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Tomato "Explosion". Characteristics and description of the variety

Every self-respecting agronomist should understand this diversity. Today we will introduce you to the tomato "Explosion". You will also find reviews, see the photo. Who planted this species already, he knows that the “Explosion” tomatoes give good yields, so you should learn more about them.

Tomato "Explosion". general information

Tomato Tomatoes of this variety have become the best version of the variety “White filling”. Tomatoes are loved by gardeners across the country for their excellent productivity. They easily tolerate all weather adversities, take root well on most soils, and are easy to maintain. The only difficulty arises due to the fact that the bush is very sprawling, it requires constant monitoring of stepchildren. But this compensates for its excellent harvest.

It is also worth noting that the bushes are wide, but low. Garters they do not need. The great advantage of the variety "Explosion" is that it sets fruit well, which is subsequently responsible for high yields.

Variety refers to the early types of tomatoes. So, from the moment of planting to the first crops, only 90-100 days will pass. And also another characteristic feature of the “Explosion” is the possibility of growing without growing seedlings.

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Characteristics and description of the variety "Explosion".

  • The height of the bush is 40-50 cm.
  • Variety is determinant.
  • The shape of the fruit is round and slightly flat. Their weight is usually 100-120 grams. But if the crop is grown on rich soils with a mild climate, the fruits can weigh twice as much.
  • The variety ripens early and suffers very well cold. Therefore, the explosion tomatoes are a godsend for residents of the northern cold regions, where few crops can be grown. But the best result in cold conditions will be if you plant tomatoes in warm beds.
  • Tolerance and drought tomatoes do a good job. But, of course, the yields will be higher, and the fruits themselves are fleshy, if we ensure watering in a dry year.
  • Another big plus of the variety is its resistance to diseases. Most of the diseases that afflict tomatoes are not terrible for the Blast variety. This is especially true for rot. Tomatoes are also resistant to one of the most common diseases - late blight.
  • The fruits are used for fresh food, for preservation, for preparing juices and salads. They are very tasty and meaty.
  • Due to the fact that the pulp varieties are very dense, tomatoes are easily transported over long distances. They are well stored, which increases many times their competitiveness in the vegetable market. And it also makes it possible to grow this tomato for sale on a large scale.
  • It grows well on many soils, but loves the soil with low acidity and is well breathable. Excellent response to dressing.
  • Productivity from a bush - 3-5 kg.

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Tomato "Explosion": Features of cultivation

Tomato If you decide to grow tomatoes from the very first stage, that is, by the seed method, then the seeds of Tomatoes Explosion are sown in the first spring months, that is, this can be done both in March and April. For dates, see the landing calendar annually.

It is necessary to transfer seedlings to open ground at the age of 60 days. The seedlings are planted in containers to a depth of 1 cm. After the appearance of these leaves, the seedlings are planted in separate cups. Also during these two months you need to make fertilizer.Before transferring to open ground, seedlings should be hardened.

Planting on the site is carried out at a distance of 40 to 50 cm, with a handful of fertilizers being placed in each well. In order for the harvest to be good, the saplings need to ensure good watering, fertilizing, not to forget to fight pests, and also to loosen the soil after watering. With regards to pests, then whatever the variety is resistant to various diseases, it is difficult to resist any crop against the Colorado potato beetle. He is able to destroy all the work and to deprive the harvest.

Summer residents are very fond of this variety, and reviews about it leave only positive. Excellent varietal characteristics, high yield of tasty fruits, as well as the possibility of growing in conditions of risky farming - this is what the Explosion tomatoes are in great demand for.

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If you plant a variety with seedlings, the harvest will be early, but if you use the seedling method without a seed, then the “Explosion” will bear fruit all summer and the first decade of autumn.

Tomato "Explosion" is a very good and worthy option for small areas and for large areas. It is profitable to grow it for sale and just for food.

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