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Tomato puree for the winter - for borscht, and for side dishes, and for sauces

tomato puree

Tomato is used for the preparation of many dishes and preparations. Try to prepare homemade tomato puree for the winter without sterilization according to this recipe with a photo. For the quality and safety of this product, you will be completely sure, and the taste of home-made tomato puree is even better than the purchased one.

Ingredients for tomato puree:

  • tomatoes;
  • kitchen salt - 1 tbsp. l 1 liter of tomato juice;
  • sugar - 1 tbsp. l 1 liter of tomato juice.


How to cook tomato puree for the winter

We wash the tomatoes, make small cross-shaped cuts on them and fold them into a convenient container. Fill them with boiling water for 8-10 minutes.


Pour the water, and remove the fruit from the peel.

peeled tomatoes

We interrupt peeled tomatoes with a blender. If a lot of tomatoes, then we process them in a blender with small visits.

tomato puree

Pour all fresh tomato puree into a common saucepan. Pour one liter of a tablespoon of sugar and salt.

add salt

Begin to boil a little tomato (without cover). The whole process takes about 15-20 minutes depending on the amount of tomato and the intensity of the fire. Carefully ensure that the product does not stick to the bottom of the saucepan. This time we sterilize glass containers and sealed caps. Boiled thickened tomato poured into ready-made dry jars.

pour in a jar

It remains to cork all the covers and turn to cool. It is recommended to cover the preservation with thick covers to improve the effect. Tomato puree for the winter is ready.

turn over the banks

As you can see, it is prepared very quickly, and there are only three components - and they are all simple and very affordable.

finished mashed potatoes

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tomato pureetomato puree

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