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Description of the early ripe cultivar of tomatoes "Katya F1"

For example, let's talk about tomatoes. What is important for the harvest is a competent agricultural technique. But it happens that the summer resident beats, beats, invests his strength, time, money, and the season turned out to be cold, and even insects, as luck would have it, attacked. And the rains caused illnesses. And then what? All agricultural technology was a waste of time. And here is the sort that can help out. After all, if it is highly resistant, hybrid, then many misfortunes and weather adversities do not care for it. Let's look at the Katya tomato today. And to better understand, we turn to the characteristics and description of the variety. And after that we will conclude whether we need him on the beds or not.

-e1457979793514-768x510-1Of course, it would be surprising if such a variety of tomatoes with a beautiful name would be bred somewhere abroad. But this did not happen. The variety “Katya” is a Russian tomato, which was bred by breeders, and the result exceeded all expectations. Feedback of summer residents about him is extremely positive. Gardeners love a culture that does not require scrupulous care, but always gives excellent yields, and what a beautiful name it is.

As we have said above, tomatoes can be different, but always hybrids show themselves better. And here "Katya" is a hybrid of the first generation. And this suggests that he has a lot of positive characteristics. And they will be discussed below.

Varietal characteristics of tomato "Katya"

  • Tomato has very early ripening. So, the first harvest can be gathered on the beds for 80-85 days after seedling emergence.
  • Is a determinant variety that does not have a thick green mass. This allows you to quickly ripen the fruit, not thicken the planting, do not accumulate in the soil a lot of excess moisture.
  • Each brush on a bush can form 8 fruits. They have a scarlet shade of skin and a little flat shape.
  • Tomato "Katya" is loved by summer residents for the fact that it does not become infected with the most common diseases of solanaceous crops. So, he is not afraid of late blight, mosaic, rot, alternariosis. All this will exclude the process of processing the harvest with chemicals, makes the crop environmentally friendly and high in its performance.
  • Tomato perfectly tolerates all weather adversity. It rains - not bad, drought is not a problem either.
  • Tomato can be grown for sale. If we talk about competition, then in the markets "Katya" is the leader in sales. At the same time, in order to obtain excellent yields, it is only necessary to observe basic agricultural techniques such as watering, weed control, the Colorado potato beetle, feed and pasynkovanie. It also gives the possibility of landing for sale such a property as the absence of cracks and long shelf life. It is convenient for transportation over long distances.
  • The variety has a universal purpose. And we are talking about both the method of cultivation and the processing of the crop. That is, the seedlings can be planted in open ground, in the greenhouse, greenhouses. The fruits are used for eating fresh, for salads, for sauces, pastes, juices.
  • Variety forms compact tomatoes of 120-150 grams, which are convenient for preservation in general. A lot of them are formed on the cyst, which makes it possible to get more than 10 kg of tomatoes per square meter.
  • A distinctive feature of the fruit varieties "Kate" is that they do not have the green color of the skins of the stalk. The whole fruit is evenly colored and ripens completely.
  • The taste and aroma of tomatoes is pleasant.
  • It is better to form bushes in 2-3 stems for maximum yield of tomato “Katya”. Reviews of summer residents confirm this by experience. Photos and yield indicators give us the opportunity to evaluate all the advantages of such a method of cultivation.
  • The grade will need to stepchain and tie up. For many, this is considered a disadvantage, but not for experienced gardeners, who know a lot about gardening.
  • The crop is formed and ripens at one time.
  • Fruits contain a large amount of carotene, vitamins and minerals.

Growing tomato "Kate"

600-2_600x450-6It is best to grow a variety on the site seedling method. Seeds are sown in mid-March. They are pre-treated for diseases, then soaked to improve germination. Next, plant in the soil, which can be done independently, and you can buy ready-made.

In the phase of two true leaves, saplings dive, and when they reach a height of 15-20 cm are planted on the street. But the seedlings are pre-hardened and transferred when the frosts have already receded. You need to think in advance about how the stalks will be tied up. Shrubs, as we have said, form in 2-3 stalks. The butchers are removed. With regards to fertilizing, this variety responds well to potash fertilizers. From the moment when the bushes begin to form a crop, top dressing should be regular. Then the yield may be more than 15 kg. The distance between seedlings is best done in 50-60 cm.

That's all the features. And as we have said, you can conclude that this variety can be your favorite in the new season and for many years to come.

Video review of tomatoes "Kate F1"

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