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Acrobat will help in the fight against late blight of tomatoes

black tomatoes

To combat the diseases of tomatoes - Alternaria, blight, it is recommended to use the drug of systemic action Acrobat MC. The application is indicated for prophylaxis, as well as for the treatment of tomatoes in the early stages of infection.

Characteristics of the drug

As part of the means - two main active ingredients:

  • mancozeb;
  • dimethomorph

The first component refers to the contact substances of the fungicidal activity, which slows the formation of fungal spores. Dimethomorph is a part of the group of systemic fungicidal drugs, it has specific activity against late blight fungi. Through this combination, it is possible to achieve the destruction of pathogens on the surface of plants, in tissues.

Acrobat MC is produced in granules, packing in packages, volumes:

  • 20 grams;
  • 1 kg;
  • 10 kg.

Treats drugs of the 2 class of danger, non-toxic to honey insects. At observance of dosages and work rules Acrobat MC is not dangerous for microorganisms and earthworms that live in the soil.


Fungicide is indicated to be used as prevention of late blight, alternariosis on tomatoes, as well as in the early stages of infection. In addition to tomatoes, Acrobat successfully used for processing potatoes, grapes, cucumbers, onions.

There is a local and systemic effects of the funds, the destruction of pathogens inside the plant tissues, externally (on the surface).

The drug cures the existing infection, blocks the formation of new spores and mycelium. Protection (subject to compliance with dosages and time of use) lasts up to 14-16 days. No resistance of pathogens to Acrobat MC was noted.

Advantages and disadvantages

The combination of two active ingredients in the right proportion provides a high result of applying Acrobat MC on tomatoes.


  • quick action (destruction of pathogens in a day);
  • the possibility of simultaneous prevention of infections, treatment of affected plants, blocking the emergence of new mycelium;
  • systemic effects (on the surface, inside the tissues);
  • effects on the mycelium that occurred in the summer and winter;
  • long, up to two weeks, the period of protection;
  • combination with other drugs, so Acrobat MC is used in tank mixtures;
  • There are no restrictions for use of the product near water bodies;
  • ease of use of the drug;
  • affordable price;
  • no toxicity for plants, animals, humans.

It is required to comply with the terms of treatment of plants with a preparation, maintaining the required number of days before harvesting.

The "advantages" include the ability to obtain environmentally friendly products, since the drug does not accumulate in the soil, it quickly decomposes in plant tissues. The addiction of pathogens to the drug is missing.

There were no obvious deficiencies in the Acrobat MC product.

Instructions for use of Acrobat MC

When the fungicide is dissolved in water, the processes of synthesis of new compounds are started, affecting the enzyme systems of pathogenic fungi. According to the instructions, the drug is diluted immediately before use:

  • take 5 liters of water;
  • add 20 grams of drug granules;
  • stir thoroughly until completely dissolved.

Tomatoes are sprayed over the leaves with the prepared solution.The volume of five liters is enough to handle landings on an area of ​​100 square meters.

Time of processing:

  • during prolonged rains, in wet weather, when there is a high risk of infection in greenhouses with tomatoes, they carry out preventive treatment;
  • after 14-16 days it is recommended to process the tomatoes again;
  • medicinal spraying is carried out when the symptoms of late blight appear on the tomatoes or potatoes growing near the greenhouse.

In tomatoes in a greenhouse, the time period for spraying results appears after about 4-5 days, for plants in the open air, the period stretches to 30-40 days. It should be noted that after the last spraying, no less than 30 days should pass before the fruit is picked.

Work carried out on a clear and windless day, trying to evenly spray tomatoes. When processing in rainy weather, efficiency is reduced, as the solution is quickly washed off the leaves of tomatoes.

Security measures when working with the drug

Despite the low class of toxicity, Acrobat MC is a chemical drug, when working with which compliance with safety rules is required.

  1. For the preparation of the working composition using a special dish (recommended non-metallic containers).
  2. When spraying, they wear protection: a respirator, goggles, overalls, wear gloves.
  3. Do not allow during treatments to the beds and greenhouses of small children, animals.
  4. After spraying the hands, the face is washed with soap.

Do not allow the ingress of funds on the skin, inside the human body. There is no antidote of the drug, therefore in case of an unforeseen situation it is required:

  • wash the skin with plenty of clean water;
  • control the condition of the skin in order to avoid allergies;
  • if ingested, drink plenty of water, take an adsorbent tablet (activated carbon) and immediately seek medical attention.

To store means it is required in places, inaccessible for children, animals.

On a note!

 Useful properties of the drug are maintained at temperatures up to + 32-35 degrees.

On the packaging of the drug Acrobat MC indicated expiration date. After use, and also after the expiration date of the product, empty packages or with the remains of granules are disposed of.

Proper and proper use of the drug Acrobat MC will avoid the appearance of dangerous infections in greenhouses with tomatoes, save the harvest, simplify the care of garden crops.

Reviews gardeners

Ivan, Moscow region

Every year in the greenhouse there is a problem with blight. On the market in the department, the seller advised Acrobat MC, decided to take. Sprayed tomatoes already affected by blight, although the instructions should be in the early stages. But the drug helped, firstly, the disease did not go further, and secondly, the tomatoes continued to knit the fruit. Sustained a month (sprayed at the end of July), in early September, all the fruits collected, there were red, and all greens were removed. There were no stains, they were stored for almost a month, until gradually they all rolled up in cans and ate in salads. Very pleased with the drug.


Irina, Vologda

Acrobat MC has read about the preparation against phytophthora in a garden newspaper. Praised him very much, so I decided to try. So I still barely found it on sale, so I recommend buying in advance. I sprayed potatoes, processed all the tomatoes, they grow on my street. Phytophtora was not, although, perhaps, the weather was not rainy. But before me, if the potatoes are normal, then the tomatoes will surely get sick, and here - all the beauties stood up to the very first cold and did not turn black.

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