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A radical remedy for wasps and ants on the plot

Neighborhood with ants and wasps at their summer cottage is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous for humans. In addition, these insects cause great damage to greenery and can cause the death of the crop. That is why agronomists and summer residents use a proven folk remedy for pest control - boric acid.

How to remove wasps and ants with honey and boric acid

Wasps and ants are known sweets, so it is not difficult to lure them into a trap with the help of a sweet liquid based on honey. Boric (orthoboric) acid will act as a poisoning component of the trap, which can be easily obtained at the pharmacy in the form of white powder, packaged in sachets of 10 g each.

Do not use an alcohol solution of this substance, as its strong smell will only scare away insects.


How does it work

Acid penetrates the integuments of the body of insects, acting as follows:

  • destroys the organs of the digestive system;
  • violates the water balance;
  • affects the nervous system, leading to paralysis and death from suffocation.

To eliminate the pests, even minimal contact with the preparation is enough (for example, to keep the substance on their paws). Moreover, sick individuals can infect their relatives.

Bait recipe

For the preparation of traps based on boric acid and honey, it is necessary to prepare a sweet syrup, bringing to a boil 0.25 l of water mixed with 2 tbsp. l Sahara. After syrup leaves for 5 minutes, add 1 tsp. honey and 5 g H3BO3. Mix thoroughly and remove from heat.

To fight ants, the resulting essence is poured into flat containers and placed on ant paths, changing to fresh once a week.

To get rid of wasps, you can make such a trap: the upper part is cut off from a plastic bottle, turned upside down and inserted into a bottle. At the bottom of the bottle pour essence. The wasps will fly into the trap through the neck and die in a sweet liquid. In the bottle, make holes for the spread of honey flavor.

Boric solution from insects on the site

If the wasps built their nest in the ground, you can destroy them by spilling a hole and the soil next to it with a solution H3BO3. The same way you can do with ants, if you know the location of the anthill.

How does the solution

As already mentioned, boric acid has an enteric-contact effect, therefore it is sufficient to process the entrances to the nest and infect several individuals that will spread the toxic substance throughout the colony, which is also promoted by the ant tradition of eating sick and dead relatives.

Proportions and step by step preparation

Do not overdo it with the tool, because it still refers to the chemical. It is enough to pour 10 sachets of powder in a 10 l bucket of water, and mix well.

Boric acid is effective in the fight against wasps and ants, it can be used both pointwise and with the help of traps, for the preparation of which often use a sweet bait, for example, honey.

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