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Tomatoes "Yamal" and "Yamal 200": early and unpretentious varieties

Every year, varieties and hybrids of tomatoes is becoming more and more. For the summer resident this has its pros and cons. In the first case, there is a choice, and even the most fastidious gardeners can find the best tomatoes, in the second - confusion when choosing. Especially hard for beginners who do not know which varieties are good, in addition, it is better for them to choose those tomatoes that are practically not susceptible to diseases. Today you can meet with just such - tomatoes "Yamal" and "Yamal 200". Let's look at their characteristics and description of the variety, photos, learn reviews and yield, as well as the main agricultural techniques.

When choosing a seed in a store, always read the information on the package, where it is said for which climatic zones this tomato is most suitable, so as not to be disappointed with the result.

general information

Today we are considering two fellow varieties. They were brought by the same breeder, whose achievements in agriculture are difficult to overestimate. His name is Vladimir Ivanovich Kozak. The scientist made the goal of his life the breeding of good varieties with high resistance to stress, which can be grown everywhere, and even in areas of high-risk farming. For a country with a large area and a very changeable climate - this is relevant. Tomatoes “Yamal” and “Yamal 200” are the result of good work, they have a lot of advantages, and the dacha residents do not reveal the disadvantages. Let's get to know them closer.

Description of the variety "Yamal"

This tomato is popular, popular, with its counterpart has similar agricultural techniques and in many respects similar characteristics.


Variety is a determinant species, stem type. The height can reach up to 70 cm, but more often it is about 50 cm. In the greenhouse there are always bushes higher, more leafy than on the street. The beauty of "Yamal" is that it is very easy to care for, because this type of bush excludes staving, shaping, you can not tie it up.

The variety does not take up much space on the plot, it has excellent returns. It has rich green leaves, the average number of bushes. Plus the variety is that it can be grown by a seedless method in a warm climate or in a warm greenhouse. Suitable for both open and closed ground.

Experienced gardeners are still recommended to put support pillars, especially if yours is often windy.

Fruit Description

  • Tomatoes "Yamal" have green color of a skin in a phase of technical ripeness, red at full ripening.
  • The form is flat-round; there is a depression in the stem.
  • The weight of the first fruits can reach up to 150 grams, in the future the harvest will be 70-100 grams. It has a good return, harmonious ripening.
  • With good agricultural technology, manufacturers talk about yields up to 12 kg per square meter. But, according to the summer residents, with proper care, you can get 17 kg from a square meter.
  • Tomatoes have a slight ribbing.
  • The skin is dense, the fruits are very well stored and transported.
  • Ripening is more early - depending on the weather in a given year and the place of cultivation, tomatoes can ripen on average from 85-90 days, up to 102-108 days.

Grade assignment

It has a universal table appointment.The taste of the fruit is very pronounced, pleasant, gardeners praise these fruits. You can make summer salads, pickle, preserve whole with the help of compactness, make vegetable platter, and even prepare hostess juices. With these tomatoes in the kitchen you definitely will not have problems.

Disease and Pest Resistance

Early varieties ripen very quickly, and pests, as a rule, do not bother them. Also, the manufacturer speaks of their varieties as highly fitoftoro-resistant. But summer residents nevertheless recommend to carry out preseeding processing to eliminate all risks.

With regards to parasites, they appear only when agricultural technology is poorly observed - there is too much water in the soil, the greenhouse is not aired well, weeds in the beds cover the entire ground.

It is also necessary to observe crop rotation, as solanaceous crops leave behind both parasites and pathogenic flora for the development of ailments. Do not plant crops where there were tomatoes last year and they were sick, potatoes or carrots.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of the variety:

  • High yield and stable fruiting all summer.
  • Excellent quality fruits that can be easily transported and grown for sale.
  • Good immunity.
  • The possibility of growing in a greenhouse and on the street, in addition, can be grown without seedlings and in areas of high-risk farming.
  • Universal table appointment.
  • Good keeping quality.
  • Not afraid of changes in temperature.
  • Smooth and identical fruits.
  • Compact bush, saving time and effort on agricultural technology.

Varieties of variety:

According to the dacha residents, they did not reveal any deficiencies in the Yamal tomatoes during the cultivation.

Recommendations for growing

The variety “Yamal” and “Yamal 200” have similar agricultural techniques. Let's, for the first grade, we will tell you how to grow seedlings with peat tablets, for the second, about traditional common trays. So, you can choose for yourself the best option.

So, the seeds of both these varieties are recommended to be etched in a solution of manganese, and then soaked in a stimulator to improve germination. You can soak a day in aloe juice. Then swollen sunflower seeds time to plant. In terms of - this is the second decade of March and until April. The first method using peat tablets.

  • Pills are placed in water so that they swelled upward with a hole.
  • Then take out the kegs, put them in some container for convenience.
  • Place a seed in each hole.
  • Cover trays with a package and put on the window. The temperature should be 25-27 degrees.
  • When the seedlings have risen, remove the shelter, the temperature should be within 20 degrees.
  • Water kegs poured by pouring water into the tray. Peat will absorb as much as needed.
  • In the phase of 3-4 leaves the kegs are placed in cups with nutritious universal primer.
  • Planted in the soil with the container, after two weeks of hardening. Landing plan 40/50 or 50/50.

Then the bushes need only watering as they dry and feed. Also worth noting is that you must prepare the site in advance. Check for acidity, soil should be neutral. Then you can make compost, and about 50-80 grams of superphosphate per square meter. The first feed can be made after two put on after the transfer - diluted manure, which is rich in nitrogen - 1/12. After that, every two weeks, any complexes where potassium and phosphorus will already prevail.

For the prevention of disease, about once every 10-14 days in the evening, sprinkle the seedlings with a solution of manganese; on the ground, you can scatter tobacco dust or wood ash to scare away insects and as a food.

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Description of the variety "Yamal 200"


Now let's get acquainted with the second very good tomato - “Yamal 200” and its characteristic and description of the variety. Bushes of deterministic type with limited growth, very compact - up to 35 cm, sprawling. Leaves on them a bit, they are light green.Bushes do not require garters, formation, removal of stepsons. Variety adapts to bad weather conditions, can be grown in the greenhouse and on the street, seedling and seedless.

Fruit Description

  • In this variety, the tomatoes will be slightly larger - the first harvest up to 200 grams, the next - up to 110-150 grams.
  • The shape of the tomatoes is flat-round, the skin color is red, there is a glossy shine.
  • The taste is pleasant, but there is sourness, in contrast to the "Yamal".
  • Tomatoes are well stored and can be transported.
  • The ripening period under good conditions - ultra early - for 80-85 days you can harvest the first crop. In case of bad weather - medium early - 100-110 days before maturation.

We continue our acquaintance.

Grade assignment

Yamal 200 tomatoes are excellent for canning, although the first fruits can be large for whole-fruit twists.

They are delicious in salads, suitable for cooking pasta, sauce. If you do not like sourness, then choose the first grade.

Disease and Pest Resistance

Yamal 200, like its vegetable counterpart, is not afraid of phytophthora, root and apical rot, which can be seen on the packaging in information from manufacturers. But again, experienced gardeners recommend prevention - soak the seeds, and spray the bushes on the site with a solution of manganese. We have already noted above about insects and good agricultural techniques, everything is also relevant for this variety.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of the variety:

  • Early fruiting.
  • Resistance to diseases and pests.
  • The possibility of growing without seedlings in a warm climate.
  • Universal table appointment.
  • Good keeping quality.
  • Pleasant taste and tomato flavor.
  • Unpretentiousness in agricultural technology.
  • The yield of the bush with good care - up to 4-5 kg.
  • Save space and time.

Varieties of variety:

  • The variety is not intended for cultivation on an industrial scale, only for personal farming.
  • Sour taste is not everything.

So, you got acquainted with the varieties of tomato "Yamal" and "Yamal 200", learned the reviews, looked at the photo, who planted. Now, as we promised, we will tell the method of growing in a common container. The first option eliminates picking, but many still prefer to do everything, like our grandmothers.

Recommendations for growing

You also have to pickle the seeds and soak them in the stimulator. Sowing dates - from the third decade of March to April. Planting is done when the seedlings are 45 days old, and the ground has warmed up to 15 degrees.

In the general tray, cultivation involves picking in the phase of 3-4 true leaves. The seeds are also sown under the film, the soil is mixed either purchased and from the garden - 1/1, or humus, soddy soil, sand - in equal quantities and add a handful of ashes. Crops carried out at a depth of 1 cm, at a distance of 3-5 cm from each other. The film is removed with the emergence of shoots, diving strictly into a new, sterile earth. Two weeks later make nitrogen feed. Further, everything is as described previously.

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If you grow in the ground, then you need to pickle it with boiling water with manganese a week before planting. This also applies to the purchasing structure.

These are the two vegetable fellows you learned. Very worthy varieties, especially suitable for unstable climate and small areas.

Video: Details on the variety of tomatoes "Yamal"

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    Early variety, the salad is the most elastic, with fleshy pulp, a little sweet. It grows well, in care is unpretentious.


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