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Practical variety of tomato "White filling 241"

Varieties that have been for decades are still the best. Here is the White Beef 241 tomato, the reviews with a description of which you will read in this article are old-timers in the vegetable market. And gardeners love him since 1979, and beginners do not make him a competition.

“White filling” is one of those tomatoes, which in themselves combine many positive qualities. It is not difficult to grow, and the fruits he gives the highest quality. But what to say in vain, it is better to go straight to the point.

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Characteristic tomato "White filling"

"White filling" turned out after crossing two varieties. And as it should be after successful breeding, the new variety inherited the best qualities of its predecessors.

  • Tomatoes "White filling" have a bright scarlet color. They got their name because there is a small white tint on their surface.
  • The weight of fruits on average reaches 150 grams, they ripen evenly.
  • Tomato "White filling" has a great advantage - it is cold resistance, which makes it possible to grow it throughout our country.
  • The variety is suitable for growing outdoors and in greenhouses.
  • This species has a low-growing compact bush, which does not require that it be formed, tied to a support and stepson. You must agree that the minimum of labor during cultivation is very important for a modern person, when every minute counts.
  • Under greenhouse conditions, a tomato grows up to 70 cm, and on the street it does not exceed 50 cm.
  • The good quality of the Bely Bulk variety is also in the fact that it is not affected by phytophthora and many dangerous diseases of the nightshade.
  • Productivity from one bush more than 3 kilograms.
  • Tomato has a universal purpose, that is, it is eaten fresh, made from fruits juices, pasta and preserved whole.
  • The description of the tomato variety “Bely Pouring 241” will be incomplete, if you do not specify another important advantage - these are early terms of fruit ripening. So, you will be able to harvest the first crops 100 days after the seedlings emerge, and if you grow a crop in a greenhouse, after 85 days the fruits will blush on the bush and are ready to eat. Such early terms help the “White filling” not to have time to get sick, because attacks by the pathogenic environment occur later.

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Video review tomato "White filling"

Growing up

3e99a1_600x450This unpretentious tomato grow a pleasure. After all, with him so little trouble. Seed can be planted in early March or late February. Seeds before planting is better to pickle and soak for a better germination in a nutrient solution. Then you can make a landing in containers in the purchase of soil or earth, mixed with humus, sand. You can add mineral fertilizer.

After planting, the seeds are sprinkled with soil, covered with a package and put in a warm and bright place. Shoots will appear in 5-7 days.

In the phase of two true leaves, you need to dive seedlings in separate pots or cups. Planting in the greenhouse can be carried out on the 50-60th day after the moment of emergence, on the street after the 70th day. The main thing is that there is no threat of frost.

During the development period, seedlings can be fed twice with complex fertilizers. After landing on a permanent place, the seedlings require watering, loosening and processing from the beetle and weeds.

With regards to reviews, they are, of course, excellent.After all, the variety would not have existed for almost 40 years and would not have such popularity.

Because you can safely choose the "white filling." His performance is now well known to you.

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