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Cucumber salad and tomato for the winter "Lick fingers"

Cucumber Salad and Tomato

Unusual vegetable platter is great for harvesting for the winter. A salad of cucumbers and tomato "Yum Fingers" is prepared easily, without sterilization. Cooking technology is simple: it’s enough to use the amount of ingredients according to the recipe

Preparation time: 2 hours and 20 minutes. Servings: 2 cans of 1 l.


  • Tomato - 500 gr.,
  • carrot - 500 gr.,
  • Bulgarian sweet pepper - 3 pcs.,
  • allspice (peas) - 8 pcs.,
  • granulated sugar - 4 tbsp.,
  • dry mustard powder - 4 tsp,
  • Table vinegar essence 9% - 4 tbsp.,
  • cucumber - 0.5 kg.,
  • bulb onion - 3 pcs.,
  • garlic - 4 teeth
  • coarse salt - 4 tsp,
  • refined sunflower oil - 6 tbsp.,
  • dill (inflorescence) - 4 pcs.

salad ingredients

How to cook a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes

To begin with, let cucumbers soak for 2 hours in cold water so that they are free from dirt and nitrates. Remove the ass, dry out the moisture, cut into semi-circles and put in a saucepan. If cucumber skin is thick and hard, then it must be cut with a knife. For the preparation of the salad "Yum fingers" use whole fruits without dents and rot.

cut cucumbers

Carrots were peeled, washed, dried, cut into small thin strips and put in a pan to the rest of the vegetables. We will also wash the Bulgarian sweet pepper, remove the stalk, a box of seeds and partitions. Cut into small strips and place in a saucepan.

add carrots

Peeled onions were crushed into small cubes, added to the ingredients. Additionally, the garlic was cut into small pieces and added to a vegetable appetizer.

we cut onions and garlic

Tomatoes were washed, dried, cut into small slices, laid out in a salad, added vegetable oil, large table salt, sugar, spices (allspice peas). They put on the maximum fire, stirred, brought to a boil, then reduce the fire and cook for 15 minutes. about 5 minutes before being ready, pour vinegar and mix the ingredients.

add tomatoes

The jars were pre-washed and sterilized, dry mustard powder was poured to the bottom, and dill umbrellas were laid. After that, fill the jars tightly with vegetable salad.

we put in a can of vegetables

A fragrant snack from the "Yum Fingers" vegetables is ready. It remains to hermetically roll up containers, wrap in a blanket and leave to cool. Be sure to shake the cans to the sides, checking for brine leakage from under the cover. Enjoy your meal!

ready-made jar

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Cucumber Salad and TomatoCucumber Salad and Tomato

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