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Garlic Traveler from Transylvania


Exotic tomato varieties include the variety Reisetteyt. The appearance of the tomato is unusual, it resembles garlic cloves. The grade possesses good flavoring qualities and has recommended itself on landing from a positive side. For more information about the cultivation and yield of the tomato RaseSmeteyt can be found in the description of the variety, characteristics and reviews.

Characteristics and description of the variety

It is impossible to name the exact country of origin of tomatoes, some claim that this is Germany, others say that Transylvania. In Russia, the variety is considered a novelty, since it has recently begun to grow it. The variety is considered a medium early interminant. From the moment of planting seeds to harvest, 110 days pass. Fruiting begins in mid-July and lasts almost until late autumn. Fully matures fruit after 2 weeks after onset.

Bushes are powerful, the height can reach 2.5-3 meters, if the stem is not cut. For normal fruiting, you need to pinch the top, the optimal size of the bush should not exceed 2 m. You can shape the stem in 3-4 shoots. On each branch, 13-15 tomato brushes are formed, the stem must be tied to the trellis, otherwise it cracks under the large weight of the fruit. Flowering occurs in the first half of summer, the variety does not need pollinators.


Tomato consists of 12-15 slices, they can be separated from each other without loss of juice. Another name for Reisetomeit is “Traveler's Tomato”. This unusual nickname variety received because of its ease of use. The shape is round, slightly flattened. The weight of a tomato can reach 250-300 g. The taste is sweet-sour, the pulp is moderately firm, contains a small amount of seeds. Reisematote standard color is bright red. The smell from the skin barely caught. The skin is of medium thickness, reliably protects the fruit from cracking, damage. Tomatoes can lie for up to 2 months under cool conditions, even if they are picked ripe.


The yield is 8-9 kg per adult plant.

The main purpose of tomatoes - fresh consumption. They are well suited for cutting into a salad, they can be used for baking. Due to the large size, it is completely inconvenient to pickle tomatoes, but you can use slices. The variety is suitable for the manufacture of tomato juice, tomato paste.

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The variety is intended for greenhouse breeding, and for planting in open ground. The frost resistance of tomatoes is small, so planting under film is desirable for growing in Siberia and the Urals. For the Moscow region, Leningrad region, tomatoes can be planted in open ground, they suffer small frosts without any problems. Reisetmeytey possesses strong immune qualities. Tomatoes rarely get sick, they are resistant to fitoftor, any kind of rot, spotting and Fusarium. For the prevention and maintenance of immunity at a high level, treatment with fungicides in the spring time a couple of weeks after transplantation is recommended.


The advantages of the ReeseMate include:

  • unusual appearance of the fruit;
  • large size, heavy weight;
  • high keeping quality;
  • strong immune qualities;
  • unpretentious care;
  • greater yield.

Of the negative qualities called vigor bushes. Shoots must always be controlled, especially at the beginning of cultivation. In addition, if the tomatoes lack nutrients in the soil, their taste becomes less pronounced, more sour. Regular feeding will help correct the situation.


Grow tomatoes Reisomeyt rassadnym way. Seedlings are purchased at an exhibition or fair in the spring. You can seedlings grow at home from seed, you can save money. Planting in open ground seedlings produced no earlier than May, mainly after the May holidays. When planting in a greenhouse, you can plant tomato bushes from mid-April.

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In advance, the soil must be prepared, fertilized with organic components. Per square meter you need to pour a bucket of peat and humus. If the earth is clay, you can add river sand. Tomatoes Reisetomeyt grow well in porous fertile soil. When planting, plants should be planted with an interval of 50-60 cm. Bushes grow sprawling, and too close planting contributes to lower yields. On 1 square meter you can place 3-4 tomato bush. After planting, the bushes are immediately tied to a trellis or a support, this will stimulate their growth.



The quality of tomatoes depends on the correct care. Reisetomite responds well to watering, loosening the soil and to make supplements. If you follow the recommendations, the yield can be increased.

  • watering. Tomatoes are watered approximately 1-2 times a week. If the earth dries quickly, then you can increase the rate up to 3-4 times in 7 days. After watering, put the mulch in the form of straw, sawdust. It will help the roots to endure drought, and at night it will protect them from hypothermia;
  • loosening. Soil needs to be loosened after moistening. You can take a rake or loosen the ground with your hands. Oxygen needs the roots for full development;
  • top dressing. The first dressing is carried out with nitrogen fertilizers. A tablespoon of ammonium nitrate is diluted in a bucket of water and watered under a bush 2-3 weeks after transplantation. The second dressing is carried out before flowering and during. A tablespoon of potassium sulfate is mixed with 10-15 g of superphosphate and add 10 liters of water. Water the seedlings under the root. Such nutrition for tomatoes is enough, more than 3-4 times per season plants should not be fed.

Water and feed the tomatoes in the morning. Evening watering is not desirable.

Harvest should be every 3-5 days. At first they rip ripe tomatoes, but until cold weather you need to collect green fruits. The reisetmoit can be used to collect seeds, grains retain their sowing qualities for 3-5 years.


Reviews of those who planted

Marina from Krasnodar Region sharing growing experience:

“The variety attracted me to the unusual appearance of the fruit. After landing, immediately began to give a large number of stepsons, the branches were sweeping, so I cleaned everything. Left only 3 most tall branches. In early July, I have already harvested the first harvest. Basically, the taste is not bad, but weakly expressed. A lot of juice, tomatoes are suitable for preservation, for the preparation of tomato paste. "

Catherine writes:

“I grew up the Reasetomat in a calf for 2 years in a row. Fruiting was until October, immediately after the bush began to stretch, I pinched the top, so there were no overgrown plants. The variety is unpretentious in the care, all the seedlings quickly caught on and began to grow. The shape of the tomatoes is unusual, unattractive, they can only be cut into a salad or used in cooking. ”

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