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The most saturated with taste varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses and open ground

Each variety of tomatoes has its own quality characteristics. Some tomatoes ripen before everyone else, while others have a more sweet "honey" flavor. Some varieties grow up, and some stunted. Everyone chooses for themselves, based on the description. Tomatoes with a rich bright taste very much. They can be grown in greenhouses and open ground.

For soil cultivation

When growing tomatoes in the middle lane or in the south of the country, you can do without greenhouses, and plant seedlings on open ridges.


You need to choose a variety that retains taste and color well after harvesting for a long time. A good indicator, if from 1 seedling can be collected up to one bucket of tomatoes.

Delicious tomato rating:

  1. Wonder of the earth - this is a collection variety. Harvest ripen in the middle period of summer. Shrubs grow upward, reaching a maximum size of 1.3 m. The fruits are red, resembling Bullish Heart. Small in size, slightly elongated. At the tail, the tomato turns red, as does the rest. Appetizing pink in color, red color. The structure of the fibers is dense, juicy. Fruits without cracks.
  2. Marizol - large-fruited variety. In the growth of bushes grow up to a maximum of 150 cm. The usual height of the bush is from 90 to 100 cm. They do not require support, tying. The variety is mid-season. Characterized by a round shape. The fruits are yellow, bright. Externally similar to apricots. The upper skin is smooth. The average weight of a tomato is about 100 grams. The internal consistence is dense. It has a pronounced tomato shade. The upper skin is firm. Storage in its original form is long. The variety allows you to collect up to 10 kg from three bushes.
  3. Appetizing - one of their early blooms. Bush determinant, height up to 90 cm. Sizes are large. The weight of one fruit is about 350 g. In appearance, red tomatoes with ribs. Taste is sugar, saturated tomato. Inside the pulp is dense. At the same time, this grade is characterized by a high proportion of juice content. Distributed in the middle belt of the country. The appearance is very appetizing. The stalk after full maturity remains a small area of ​​green. It is considered high-yielding. Collection from the bush is about 6 kg.
  4. Bull heart - a well-known variety. He is loved by many gardeners. One of the representatives of large fruits. The weight of an average tomato is 500 g. Tomatoes grow huge sizes without effort. Tomatoes in color saturated pink, red, with a silver sheen. The contour is similar to the heart, slightly flattened to the bottom and extended to the stem. Due to the large size, high yield. From one bush to two buckets. To taste sweet, delicate. Bushes are very tall, reach a person's height of 1.7 m. For growing, a garter to a handle is needed. Ripen in the middle period of summer, the beginning of autumn. At the moment, varieties are bred with other colors. In them, tomatoes have yellow, red, black. However, preferences remain in the pink variety.
  5. Brown sugar - tomatoes of a round, smooth form. Color tomato dark red, burgundy, with thin lines. To taste, they perfectly combine velvety sugar and light sourness. Small in size, the weight of one reaches 150 g. They possess a high index of antioxidants in their composition. Very useful for humans. Frost-resistant. The harvest ripens in late autumn. Plants require garters. One bush accounts for about 3 kg.

For greenhouse cultivation

In a greenhouse for tomatoes, you need to create optimal conditions for lighting, humidity and temperature.


It is better to choose varieties resistant to late blight and other diseases. If growing costs effortlessly, no pasydching is required - this will be an added plus.

Well, the most delicious greenhouse tomatoes are obtained from the following varieties:

  1. Sweet bunch - one of the sweetest tomatoes, intended for greenhouse growing conditions. Fruits of small size, weighing 40 g, form clusters. The top cover is smooth, even. The color is bright red. On the hands, tomatoes grow smoothly. With one flowering up to 40 pieces. The plant is an indeterminant system structure. The variety is early ripe. From one bush to 3.5 kg yield. Growing this variety is complicated by the obligatory presence of a trellis.
  2. Nevsky - low-growing variety, does not require special garters. Another name "dwarf." The maximum height is 40 cm. This gives an additional plus in space saving with densely sown seedlings. Up to five plants can fit on one square meter. Tomatoes of small sizes, 60 g each. About 6 pieces on one branch. Looks smooth, even round shape. The color is scarlet, red. Have a rich sweet taste. Dense pulp is complemented by a pleasant tomato flavor. Ripens in the early period.
  3. De barao - one of the popular varieties for greenhouses. It can germinate both in the ground and in a fenced place. When grown in warm conditions has a brighter rich taste. The variety is mid-season. Plants tall, reach a height of two meters. Fruits grow approximately the same size. Small, 70 g. The shape is slightly oblong. Up to 3.5 kg can be collected from a bush. Color can be different, from black to golden. The most common pink shade of the fruit. It is isolated as the most delicious fruit. Ripens in late period.
  4. Andromeda F1 - one of the famous hybrids. Bred for a perfectly flat round tomato. Ripens early. Plant height up to 70 cm. Planted at a distance of 40 to 70 cm from each other. High-yielding. It is possible to collect up to 10 kg per 1 m2. The fruits are scarlet, bright. Medium size, about 150 g. To taste sweet, juicy. Ideal for salads. Plants are resistant to major diseases. Well kept after collection. For the production has a positive trait - transportability. The presentation is not lost after shipping. Pleases gardeners with a long period of fruiting. The first ripening begins after 90 days from germination.
  5. Black Prince - fruits have a dark black, maroon color. To taste sweet, meaty, have a pleasant tomato flavor. Tomatoes are large, 300 g each. The variety is specially bred in China. Plants reach 2.5 meters. Mid-season. Distributed for growing in the middle lane. It has a large crop - up to 5 kg from one plant. Lack of varieties - a short shelf life. Does not like transportation.

Tasty and original to taste tomatoes are an additional food product. You can make salads from them, use them in hot dishes. Their bright taste and lasting aroma can diversify any recipe.

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