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Tomato "Pink Honey". Variety description

tomato pink honey variety description

In order not to miscalculate with this or that new type, or rather, we will again talk about tomatoes, we must still know in advance useful information about them. It is better to plant a brand new, but good and, most importantly, fruitful. Today, such a tomato is on the agenda. Tomato "Pink Honey" and the description of this variety, we will tell you, and you will definitely be impressed.

general information

Each summer resident dreams of a big and good harvest. You can get it at the expense of the number of tomatoes, but you can at the expense of their weight. After all, large-fruited tomatoes, even in small quantities, can feed the family at dinner, moreover, they are always tasty and sweet. Here is “Pink Honey” just such a big tomato. Well, the name also characterizes it well enough, we can immediately understand that tomatoes will be very sweet.

Speaking about the "Pink Honey" tomato and its description, it should be noted that the advantages of the variety are not only in its large fruits, but also in the fact that it is suitable for cultivation in all regions of our country, even in Siberia. Of course, in a cold climate, you need to grow tomatoes in a greenhouse. By the way, this variety is suitable for growing outside and in an enclosed space. It is brought in the State registry in 2006, it is removed by the Russian selectors. Tomatoes have many advantages, but there are some disadvantages. All this and not only further.

Tomato "Pink Honey". Description. Reviews and photos of the variety

  • Not a hybrid look. You can use the seeds for the next season, and the harvest will be good again.
  • It has an average ripening period of 110-120 days.
  • Determinant view.
  • Bushes can be as low - 60 cm, and high - up to one and a half meters. Usually the stem is larger in greenhouse conditions.
  • Props are needed for the bush itself and the branches so that they can keep their crops.
  • Formation in two stalks is required.
  • Disease resistance is average, and this can be attributed to minuses.
  • Also, the variety can react to the vagaries of the weather, but the drought is very calm.
  • The main plus is the weight of the tomatoes. It can reach up to 1.5 kg, the first harvest is always greater, the next tomatoes are usually 600-800 grams, which is also impressive.
  • High-yielding variety.
  • Tomato is appreciated for delicious, fragrant and very sweet tomatoes.
  • The number of cameras - 4 or more.
  • One brush can form from 3 to 10 fruits.
  • Minus varieties - is the cracking of the fruit.
  • The shape of the tomatoes is round, there is ribbing.
  • Tomatoes are great for sauces, dressings for soups, juices, adzhika, canned cutting. Of course, they are eaten and fresh.

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You can see the varieties of tomatoes "Pink Honey" photo in our article, according to reviews, tomatoes are so sweet and unusual, that the hostesses even make vegetable jam of them. You can freely grow this tomato in your area, but it is worth considering some subtleties about them further.

Agrotechnology. "Pink Honey"

As you already understood, a tomato can hurt. Therefore, it is important to process not only the seeds before sowing, but also to observe crop rotation and cleanliness of the soil, that is, to sterilize it. You can plant seeds in the second decade of March. Presowing treatment will consist in soaking the seeds in a solution of manganese. Further, you can use "Zircon" for additional immunity in the future, as well as stimulants such as "Wirtan-Micro", "Epin", "Immunocytophyte".

You can buy the soil for sowing in many stores, it is inexpensive and contains a complex of useful substances needed for seedlings.But the finished soil can be infected, so spill it before planting boiling water with manganese crystals. Then you can safely sow the seeds, pour them and cover with glass or film. When the seedlings appear 2-3 true leaves, you dive them into separate cups.

Transfer to a permanent place will be after all frosts - around the end of May - June. The soil on the plot again needs to be prepared in advance. Crop rotation is also important - you need to plant this variety after greens, herbs, radishes, cabbage, and cucumbers so that the tomatoes do not hurt. Also, the site is better to dig and boiling water. Landing scheme will be 40/50. On one meter about 4 bushes. Immediately prepare and support.

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In the hole before sowing add complex dressing, you can also sprinkle the soil with ashes, it will scare away the parasites. During the season, apply 3-4 times supplements, alternating mineral fertilizers with organic matter. To prevent diseases, you can spray the bushes "Oxyhom", "Fitosporin", "Ridomil" or just a weak solution of manganese.

Shrubs are formed into two stems, leaving the stepchild in the upper sinus, all the rest need to be removed about once every 7-10 days. Keep the area clean - weed and excess moisture - this is the breeding ground for bacteria and parasites. Otherwise, everything is simple and traditional - watering as needed, loosening the soil. At the time of fruit ripening, the bushes should always be in a moist and nutritious soil, but not wet. So, you can grow a pink honey tomato, and as in the photo, the yield is guaranteed.

Large tomatoes are always nice to collect on the beds. Grow them easy, most importantly, to know some subtleties.

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tomato pink honey variety descriptiontomato pink honey variety description

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