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Beautiful variety of tomatoes "Chio-chio-san" from the company "Gavrish"

Not every one of us who grows vegetables in his garden plots can say exactly which variety he will plant in the new season, because many people know only 2-3 species and this is often because they are planted by everyone. This approach greatly limits the possibility of obtaining high yields with minimal labor costs. Here, for example, a variety of tomato "Chio-chio-san" collects positive reviews, it is loved and appreciated, but few people know about it. Let's talk about him.

General description of the variety

If your task is to find a variety that would be suitable for cultivation in adverse climatic conditions, then here “Chio-chio-san” will suit you perfectly, and all because he showed high results in absolutely different climatic zones. It is grown in our country throughout the territory, even in Siberia, also grown in a more favorable climate, such as in Moldova, in Ukraine. Grown and in greenhouses, and in the open field. In the first case, the yields are higher.

The grade perfectly transfers all weather adversities. It bears fruit well in sunny places, but the shady areas are not a hindrance to it. The harvest gives rich. It is noteworthy that "chio-chio-san" has a very unusual appearance of the bush, because its powerful branches can form from fifty and more small compact fruits. Such a tomato tree has impressive dimensions.

Specialists of a well-known company brought this tomato, the name of which we can see on most of the seed packages we buy is Gavrish. The tomato was entered into the register in 1999, a year after the discovery.

The tomato has a pink skin color, and as it is commonly believed that all tomatoes with a given color are dessert. This means that tomatoes are tasty, you can enjoy their taste in many dishes. Tomato "Chio-chio-san" sometimes has negative reviews. Photos of those who planted, we are shown bushes that are richly and beautifully decorated with ripe fruits. But there is an opinion that these tomatoes, although tasty, do not have any flavor, which some do not like.

Well, if we are talking about the shortcomings, that is, gardeners who do not like the fact that for this class it is necessary to make stable supports, and during tying the stems can break, therefore you must be very careful. In this case, the condition of the bush should be monitored throughout the growing period and form it as needed.

Video review of tomatoes "Chio-chio-san"

tomat_chio-chio-sanCharacteristics and description of the variety

We have already learned approximately what sort of brand with such an oriental name is, now in more detail about some indicators.

  • Tomato has a medium early ripening. That means that the first fruits can ripen in 100 or 120 days from the moment of seed emergence.
  • One brush forms an average of 40-60 fruits, whose weight is 35-50 grams. The color is pink, the flesh is fleshy.
  • Tomatoes are well preserved in the whole form, as they are compact and do not burst during heat treatment. According to reviews, sauces and juices are also obtained exquisitely delicious.
  • Can grow on all sorts of soils, even in non-black soil. Resistant to temperature extremes, pest attacks.
  • A bountiful harvest can be equal to five kilograms or more per bush. If you carefully care for the variety and apply fertilizer throughout the season, you can get from six or more kilograms of fruit. Tomato can be confidently planted for commercial purposes.Fruits will be transported well.
  • Requires a garter to vertical strong supports or trellis.
  • The variety is a hybrid of the first generation, which gives it a number of advantages. Tomatoes do not affect diseases such as rot, blight and others.
  • Independent variety. Its growth is not limited, and the stem can grow more than two meters up.
  • It is better to harvest the crop as it ripens, but not to delay the process, since the fruits may begin to crack on the branches.

Secrets of growing "chio-chio-san"

tomato chio-chio-san characteristic and description of the varietyAll growing techniques will be standard. So, it is best to use the seedling method. Seeds are planted in the first half of March. They are preselected to eliminate empty seeds with a weak brine. After that they are soaked in potassium permanganate, then stimulated for germination. You can use the purchase of drugs, you can use the method of ozonation. Warm up hybrids do not need.

Planting is carried out in pots with nutritious soil. It can be made from the land of turf and humus. Pour a spoonful of ash here, which will serve as a fertilizer, and will save saplings from diseases. You can put in some sand for good breathability. If you have not planted the seeds in separate pots or cups, then in the phase of 2-3 true leaves saplings dive.

You can add food once, but you can not do this if you originally planted it in nutrient soil. Seedlings need to be planted after the cold recedes. The distance between the bushes must be done at least 60 cm, be sure to provide a trellis in advance. If the distance between the bushes from 60cm, then leave 2-3 branches, if less, then one.

Watering is carried out regularly as the soil dries, weeds also need to be removed. Do not forget to loosen. When the harvest begins to form, feed every 10-14 days. For fertilizer, you can use mullein, compost, chicken manure, urea.

We think that the tomato "Chio-chio-san" could surprise you with its appearance and abundant fruiting, which can be seen in the photo. Grow it easy.

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Comments on the article: 3
  1. Catherine

    Thanks to the organizers of the site for detailed information. Everything is good, everything is like. But there is one BUT !!! Why do so many people like to give out hybrids for varieties. Chio-Chio-San is a hybrid, but it is mentioned in passing and at the very end of this wonderful story. By the way, on other sites nothing was said about it at all. I wrote a whole list of ,, varieties ”that I want to plant in 2017, I’ll have to look at them all according to the state register.

  2. Love

    Yes, Chio-chio-san hybrid. In 2015 I bought a bag of seeds, the information that this hybrid is missing.
    Gorgeous bushes have grown, with huge tassels of tomatoes with pink fruits of 30-50 grams each, very tasty. She collected seeds, planted several bushes in 2016, the fruits grew in different shapes and colors, several fruits hung on some bushes in general. HYBRID.
    It is a pity that the manufacturer misleads the buyer.

  3. Helena

    It is not true! A real Chio-Chio-SAN is a variety, and it was included in the state registrar in 1999! It’s another thing to get the real seeds right now, because all the companies have been shoving them into bags of pictures that got horrible!


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