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How to oxyh help tomatoes, how to apply

oxyh for tomato

Oxyhom refers to pesticides, and in effect the drug is a system-contact fungicide. Purpose - the destruction and prevention of the development of parasitic fungi on the garden and garden crops of the oomycetes subclass. What diseases does tomato help Oxy and how to use it correctly?

Oxyfy: composition, release form

The components of Oxyhoma (oxadixyl and copper oxychloride) have a negative impact on all forms of pathogens of dangerous fungal diseases. Means represents the flavourless white, fine-grained powder intended for superficial processings. In stores, the drug (90% concentration) is sold in packs of 5 kilograms and in bags of 10, 20, 30 and 40 grams.

Operating principle

Oxy shows the same high efficiency in greenhouses and in the open field, as it works due to two striking mechanisms - instantaneous and prolonged:

  • oxychloride copper immediately acts on the adult fungus contact;
  • Oxadixyl is absorbed and penetrates into the plant's internal tissues, spreads by saparisation, gradually destroys spores even on growing shoots.

The drug is allowed to use in the growing season a tomato. However, it should follow a clear rule - the time after the last spraying before harvesting should be at least 4 days in the protected ground and 20 days in the open.


The tool is absorbed by the plant immediately after treatment, it is often recommended for use in prolonged rainy periods. Do not believe such tips, Oxyx has a weak stickiness, spraying should be done 3–4 days before precipitation.

To fully cure a severely affected mycelium, a tomato will require 3 treatments. In critical cases, a fourth spraying session can be performed. But ripe tomatoes in the early stages (up to 20 days of waiting) in no case can not eat, make them blanks. It is better to sacrifice a small part of the tomatoes, cure the bushes, so as not to lose the crop at all.

What diseases of tomato use Oxy

Oxyh eradicates quite complex diseases of garden plants. In the case of tomatoes, it is macrosporosis, black bacterial spotting and phytophthora. Active substances can destroy the fungus at all stages of its development. The first results are visible within a few hours after spraying. The period of active action of Oxyhoma lasts 3 days, and the total protection lasts up to two weeks.

The advantages and disadvantages of Oxychoma

There are no serious drawbacks besides human toxicity. Oxyh is not suitable for the preparation of tank mixes, it is incompatible with other drugs, especially with alkaline. But this factor cannot be attributed to shortcomings, since Oxyg is rather effective as an independent means, auxiliary impurities are not needed.

What are the positive qualities of the drug gardeners and gardeners emit:

  • high efficiency in the fight against fungal diseases;
  • therapeutic and prolonged protective action;
  • quick result (after 2-3 hours).

There is one more plus - Oxyg is suitable for anti-resistant programs. This alternation of drugs for the prevention of the resistance of fungi to the components of various means.

Instructions for use Oxyhoma

For an Oxyhom uniform coating of tomato bushes, spraying is carried out with a fine spray, it is necessary to avoid spilling the solution into the soil. The first (prophylactic) treatment is carried out immediately after the rooting of the seedlings - 2 weeks after planting. The next 2 sessions are repeated every 14 days.


The manufacturer does not recommend the use of the drug during the mass flowering of horticultural crops, so as not to harm the beneficial insects.

Processing should be carried out in cloudy weather or in a cool time of the day (morning or evening). A solution for tomatoes grown in open and closed ground is prepared from 20–35 grams of Oxychom per 10 liters of water. In greenhouses, 2 liters of the finished product is enough to spray 10 square meters of plantings; in unprotected soil, 10 liters of the mixture are used for weaving. The solution is used immediately after preparation, it can not be stored.

If prophylactic treatment of tomatoes with Oxyhom was not carried out, the first spraying is carried out at the first signs of the appearance of diseases. Before the procedure, ripe and brown tomatoes should be cut off, let them ripen at home.

Safety measures when using

Oxyhom is dangerous to humans, animals, fish and shoulders; it does not harm birds. When working with the drug (dilution and spraying) wear waterproof protective clothing and gloves, special glasses and a respirator. After spraying, the clothes are sent to the wash, and the exposed skin is thoroughly washed with running water and soap or taken in a shower. Smoking, drinking and eating while working with OxyHom is strictly prohibited.

In case of contact with eyes, they are immediately washed with plenty of clean running water (about 15 minutes). If you see chemical burns on the skin, rinse these places with cool water. Do not use different lotions and do not remove peeled skin; a sterile dressing should be applied to these areas and go to the hospital.

If particles of the drug are in the respiratory and digestive organs, there is nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, slight numbness of the extremities, you should immediately consult a doctor, do not try to eliminate the symptoms yourself. Acute poisoning can be accompanied by symptoms such as trembling of the body, blue lips and nails, loss of consciousness. In this case, call an ambulance. Do not neglect the safety rules, the consequences of misuse is difficult to predict.


Even with a light wind spray can not be carried out, it is important to exclude the ingress of funds in the neighboring areas.

Do not pour the rest of the solution into the sewage system or into the pond, do not throw the powder into the trash can, it is better to bury the excess drug in the non-cultivated area away from the settlements.

Storage conditions

Hogs are stored in a cool, dark place that children and pets will not reach, away from food and household chemicals. An open pack tightly sealed with office clips or clothespins, placed in an additional box or bag. Watch out for the expiration date, without pity, destroy expired means, do not use it.

Tips and tricks

When working with chemicals you need to strictly follow all points of the instructions on the package. Thus, serious problems can be avoided. Let's add some more tips to the main list:

  • There is no single recipe for preparing a solution for all cultures. For the treatment and prevention of diseases of tomatoes, no more than 35 grams of Oxyhoma are filled in 10 liters of water;
  • To prepare the mixture, take water at room temperature.The powder dissolves well, but before applying the liquid it must be very thoroughly mixed;
  • do not fall for the tricks of dishonest sellers - the full analogs of Oxyhoma do not exist, in all other preparations based on oxadixyl the second component is always different;
  • Do not treat with Oxyhom and feed the tomatoes in one day, it can lead to disastrous consequences. Between the procedures adhere to the interval of 3-5 days.

Oxyx is unsafe, like most other pesticides, but its effect has been tested by many gardeners and gardeners. Not for nothing that it is described in every second recommendation for the treatment of fungal diseases. Oxyh sell in hardware or specialty stores, it is not uncommon. Use the tool wisely, provide tomatoes with strong immunity to various ailments.


Tatyana. Phytophthora on tomatoes appears every year, than I just did not process the beds, while the drug will work, a significant part of the crop is already lost. 2 years ago I was advised to buy Oksikh and start processing tomato bushes 15 days after planting, then 2 more times with the same interval. Though I didn’t believe in a good result, now I don’t even remember about blight!

Alexey. I could not completely eradicate the black bacterial spot on the tomatoes. Treatments helped to stop the development of the disease, but the following year, at a new place, the tomatoes again hurt. For a long time I used only biological preparations and folk recipes, avoided chemistry, for good reason, only Oxyh helped to completely get rid of the problem. If the insecticide is used correctly, it will not do much harm to people or the environment.

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oxyh for tomatooxyh for tomato

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