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High-yield variety of fragrant tomatoes "Hundred pounds"

There is no such dacha where vegetables would be grown, and tomatoes would not shrink. Each gardener loves his variety, has the secrets of growing. Of course, knowledge of agricultural practices is important, as is the variety. Therefore, we are introducing you to different tomatoes. And today the hundred pounds tomato is on the agenda. Reviews of those who planted them and what are its advantages.

general information

Agree, the loud and extraordinary name of this tomato. And we understand that if breeders have given such a name to their “child”, then we have something to expect from him. The name seems to shout that success from landing will be 100%.

Summer residents love this variety, because it has a good return, it is universal, and the name, invented for tomatoes, is of interest - I just want to buy such seeds and see how the name corresponds to the result. Well, this name was given in our country by Russian breeders.

Plus tomato and the fact that it can be grown in most regions of our country, even where the weather is not happy with its heat, but then you need to use greenhouses or greenhouses for maximum results. The reviews of those who planted a tomato are good, many gardeners return again and again to this particular variety.

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1sto-pudov-1Characteristics and description of the variety

  • The versatility of a tomato is that it is equally good both for fresh food, and for cooking pastes, spins for the winter. Many housewives praise "One hundred pounds" for the fact that it makes a thick, tasty and fragrant juice.
  • Designed for all growing conditions.
  • The yield of the variety is high - one bush can produce 6-7 kg of tasty fruits.
  • Tomato skin is dense, tomatoes are stored for a long time, they are easily transported, which gives them weight in the competition in the vegetable market.
  • It is also noteworthy that the fruits can be picked unripe, they will survive at home.
  • The harvest is formed early, but the dates may slightly shift.
  • Independent variety. The bush grows to two or more meters, which, respectively, indicates the need for garter and formation. Therefore, in greenhouse conditions, they make a trellis or tighten ropes, while on the street they put supports. It is also worth noting that in the open field the variety will have more compact dimensions up to 1.5 meters.
  • The leaves have a dark green shade, the bushes are not very thickened.
  • Fruits are formed on the hands in an amount of about 5-7 pieces.
  • Tomatoes are fleshy, their mass varies from 180 to 300 grams, which characterizes them as large.
  • The shape of the fruit resembles a pear; there are obvious ribs next to the stem.
  • Skin color is rich red.
  • Seeds in the fruit is small, the pulp has an average density.
  • The skin is not thick, but the fruits never crack.
  • The taste of fruit is sweetish, there is a piquant sour taste, tomato flavor and pleasant.
  • The composition of the hundred pounds of tomatoes is rich in micro, macronutrients, they contain a lot of lycopene, beta carotene, and sugars.
  • Tomato is immune to many diseases.
  • Growing a variety is simple - it is unpretentious, does not require special conditions. If for lack we take the necessity of a garter or a tall bush, then this will be the only minus. Supports are necessary for the variety, moreover, not only the stem, but also brushes with fruits, since they can break under their own weight.

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But this does not spoil the opinion about the variety of tomato "One hundred pounds", because the reviews, as already mentioned, it collects positive.

img-254Features of growing

It's simple. Agrotechnics varieties are no different from the one that used to do most of the gardeners. That is, to grow a tomato of this variety, you can use the seedling and seedless method. The second method is suitable for regions with a warm climate. For all the others, the seedling method is suitable.

Experienced gardeners advise before planting the seeds not only to process for diseases, but also soak them in a growth promoter. So, germination will be uniform and fast. The quality of the soil is best to take garden soil, mixed in equal parts with humus. Here you can add ash or superphosphate.

Sowing is carried out in March in a common container or peat tablets. The first method involves picking. The second subsequent landing in separate pots. Tomato seedling is not afraid of all sorts of manipulations. Picks should be carried out after the appearance of 3-4 true leaves. Seeds are sown under glass, which is removed after the appearance of sprouts.

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Once you can make a liquid feed for tomatoes before the seedlings will be transferred to the greenhouse - this happens when the seedlings are two months old. In the greenhouse or on the street, the saplings are immediately tied up. For the season it will be possible to make supplements 3-4 times. Watering is carried out as the soil dries.

To maximize the harvest, form a bush in 1-2 stems, and remove all stepchildren. It is also better to leave no more than 4 flowers on the cyst, it is better to cut off all the rest.

Thus, you can grow a great harvest of tasty and fragrant fruits. For the yield and simplicity you will love tomatoes "Hundred pounds."

Video review of the fruits of tomato varieties "Hundred pounds"

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