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Tomatoes series "Gnome" - in the garden and in the plate

general characteristics

All varieties of this series have some similarities, namely:

  • medium early fruiting (from 100 to 120 days);
  • determinant forms (varieties rarely exceed 60 cm);
  • not formations, but require garters;
  • long preservation of the presentation;
  • perfectly transported;
  • Tomatoes of the “Gnome” series, tomato product allow to obtain high quality;
  • temperature drops are well tolerated, and sets fruit under any conditions.

The “Dwarf” series is not straightforward. Tomatoes are very responsive to fertilization and their height is sometimes unstoppable. Reviews of experienced gardeners say that tomatoes behave differently in different climatic conditions, on different soils and with different agricultural techniques.

It is not by chance that there may be different reviews of exotic tomato lovers about the same variety. Someone comes to delight, and someone refuses after the first cultivation.

Disease resistance

Varieties of gnomes do not all behave the same under abnormal weather conditions in terms of fungal diseases. Whatever the resistance of a particular variety, the growing conditions impose their imprint. For example, if a variety decorates a terrace and has never felt external irrigation, then naturally it does not know the horror of phytophthora. But those that are grown by farms in open ground are not satisfied with the susceptibility of varieties to late blight.

Experienced vegetable growers, despite the characteristics of varieties for diseases, always and regularly carry out preventive measures against fungal infections. Careful attitude to the plant allows you to get a healthy and high-quality crop of excellent tomatoes.

Features of growing series

Describing tomatoes "Dwarf", reviews of vegetable growers are very different. Someone liked the tomatoes, and they are no longer going to part with them. Someone was not happy, expecting more. However, all vegetable growers are unanimous that this series does not require special attention and care.

"Gnomes" do not differ in agricultural technology from their other "brothers" and excellent fruit set, even when the weather dictates the anomaly.

The agrotechnical feature of the series is precociousness, and if the grower already has all the seedlings in the area, the seeds can easily be sown in the open ground and by the end of August to get a harvest.

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Characteristics and description of the varieties of the series "Gnome"

This series is rich in its representatives, but the very first appeared true gnome.


This variety was entered into the register of breeding achievements of the Russian Federation in 1997 under the number 9401318. Originator of the variety FSBI "Federal Scientific Center of Vegetable" Moscow Region.

The variety is recommended for cultivation in the Volga-Vyatka region in an open garden on household plots, as well as in small farms.

The grade is universal.Its fruits are suitable for salads, canning and salting.

Tomato "Dwarf" description of the variety, photos, reviews, everything suggests that the variety has an average foliage. The plant form is not standard, weakly branching, half-sprawling. Plant height barely reaches 50 cm.

Leaf of classical tomato type, light green in color, medium in size, with a beautiful, glossy shine.

The inflorescence is compact, simple. The first is laid over 6 sheets, and then through the sheet.

The fruit of this variety is round and smooth, weighing about 35 g. The taste of the tasters is satisfactory.

Tomato yield is quite high and is in the range of 400-500 c / ha. The highest yield was recorded with the figure of 559 c / ha.


  • high degree of fruit set;
  • stable yield;
  • resistance to climatic anomalies;
  • resistance to cracking;
  • Good quality recycled products.
Considering the tomato “Dwarf”, reviews, photos of those who planted, it becomes clear that although the tomato does not require a pinching, it requires careful garter and fixation, because the bushes are simply doused with fruits and can be broken off under their weight.


  • satisfactory taste of fresh fruit;
  • medium resistance against fluorine.

"New Big Dwarf"

This tomato is still little known to lovers. Those who have already tried, describe it as a semi-determinant, whose height reaches 1 meter.

The bush, in spite of the fact that the stepson is not carried out compact. The leaf is classic, wide. The plant requires garters to support due to the high weight of the fruit.

Tomatoes reach a mass of 300 g, flat-round, fleshy, with excellent taste and a small amount of seed. Color red-pink.


  • resistance to phytophthora;
  • impeccable taste;
  • good yield.


  • tall, as for a series of gnomes;
  • requires a garter.

Tomato New Big Gnome plant of medium ripening. When sown in early March, it quickly gains marketable weight.

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"Dwarf Arctic Rose"

"Arctic Rose" tomato breeding USA. Recommended for cultivation in the northern regions of the country.

Tomato "Dwarf Arctic Rose" has not a tall bush, up to 40 cm. Being quite compact, it is very similar to the stem.

Fruits are round, pink, weighing up to 300 g

The taste of tomatoes is harmonious, pleasant and rich.


  • great taste;
  • high yield;
  • does not require staving;
  • resistance to weather anomalies.


Requires garters, because the fruits are very large.

"Dwarf Purple Heart"

Variety of standard type. The height of the tomato bush comes to 60 cm. Mid-season ripening. Fruit weight from 100 to 200 g, sometimes more.

Tomato "Dwarf purple heart" has heart-shaped fruits rich burgundy-colored skin. The inner flesh is saturated, dark cherry color.

Tastes are excellent, there are few seeds and they are right in the pulp.


  • high yield;
  • great taste;
  • does not require formation;
  • unusual appearance.

"Sweet Sue"

Tomato bred by US breeders. The plant is compact with a height of up to 70 cm. The average maturity.

Tomatoes are light yellow, sometimes have a slightly pink tan. Rounded with an average weight of up to 150 g.

Tomato "Sweet Sue" has a pleasant, sweet taste and amazing flavor. Those who have already managed to grow a variety, compare it with a melon.

Reviews show that this tomato remains unscathed for diseases under any circumstances. Gardeners consider it the most sustainable.


  • Great taste;
  • Increased disease resistance;
  • Undemanding to weather conditions.


  • The need for fixation;
  • Requires high nutritional value of soils.

"Pierf Pride"

Tomato early. Plant height up to 60 cm, with a wide leaf plate. The plant does not require forming.

"Pierf Pride" has fruits up to 120 g, but their color is fascinating.Rich, red-brown with burgundy hue. The shape of the fruit is round.

The taste of tomato is surprisingly harmonious. The content of sugars and acids is very balanced. Those who once tasted a tomato, remain delighted and happy to grow in their gardens.


  • Amazing taste;
  • Does not require staving;
  • Resistant to diseases.

Tasmanian Chocolate

This variety can be grown in garden beds and greenhouse. Medium juice ripening.

The plant is not tall, but sometimes reaches one meter. Cutting off stepchildren and forming does not require, but needs careful garter, because it is not easy to keep heavy fruit.

Variety "Tasmanian chocolate" has a sheet of potato type, it is large and wrinkled.

Fruits are flat-round, their weight does not rarely reach 400 g.

The tasting score is very high because the taste is balanced, pleasant and has a long, tomato aftertaste. The color of the tomato is rich red-brown with terracotta tint.


  • great taste;
  • high marketability;
  • good keeping quality;
  • universality of use.


  • fixation of shoots and fruits is required;
  • needs timely prevention of disease.

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"Victorian Dwarf"

Tomatoes of this variety are medium early.

Bushes are not high, up to 50 cm, spreading, not requiring formation, but need fixing.

The bush is literally covered with fruits, the shoots bend and lie down under their weight, which is why they should be fixed.

"Victorian Dwarf" produces flat-rounded fruits, flattened, dense with a smooth skin. The color of the tomato is saturated red, evenly colored on the cut.

Taste salad. The texture is juicy and soft.


  • disease resistant;
  • gives good yield;
  • suitable for processing into tomato products.


  • requires constant fixation of the shoots;
  • It has average capacity.

Selecting varieties, please note that only the variety “Dwarf” is entered in the register of breeding achievements and recommended for cultivation. All other listed varieties are either amateur or foreign selection, but not tested.

Do not plant at once many varieties, try 1-2 if you like, then you can increase the collection. Maintain high agricultural practices, it is she who will allow you to consider the full potential.

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