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5 ways to use wood ash in the country


The use of wood ash in the country and the garden is popular among gardeners. To get natural fertilizer is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

Use organic matter to protect plants from pests, diseases, as a fertilizer. How to use wood ash?

Natural fertilizer

Wood ash is an unburned plant residue that retains a high content of nutrients (potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium). The appearance of organic matter resembles powder or small charred pieces of plant branches, the color is gray. Its main feature is absolute environmental friendliness and safety for the environment, living organisms that may come in contact with organic matter.

The effect of nutrients on plants

Trace elements from wood ash perform various functions:

  1. Contained calcium carbonate increases the activity of metabolic processes of plants. For example, fertilizer is used to accelerate the ripening of cucumbers and tomatoes. With proper and timely introduction of organic matter, the yield of vegetables is increased by 40%.
  2. Calcium silicate has a positive effect on the formation of bulbous cultures. Silicon compounds allow gluing onion layers. Vegetable will be stored all winter, without losing its presentation.
  3. Calcium sulfate is an indispensable element when setting up dense and juicy cabbage.
  4. Calcium chloride helps rid garden crops and vegetables from fungal and bacterial diseases.
  5. Saturation of plants with sodium chloride and orthophosphate will allow plants to not lose moisture in hot periods of time.
  6. The high content of magnesium in the ash has a positive effect on the metabolism processes, which allows producing enough energy for the growth and development of crops.

How to get wood ash at home

In no case should products of a synthetic origin be used to obtain natural fertilizer. When burned, they release poisonous elements that accumulate in the plant and fruits, poisoning them. What plant residues can be burned, and which compounds will prevail in them:

  • burning young branches of trees and shrubs, the output will be ash rich in phosphorus and potash compounds. By burning lignified tree trunks, fertilizer is obtained with a high concentration of calcium;
  • ash after burning straw contains potassium at the level of 14-16%, calcium compounds 6-9%, phosphorus 5-7%;
  • processing potato tops produces ash with a potassium content of 30%, 15% calcium, and 8% phosphorus;
  • The highest calcium (15–20%) and potassium (30–40%) were found during the burning of sunflower stalks.

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Ways to use wood ash

Agronomists all over the world are trying to use chemicals on their personal plots as little as possible.Therefore, wood ash does not lose its popularity. Beginners and experienced gardeners, gardeners should try a natural supplement in various fields for the care of plants and the site.

Ash as fertilizer

Ashes from plant residues as fertilizer, used by our ancestors. A rich palette of micro and macro elements allows you to fully saturate vegetable and horticultural crops with nutrients that accelerate the processes of growth and development. Cooking recipes fertilizer on ash Several variants.

  1. Ash solution. Top dressing in liquid form is not only convenient to use, but also absorbed by plants faster. It is recommended to apply in spring and summer, when vegetable, garden, flower crops require a large number of forces. Preparation of the liquid mixture: take a bucket of warm water, add 2 cups of powdered wood ash into it, mix and apply.
  2. The ash extract is an ash solution that is prepared for two days. Pour a glass of crushed ash with 3 liters of boiling water and leave to infuse for 48 hours in a warm place. After two days, dilute the resulting hood with 10 liters of water.
  3. Dry ash application. Burnt residues can be used as dry fertilizer. It is used for planting seedlings, saplings of trees, shrubs, and flower crops. The expense on the well with seedling makes a half-glass, for garden plants 2-3 glasses.
Useful information!

To bring organic matter in the fall, it is not recommended, it will quickly wash out of the soil, until the spring in the soil will remain a small amount of nutrients.

Ash residue - an alternative option to replace lime

Wood ash not only nourishes plants with nutrients, but also restores the soil balance. Everyone has long known that lime reduces acidity. The unburnt plant residue has the same property. It is best to reduce the acidity of the soil suitable peat ash.

The consumption of chopped wood ash per 1 m² is 3-4 cups. The powder is very light, so that it should not be blown away by the wind immediately after being introduced into the soil, it is recommended to dig up the plot and rake the ground.

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Wood ash from diseases and pests

Ash is an excellent remedy against pests and diseases that affect vegetable and horticultural crops. Ashes in the indicated dosages will cope with: black leg, powdery and false dew, gray decay, invasions of slugs and ants. How to deal with them?

  1. Solution against fungal diseases. To save the plants from the manifestation of fungal diseases need to cook ash mixture. Preparation: take a bucket of hot water, add 3 kilograms of powdered wood ash into it, stir and leave to stand for 48 hours in a warm dark place. At the end of time, strain the infusion, add 50 grams of 72% of household soap (rub on a grater or use a liquid form). Transfer the resulting ash liquid to the sprayer and process the affected vegetable or horticultural crops. Between spraying observe 15-20 days break.
  2. Ash mixture against ants and slugs. The appearance of “uninvited guests” is a frequent cause of crop damage. Wood ash, against insects and mollusks, is used in a dry form. Method of use: the place where the pests were noticed, sprinkle abundantly with ashes from plant residues. Consumption per square meter is 2 cups. Ash, getting into the mucous membranes, begins to annoy them. Therefore, the parasites begin to quickly leave your garden area.
Useful information!

To destroy such pests as the Colorado potato beetle, cabbage fly, earthen fleas, it is necessary to mix in equal proportions powdered ashes and tobacco dust. Sprinkle the affected plants with the dry mixture.

Growth stimulation ash infusion

Organic farming and the cultivation of organic food is the priority goal of a modern gardener. For plants to be strong and resilient, before planting, tubers, bulbs and seeds are soaked in a growth promoter. Few people know that wood ash can activate the internal forces of the plant. That is, it acts as a natural growth stimulator.

Use for treating seeds an infusion based on a liter of boiled water, into which you pour a glass of powdered wood ash. He must insist at least one day. After that, soak the seeds in it for several hours. Increased germination and stability of ash extract recommended for planting material: eggplant, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes.


As a treatment, only ashes of burnt aspen or oak can be taken inside.

Wood ash as a substitute for activated carbon

Activated charcoal is nothing more than wood ash, only in compressed form. If it so happens that you have eaten something stale in the country, and there is no opportunity to go for the pills, woody ash comes to the rescue.

  1. Oak ash is used when liquid stools appear and at high pressure. Preparation of infusion: take a liter of boiling water, pour a glass of crushed ash into it, mix, leave to infuse for 24 hours. Take the infusion of diarrhea should be three times a day, 30 minutes before meals. From high pressure take ash solution three times a day for two weeks, taking breaks for a week.
  2. Ash from burnt aspen is used as a folk medicine for diseases of the upper respiratory tract and colitis of different nature (intestinal, renal). Preparation of infusion: in a liter of boiling water dissolve a glass of crushed ash, stir and leave in a warm dark place for 10 days. Need to apply 14 days, three times a day after meals. At one time you need to drink 8 teaspoons of ash mixture.

Wood ash is a unique substance that allows to increase the yield, normalize the soil balance, cure some human diseases.

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