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The secret of sauerkraut to make it crispy

sauerkraut for the winter to be crispy

Today you will learn how to make sauerkraut for the winter in cans so that it is crisp. Recently, I began to make sauerkraut in cans under a simplified recipe. You know, to taste such cabbage, I like it a lot more, since it always turns out crispy, juicy and tasty. The very same recipe is so simplified and it does not take much time that you will like it, I do not even doubt it.

For the preparation of this vegetable snack, I recommend using only white cabbage. It tastes juicy, and it is used for fermentation. Pickled cabbage time is autumn or winter.

In order to get the cabbage to your taste, you should daily poke it with a wooden stick. This will ensure the release of gases. What is this procedure for, you ask? The fact is that if you do not do this procedure, the cabbage will come to taste bitter. Therefore, this moment is the most important in the fermentation of vegetables. Do not neglect them and do not forget in any case to do what is written above.


  • cabbage - 1 head;
  • salt - 1 tsp;
  • sugar - 1 tsp;
  • carrots - 1 piece;
  • water - as much as fit in a jar of cabbage.


How to make sauerkraut in cans so that it is crisp

Prepare the necessary ingredients on the list. Now be sure to remove some of the topmost leaves from the cabbage. If there are any spoiled places, then cut them with a knife. Wash the vegetable under the tap water. Then cut it into smaller pieces. Slice the cabbage. Peel carrots, grate them.

chop cabbage and carrots

Now in a jar, alternating vegetables (cabbage, carrots) put them tightly. After each layer, press down vegetables. Repeat the procedure until the bank is full.

put in a jar

Now pour sugar and salt on top.

top salt

Water filter. Water the cabbage with carrots.

to fill with water

Leave it at room temperature, covered with gauze or a lid with holes (to drain the boiling water). Already on the second day, the water in the cabbage will change color, and it will be imperative to begin to pierce it daily with a wooden skewer or stick.


Sour cabbage for at least 3-5 days, poke it in the morning and evening with a stick.

sauerkraut for the winter to be crispy crisp sauerkraut for the winter in banks

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sauerkraut for the winter to be crispysauerkraut for the winter to be crispy
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  1. Marina

    I did not understand: pour water (in the photo is clearly not from the kettle) - does this mean pour boiling water? Why is it then written about "plum boiling water"? Inaccuracy at the beginning (pour water instead of boiling water) or a typo (boiling water instead of brine) in the middle?

  2. Marina

    Thanks for the recipe! I like it very much with its simplicity and I will definitely do it, just waiting for an answer to the question about water and boiling water.


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