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Tomatoes in holey buckets

tomatoes in buckets

If you grow tomatoes in a bucket, then the process of caring for them will be more convenient. Buckets can be used for planting seedlings in the greenhouse and in the open field. Like any method, it has its advantages, disadvantages and subtleties.

The benefits of growing tomatoes

Gardeners have long managed to master the technique of growing tomatoes in buckets. The method deserved its popularity due to the following advantages:

  1. Economical use of the fertile soil layer.
  2. Tomatoes in containers need minimal weeding.
  3. Easy to feed and water. The liquid does not spread, all the useful substances go to the plant.
  4. The root system expands deep into, and not sideways, the bush becomes stronger.
  5. In cold weather, the soil warms better, the fruits ripen faster.
  6. Compact location on the site.

Along with the advantages, we must not forget about the disadvantages. In this way he is alone. Due to the small volume the soil can overheat.

Suitable varieties

In containers with no bottom it is possible to grow tomatoes of almost any variety, both undersized and tall. However, for growing it is better to choose seedlings with compact roots and not a spreading shrub.

Planting early-ripening plant varieties will provide an opportunity to harvest faster in 2-3 weeks. You can choose tomatoes "cherry". Tall plants are well suited for growing in a greenhouse - Egyptian giant, Miracle of the Earth, etc.

What is needed for planting

For planting tomatoes in buckets do not require any specific devices. You will need:

  • prepared soil;
  • tomato seedlings;
  • ten-liter containers;
  • water.

How to choose buckets?

You can use any bucket with one condition - the volume of more than 10 liters. Even defective ones will do. They can be leaky, wrinkled, scratched, etc. Pay attention only to the volume and color. Do not forget that the dark color is heated more quickly in the sun, but for tomatoes it is not always good. If there are only dark containers, then they will need to be wrapped with a light cloth.

If there are no old buckets in the farm, then it is better to buy metal containers, because they have a longer service life than plastic ones. Wooden tubs are also not recommended, because they can crack and fall apart.

How to prepare the soil

There are no hard criteria for soil. The more fertile land to use, the better. Experienced gardeners are advised to prepare a soil mixture in advance. For tomatoes, it is better to use a neutral or slightly alkaline primer. Before planting, it is necessary to mix the sod and humus in equal proportions and add 200 grams of wood ash to each tank. The resulting mixture should be poured abundantly. Sand or peat can be used as a baking powder.


If it is not possible to prepare the soil, then you can use the soil in which you usually plant tomatoes.

The principle of planting tomatoes

In the middle of May, after it warms up and there is no night decrease in temperature, you can begin landing. In buckets tomatoes can be planted earlier than usual, because the soil warms up better. In general, planting is practically no different from planting in the ground. The container must be buried halfway and the prepared soil should be poured into it.In the middle you can make a small depression and dissolve the growth stimulator in it.

Tomatoes must be planted deep, on the root neck. After that, the ground must be compacted and watered.


Caring for plants is no different from the usual. However, the following recommendations should be considered:

  1. The soil in the buckets warms faster, so you need to water more often. It is advisable to water every day.
  2. After watering, it is desirable to slightly loosen the soil, this will improve air circulation.
  3. 20 days after disembarking, tie up.
  4. Regularly conduct dressing with mineral fertilizers.
  5. Handle pests.


Growing tomatoes in buckets is ideal for infertile regions. This method will protect against low temperatures and help save space in the garden. With the right choice of variety and adequate care - an excellent harvest is guaranteed.

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tomatoes in bucketstomatoes in buckets

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