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Stewed sauerkraut classic recipe

stewed sauerkraut

If there is some sauerkraut left in the jar, you can make an excellent vegetable dish. Braised sauerkraut is an ideal snack that can be served with fatty meat dishes, Uzbek pilaf, or with rich shurpa. If you add smoked sausages or slices of boiled wieners, - the dish can be served without potato garnish or porridge.

Stewed sauerkraut can be consumed during fasting or on a diet. The dish is valuable not only with a minimum of calories, due to the content of fiber, with regular use, such cabbage helps mild cleansing of blood vessels and removes cholesterol.

An ideal variant of the original product is to use home-made preparations; in the absence, sour cabbage can be bought in a store or on the market. When choosing pickle, pay attention to its appearance and smell. Gray color, soft texture - a reason to refuse to purchase. Sour cabbage should be crispy, straw-golden hue.

Buying pickles in the store, check the expiration date and investment, it is not necessary to buy packaging with a large amount of pickle. In addition, you need to take carrots, onions. In order for the cabbage to have a more delicate taste, you can add a sauce or ketchup of tomato to the specified volume of tomato paste. The number and composition of spices can be changed at will.

When using a thick-walled pot or, if anyone has survived, a cast-iron pot, the dish turns out to be incredibly tasty. So, see the classic recipe of cooking with photos.


  • white cabbage - 500 grams;
  • carrots - 1 piece;
  • bulb onions - ¼ part of a large head;
  • water - 120 milliliters;
  • black pepper - 3-4 peas;
  • granulated sugar to taste;
  • 25% tomato paste - to taste;
  • salt rock - ½ tsp;
  • 1-2 bay leaves;
  • vegetable oil - 60 milliliters.


How to cook stewed sauerkraut

Put the cabbage in a colander and pour it in cold water to remove the brine. Next, gently squeeze the liquid and transfer the sauerkraut to the pan with the heated sunflower oil - approximately of the specified volume. Simmer the cabbage under the lid with occasional stirring for 20 minutes over low heat.

Next, cook the vegetables for frying. Onions clean the dried husk and chop finely. Peeled carrots rub on a coarse grater. Heat the pan and add the oil - about 1 tablespoon. Put the chopped onions and carrots. Stir vegetables and fry over medium heat for 5-7 minutes.

Add tomato paste.

add tomato paste to carrots

If desired, add any tomato sauce. After 5 minutes, complete the heat treatment of the vegetable mixture and combine it with the cabbage. Pour in boiled water.

pour in water

Salt a lot.


Put a bay leaf.


Add sugar and pepper, other spices as you like.

Spice up

Simmer the cabbage for 20 minutes. Serve it with the selected side dish of pasta, potatoes or meat.

stewed sauerkraut

Enjoy your meal!

stewed sauerkraut

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stewed sauerkrautstewed sauerkraut

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