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Amazing varieties of tomatoes of unusual shape and size

Tomato varieties

Gardeners grow on their plots not only traditional red tomatoes. Many people are experimenting, planting unusual varieties of tomatoes, surprising shape, color, original taste. Tomatoes "exotic" are not grown in large farms for sale. They are cultivated by summer residents, amateur collectors, who get good yields even in conditions of risky farming zones. Some hybrid forms and varieties - gnomes, cream, cherry tomatoes, peppered or ribbed tomatoes, are planted not so much because of the number of fruits, but because of the unusual configuration and taste characteristics.

Tomato varieties with an unusual color

Few people are surprised these days with purple or black tomatoes. But in addition to such “blacks”, breeders bred dozens of varieties of yellow, orange, green, and multicolored tomatoes.

Dark galaxy

Exotic variety mid-term, bred in the United States. Praise him for the present saturated tomato taste, high yield.

Tomatoes up to about 120-150 grams, when fully ripe, turn green-violet into brick-red and black. Across the skin are scattered in a chaotic manner strips resembling a bottomless Universe.


In the group of green fruit varieties, this tomato stands out not only for its interesting color, but also for its exotic taste. The variety belongs to the semi-determinant group, in terms of harvest - middle ripening.

It grows up to about a meter (on ridges), in shelters a powerful stalk reaches one and a half meters.

On a note!

We recommend molding in two trunks to increase the yield.


Tomatoes are flat-rounded, slightly elongated, by weight - 250-300 grams. Inside - a large number of cameras, meaty contents. Color depends on growing conditions:

  • in the cool season, emerald green color;
  • in hot summer, the flesh and skin become yellowish.

The stage of full maturation is difficult to determine visually. Usually ripe tomatoes are slightly softer to the touch, the skin becomes transparent. Used for any processing, in salads.

Amethyst jewel

Tomato Amethyst jewel bestows extraordinarily beautiful fruits of blue-pink color. Variety from the collections of Brad Gates, recommended in the climate of Russia for growing in greenhouses. Tomatoes of dense structure, fleshy, up to 180-200 grams. They note resistance to various infections, good yields.

White sugar

Invariably attract the attention of gardeners varieties with white fruits. Tomato Sugar white - from the group of middle-late indeterminate species, requires mandatory garter, the formation of the bush.

Fruits with aromatic pulp, when fully ripe, are creamy-white, very tasty. Weigh up to 200 grams, from one bush collect 3-4 kg. The grade is used for dietary food.

Of the tomato varieties with multicolor coloring, Apple Color, Fireworks, Hazel May, Great Rainbow, Tasman Reddening, Puma are noted.

Tomato varieties of unusual shape

In this category, favorites are ribbed tomatoes, as well as cream, pears and peppers. They surprise atypical shape of fruits, rich taste.

Popular varieties:

  • Pink Accordion - bred in Mexico, well caught in the greenhouses of Russian gardeners. According to reviews - sweet, with an unusual internal structure and appearance of a tomato.

Bushes are tall, up to 1.3 meters.Tomatoes are ribbed, cut - crimped, almost hollow. In the maturity stage - saturated pink color. By weight, the fruit reaches 500-600 grams, ideal for cooking stuffed dishes;

  • Tomande is an interesting variety with ribbed fruits of bright crimson color. Grow on bushes to 300-500 grams, with a cut resemble a luxurious rosebud. The variety came to Russia from the USA, cultivated in greenhouses. For salads is not particularly suitable, it is better to use for making juice, pasta. The flesh is fleshy, rich taste;
  • The mushroom basket is a variety known to the gardeners of Russia, famous for its yield, unusual fruit appearance. It grows well in greenhouses, as well as in the garden without shelters. Plants up to 90-100 cm in height, medium foliage. Tomatoes are large, up to 500 grams. Usually the biggest fruits ripen in the lower tier, tomatoes go 200-300 grams higher. Fruits with pronounced ribbing, red, inside - a lot of hollow chambers. Look great in cutting, when you make dishes.
  • Burgess Stuffing - an infet, very tall variety (up to two meters or more). Grown specifically for the use of fruits in the design and stuffing. Tomatoes are cuboid-shaped, very reminiscent of sweet Bulgarian pepper. Inside there is no pulp, the thick-walled shell is fleshy, sweet. Color - purple-red;
Black pear
  • The pear is black - the tomato surprises with its shape and color. Crop harvested after about 110-115 days, tomatoes are dense, in the shape of a pear, with a beautiful glossy skin. Weight is small, up to 40-70 grams. When fully ripe color - dark burgundy with brown spots. Fruits are tasty in salting, pickles;
  • Emerald pear is another green variety, tasty and sweet. In greenhouses it grows over two meters, it is highly resistant to late blight, rot. Pear fruits are dense, weighing about 100 grams. Unusual color of fruits in full ripeness - green with dark "shoulders". The taste is fruity, pleasant aroma;
  • Ocean F1 is a cherry tomato, intended for cultivation on ridges, in shelters. Differs in stretched terms of return of tomatoes. On the branches ripen small, 20-30 grams of tomatoes saturated red. Pleasant taste and productivity - these characteristics of a hybrid attract summer residents;
  • Amethyst Cream Cherry is a rare multicolor cherry variety. Bushes are powerful, tall, under two and a half meters. Fruits ripen quickly, reach by weight about 18-20 grams. Original color: cream with brownish-purple stains in the area of ​​the stem. This variety is known for excellent keeping quality of tomatoes. Suitable for preservation, also used in salads, for decorating culinary dishes;
  • Honey candy F1 - a hybrid from Russian breeders, from the group of carved tomatoes. Fruitful, in the stage of ripening, the bushes are covered with small fruits “cream” of yellow-orange color. Needs molding and tying to the supports.
On a note!

Many varieties of cherry tomatoes are grown for fresh consumption. Their fruits are sweetlike candy, they love little children.

Cherry varieties are also known. Honey drop, Cranberries in sugar, Porpora, Bloosem F1, Ira, Pinocchio.

"Velvet" varieties of tomatoes

Pubescent ("hairy", "velvet") tomatoes are little known to a wide range of summer residents. But these varieties are original not only in appearance, but also have a bright rich taste.


  • Elberta Peach - fruits weighing about 100-120 grams, fluffy, with yellow and pink stripes on a red background. Shrubs varieties are tall, with original leaves - heavily rugged, bluish in color and covered with fluff;
  • Blue spruce - a decorative indeterminantny grade, fruitful. The name is given because of an interesting type of stems and leaves, pubescent and with a bluish tint. Fruits by weight reach about 150 grams, red with a light down throughout the skin.The taste is sweet, with a light aroma of fruit;
  • Velvet dude - the fruit looks hard to distinguish from the peach, so great is the similarity with the sweet fruit. Plants of medium height, up to about 1-1.2 meters, are planted both on ridges and in shelters. In terms of - mid-season variety, gives a fully formed fruit in about 115 days. Tomatoes "fluffy", bright pink and red color, weigh about 180-200 grams or a little more. Note the harmonious taste of fruit pulp, sweetness;
Furry bumblebee
  • The shaggy bumblebee is a tomato from the group of determinant varieties, with pubescent plum-shaped fruits. The pulp is dense, good tomato taste with a slight sourness. Weigh tomatoes about 110-130 grams, at the time of full ripening - orange-red. Recommended for exhaust gas resistant to fitoftor. Fruits of the Shaggy Bumblebee differ in their keeping quality, suitable for long-term transportation.

The "shaggy" tomatoes also include the following varieties: Sedoy Graf, Scheherezeda (with fig flavor), Peach Blow Sutton Red Apricot, Garden Peach.

Tomato varieties of unusual shapes and colors are usually bred by collectors. They also offer seeds of exotic tomatoes, so that every summer resident can try to grow tomatoes on his plot “miracle”.

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Tomato varietiesTomato varieties

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