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Red Tomato Jam

interesting jam in a can

If you love culinary experiments and you like to surprise your loved ones and guests, then write yourself a recipe for red tomato jam in a notebook. This is really something new.

When you look at the photo, I would never have thought that it is a sweet piece. Tomato jam is very unusual and tasty. It is boiled with the addition of lemon, and this gives it a pleasant citrus note. This original delicacy can be eaten with tea, coffee, spread on rich products. From tomato jam everyone will be delighted: both children and adults. And when they learn the main secret of this culinary delight, they will be slightly shocked.

Ingredients for Tomato Jam:

  • tomatoes - 1500 g;
  • lemon - 1 pc .;
  • granulated sugar - 800 g


How to make red tomato jam

My lemon and remove a thin layer of zest. We do this carefully, so as not to take off the white skin with the peel, it gives bitterness. Now we squeeze out the juice (with pulp), extract the bones so that they do not get into the future jam.

lemon peel

Rinse the tomatoes and cut into random pieces.

tomatoes slices

Mix lemon juice with pulp and zest with sliced ​​tomatoes, and pour 800 grams of sugar here.

put the ingredients in the pan

We mix the future jam so that the sugar is evenly distributed.

cooking jam

We will cook the delicacy in three approaches:

1st stage - boil the jam and leave for half an hour;

boil down to the desired consistency

2nd stage - re-boil tomato jam and cool again;

3rd stage - boil tomato jam for half an hour on low heat. Stir periodically.

ready jam

We wash glass containers with baking soda and send them to sterilization in a convenient way for you. This can be done in a pair, in a microwave or oven. Covers boil a few minutes in the water. Pour the hot, fragrant jam into clean and dried jars. We cork with special covers. In the upturned and wrapped up form we leave our blanks to cool.

laid out on the banks

Sweet tomato jam is ready.

tomato jam for the winter

Experiment, because it is during the experiment that a true gastronomic masterpiece can be born.

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interesting jam in a caninteresting jam in a can

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