no spicy greens at all. Nevertheless, the marinade is obtained rich and very tasty, sweet with a slight acidity, which adds citric acid.

Tomatoes can take any variety, even thin-skinned ones will do, and so that they do not burst when boiled water comes in, pick them up with a toothpick, and we put a metal spoon under the stream of boiling water.

It is not necessary to sterilize this preparation for the winter, there is enough salt, sugar and citric acid in the marinade to ensure trouble-free storage until the next harvest. And it is better to close the tomatoes in the liter jars, so it is more convenient to get them and eat.

Ingredients per liter jar:

  • small tomatoes - how many will enter;
  • garlic cloves - 2 pieces;
  • black pepper - 4 peas;
  • allspice - 2 pieces;
  • bay leaf - 2 small.

Marinade per liter of water:

  • salt - 1 tbsp. l no slides;
  • sugar - 3 tbsp. l;
  • citric acid is an incomplete teaspoon.

How to cook sweet tomatoes without vinegar

We sort out tomatoes, we sort by a grade and the size. Prick a toothpick around the stem.

tomato preparation

Banks of mine with soda, pour boiling water for a couple of minutes. Drain hot water into the sink. We throw laurel, garlic, two kinds of pepper to the bottom of each liter can.

cooking spices

Put a layer of tomatoes, tap on the table with a jar to make it closer to each other. So fill under the top.

putting tomatoes in a jar

In the scoop already boiled water. In a jar, put a tablespoon with the convex side up, as if covering the tomatoes. Pour boiling water on a spoon, the bank should be completely filled. Cover with lids, leave to steam for ten minutes.

pour boiling water

Pour citric acid into the drained water, but pre-measure how much water we have for the marinade.

cooking marinade

Stir, set on fire. Put salt and sugar, boil marinade with a strong boil for a couple of minutes, dissolving all the crystals.

add salt and sugar

Since the tomatoes are already well warmed, you can not put a spoon when pouring the marinade, the peel will not burst. Pour in the marinade, twist the banks.

pour marinade

Hide the preservation under the rug or close it with a warm blanket, jacket and leave it until the next day. We store pickled tomatoes in a dark place without sunlight, it is desirable that the room was cool. Successful to you preparations!

jar of sweet tomatoes

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Sweet tomatoes for the winterSweet tomatoes for the winter

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