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Low-Yield Tomatoes

When selecting which tomato seeds are fruitful and stunted, there are many factors to be considered: regionality, shape, color, direction of use, ripening period and resistance to diseases. Having considered all the available options, you can determine in advance the choice and purchase varietal planting material.

For open ground

Varieties of low-growing tomatoes for open ground can also be divided into several categories and the best are ready for consideration:

Early large-fruited

Mirsini F1Mirsini F1

The tomato plant has a very large leaf that will protect the fruit from the scorching sun. A tomato with smooth skin and a heart shape has a medium to intense density. A bright red tomato has 6 cameras, sometimes more. Weight up to 230 g of excellent taste and excellent transportability. The plant is resistant to complex diseases.

 "Simone F1"

For 10 years, the market has become a favorite for many growers. The flat-rounded tomato has light ribs, dense and does not crack under any conditions. Red with four nests, and weighing up to 300 grams and excellent taste.

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"Three F1 Bears"

Not a tall bush is difficult to retain the fruits of 250 g so it requires a garter. Tomatoes are round, dense slightly ribbed, with 6 nests and wonderful taste.

Tomato "Ivanhoe F1"

Flat-round fruits weighing up to 350 g have 6 or more nesting formations. Tomatoes of this variety are distinguished by excellent taste and beautiful, even, pink color.

Medium size

If you are looking for low-growing tomatoes for open ground, such as can be put into preservation, and you can make juice or sauce, you can consider the following:

Tomato "Roseanna F1"

The plant is so fruitful that it cannot independently, without fixation, hold the commodity shaft of fruits. Early with medium leaf and round fruits with light ribbing and medium density. The tomato is pink in color with nests from 4 to 6 and weighing up to 150 g. Even the gourmet will appreciate the excellent taste. A high marketability and resistance to cracking will make love the variety and cultivate constantly.


"Globe F1"

Variety suitable for salting and salads. The shallow leaf will allow you to be well heated by the sun. The fruit is flat-round, red, with a weak edge, 4 nests and weighing up to 120. The taste according to the evaluation of tasters is good.

Stable and productive

Good tomatoes for open ground, undersized and very disease resistant can be represented as follows:


The height of the bushes will not be higher than 50 cm, and the variety will be as good as 83-85 days after germination. The variety can be easily distinguished by a slightly corrugated sheet. The fruit of the classic red tomato weighing up to 50 g. Fruiting is very friendly, and the tomatoes are tasty both fresh and preserved.


Cuboid, red tomato, weighing up to 110 g with low ribbing and good density. The taste of tomato is excellent, nests 3-4. Suitable for both fresh consumption and preservation.

The plant is not very powerful, the shoots can not independently hold a huge harvest and they need to take care of the garter and the formation.

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By the time of ripening is medium early. A plant with a weak foliage and semi-sprawling habit. The fruit has a cylindrical shape, a red, smooth surface. The weight of an average tomato is 85-95 g. The fruits have a good taste both in fresh and in canned form.

For greenhouses

Having a greenhouse construction, not all growers want to see tall tomatoes in it, but prefer low-growing varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses. A not very tall tomato plant has its advantage. Choosing the most resistant and delicious varieties and hybrids, you can have a great harvest.

It is believed that all stunted tomatoes can be grown in greenhouses, and the yield they will show higher than in open ground. However, the greenhouse design is expensive, so you need to give preference to the best varieties.

"Corvinus F1"

Lettuce tomato, early. The fruit of this tomato of this variety is dense, resilient, flat-round, with weak ribbing, red and 4-6 nests. The weight of one tomato reaches 200 g. The fruits are of excellent taste, and the plant is very resistant to spotting and fungal wilting, it is not affected by rot.

"Gaspar F1"

Plant form is not without garters and the formation of the bush. Fruits weighing 140-160 g generously hang a bush. Tomatoes are smooth, flat-rounded, medium in density, beautiful, pink in color with excellent taste, stability and transportability.

Tomato Gravity F1

Classic red tomato of this variety will delight with its taste and yield. The average weight of tomato in the range of 220-240 g with six sockets. High disease resistance will allow you to get a good harvest of excellent products.

Tomato "Natus"

Fruits begin to ripen at 90-100 days after germination. Branchiness is average, with medium internodes. The fruit is flat-round, smooth and glossy. The base has a slight indentation, and the color of the fruit is red. Weight of tomatoes up to 150 g with a good taste.

Extended turnover will allow to take the yield up to 30 kg / m2and spring-summer 13-1 kg / m2.

The load on the plants is very large. Therefore, breeders warn of the need for timely fertilizing.

 "Magnet F1"

Lettuce early flat-rounded tomato. Density and hardness allows you to transport fruit over long distances. Tomatoes are red, flat-round, weighing up to 200 g, with excellent yields up to 15 kg with m2 and resistant to vershinka, TMV and rot.

"Crimson King"

For lovers of tomatoes of raspberry color and excellent salad taste, a variety has been created that gives fruits weighing up to 350 g. Flat-round and slightly ribbed fruits with six nests require attentive attitude and timely fixation in order not to break off the shoots.

Disease resistant

Considering low-growing varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses you need to pay attention to those that can not only please the crop, but also ensure its excellent quality. Varieties in which disease resistance is genetically incorporated will be able to produce a product roll under any circumstances.

"Beautiful Lady F1"

The plant form, although short, is vigorous, with a large number of shoots, requiring timely formation. The first inflorescence is laid over the 7th leaf.

Round with light ribbing red fruits sometimes have a spot at the stem. Gnezd 4, and the weight of the tomato reaches 150 g. To taste the tomatoes are very pleasant not cloying, according to the evaluation of the tasters received "Excellent". The greatest value of a hybrid is that it unanimously gives away the harvest, and sets fruit even under extreme conditions, regardless of changes in temperature and humidity.

"Marquis F1"

The plant of this variety is very little leafy, with the appearance of it seems gentle, low-growing. The first inflorescence is laid over the 9th leaf. The fruit is round, red, with weak ribs. 3-4 nests weight up to 120 g and yield up to 13 kg / m2. The variety is very resistant to mosaics, spotting, rot and microscopic fungi. Extreme conditions do not affect stitchiness at all.

Orange Fight F1

For lovers of salad, productive tomatoes (above 16 kg / m2) with orange fruits this variety is a find. A round, smooth, very dense tomato whose weight is within 190-220 g. Excellent taste and yield, as well as high transportability and resistance to temperature changes and diseases make this variety very desirable.

Excellent news

Breeders work constantly and annually in the register of varieties new, promising varieties and hybrids are introduced. The most fruitful tomatoes, stunted, which will give pleasure to their appearance and taste, and will simply surprise with their yield, were entered into the register in 2017.

It may still be difficult to find the seeds of these new products, the potential inherent in them will soon make them famous.

"Mongooseto F1"

Agrofirma search created an early, salad hybrid which is recommended for all climatic regions.

The fruit is round, red, classic. The weight of the novelty is 200-230 g. The taste of the tomato is not only good, but it has managed to incorporate all the notes of sweetness and balanced organic acids in order to manifest a real tomato flavor.

The yield of the hybrid deserves special attention. In film greenhouses, it showed from 21 to 27 kg / m2, which makes this tomato very desirable for both vegetable growers in home gardens and for industrialists.

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"Lynx F1"

Another novelty introduced into the registry is the author Grishin M.L. Hybrid of the average term of maturing, salad use. The plant has very light colored green foliage, and the fruit is flat. Red, smooth, dense and transportable tomato weighs up to 300 g and 6 nests. The taste of the tomato is good.

The yield of new items is also amazing and reaches 22 kg per square meter.

Considering the varieties and hybrids of tomatoes, you can easily choose what will allow you to get a good crop of tasty vegetables.

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