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Braised sauerkraut in German

cabbage in a plate

Hearty meat dishes are perfectly combined with vegetables. And if you cook a stewed cabbage, you can do without the side dishes of potatoes or porridge. Delicious, braised sauerkraut in German is a great addition to grilled pork or chicken sausages, baked shin or ribs.

Due to the successful combination of fatty meat with stewed sauerkraut, food is easily digested without causing discomfort in the stomach. For cooking, it is preferable to use homemade pickled cabbage. When choosing pickles on the market, be sure to try the taste. The offer is slightly sour, without vinegar, with occasional patches of carrot chips, best suited.

Refuse to purchase soft or peroxide cabbage. The recipe uses boiled pork fat. If not, replace with chicken or any vegetable oil. The composition and quantity of spices and can change a little, guided by their taste preferences. If when pickling cabbage did not use bay leaf and allspice, add when stewing. This recipe has become my favorite, I cook it very often.


  • sauerkraut - 130 grams;
  • onion - ¼ part of the head;
  • pork fat - ¼ part of a tablespoon;
  • salt - to taste.


How to cook stewed sauerkraut

Peel the onion and cut into half rings; if the onion is large, you can chop it into quarters. In a deep frying pan, melt the fat and lay out the onion half rings. Fry to a light golden color over moderate heat.


Sour the cabbage slices lightly squeeze to remove the pickle. If the chips are large enough or long enough, you can pre-cut them more finely.

Add the prepared sauerkraut to the fried onions.


Stir the mixture, pour in 50 milliliters of cold water and cover with a lid. Tomit with periodic stirring for about an hour. If necessary, add water so that the cabbage is quenched in a sour pot, avoiding roasting. Add salt and spices before cooking.


Then remove the griddle from the stove and leave for 20-30 minutes so that the finished cabbage is slightly cooled and infused.


Serve with selected meat or vegetable dishes. The classic combination of stewed cabbage with dishes of boiled potatoes or tender mashed potatoes is a great offer for lunch or dinner.

stewed sauerkraut

Enjoy your meal!

stewed sauerkraut

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cabbage in a platecabbage in a plate

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