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What kind of tomatoes "Rocket"?

To decide which variety you need, you must take into account the climate in your region, soil fertility, as well as when and what fruits you want to receive. For example, you can look at a tomato "Rocket" - a description of the variety, characteristics and reviews will be described in this article.

What kind of tomatoes "Rocket"?

"Rocket" - this is one of the varieties that gardeners are very respected. And the thing is its good yield, taste and compact size. Bushes do not grow more than half a meter, so they do not need a garter. Also, they do not have many leaves and unnecessary branches. And this saves a lot of space, which is very often relevant, because you can plant more than other crops. Yes, and less will be formed stepchildren who would shade the fruit, demanded a lot of time for their tearing.

Tomato "Rocket". Characteristic. Variety description

  • Tomatoes are grown in open ground. Variety - determinant. Bush average height of 40-60 cm
  • "Rocket" quickly begins to form inflorescences, which then form 4-8 tomatoes.
  • The yield is good and uniform - about 7-8 kg per square meter.
  • A big plus of the variety is the possibility of frequent planting on the site. This will not affect the yield, the development of disease. Up to 12 bushes can exist on one meter - significant space savings.
  • Description of the characteristics of tomatoes rocket can not be complete without another great advantage of the variety - it is highly resistant to typical diseases of tomatoes and root system such as rot.
  • The grade is not capricious, easily grows on the majority of soil. Loves feeding and watering.
  • Rocket Tomatoes are varieties with medium ripening periods. The growing season on average from 115 to 130 days.
  • The shape of the tomato rocket fruit is also interesting, and the people who planted the reviews only prove that this variety did not receive its name for nothing. The fact is that tomatoes have an elongated spout and the form itself looks like a rocket. Weight 40-60 grams.
  • Due to the compact size of the fruits, they fit well into cans for canning, and can be used for fresh food.
  • Tomatoes are long stored, well transported, have a pleasant taste and aroma. All this makes them highly competitive.

What kind of tomatoes Rocket tomato care and cultivation

Tomato "Rocket" is designed for cultivation in the open field, where it is transplanted after the seedlings were grown. It is sown late - in late March-early April. Days are determined by the lunar calendar annually.

Seeds are sown to a depth of 1-2 cm in a nutritious and loose soil. After which the containers are spilled, covered with foil and waiting for the appearance of germs. After the appearance of 1-2 true leaves saplings dive.

Always check seed germination before planting, it is also better to buy more sachets, as germination is not always the same from different manufacturers.

To check and disinfect the seed, it can be soaked in potassium permanganate (a weak solution) right before planting. After which the empty seeds, which are hot, remove, wash well and dry.

You can also hold the seed in any nutrient solution such as "Epin" to improve germination. Such drugs stimulate the appearance of uniform and rapid shoots.

Transfer to the open ground is carried out in the third decade of May - June. Seedlings can be planted tightly. It is possible and less often according to the scheme - 40/50 cm.The first crops are rocket tomatoes, the cultivation features, which are very simple, will be given in the second decade of July.

While tomatoes grow, they need to be constantly watered, it is better to use soft, warm water, which is poured into watering cans the day before watering. But the grade is unpretentious, it is possible to water and just from a hose. As the stepsons appear, they need to be removed. After watering, do not forget to loosen. You can also make 1-2 feedings that can be alternated in the form of organic and mineral store preparations.

Also, do not forget to inspect the seedlings from the appearance of the Colorado potato beetle, as the variety is immune to disease, but nobody will save it from the parasites, except for you.

We told you about a very good variety of tomatoes. They will not require you to spend a lot of time, material and labor. Therefore it is worth considering this variety.

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