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What to put in the hole when planting tomatoes in a greenhouse?

What to put in the hole when planting tomatoes

For full growth and development of tomatoes, potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus and other substances are necessary. When transplanting seedlings on the garden, it is important to take care of the necessary fertilizers in the soil. The soil should be dug over, and various supplements are placed in the wells. This is a pledge of good development of bushes and abundant fruiting.

Soil preparation

Planting tomatoTomato seedlings transplanted to the garden when set stable positive temperature. They dig up the soil beforehand to make it looser and enrich with oxygen.

The holes are dug 30 to 30 cm. The inner walls of each planting pit are loosened so that it is easier for the young bushes to take root. And also placed in the hole a variety of useful supplements.

What is added to the hole

As fertilizer of tomatoes when planting use organic or mineral dressing. Organic matter:

  • rotten manure;
  • bird droppings;
  • peat;
  • compost;
  • wood ash;
  • eggshell;
  • onion peels, etc.

Mineral Supplements:

  • ammonium nitrate;
  • superphosphate;
  • complex formulations.

Organic fertilizers when planting tomato seedlings

Organic supplements are rich in micro and macro elements that are required for plant development. These substances act gently and safely. But at the same time provide health bushes and high yield.


Apply cow and horse excrement. This is a very effective dressing. It is important that the manure is not fresh, but extinguished. Before use, it is kept from 4 months to 3 years. In each well when planting seedlings placed 50 g of substances. On top of the manure sprinkled with earth, so that the roots are not in contact with him. Then the landing pit is moistened with water.


Chicken droppingsFor tomatoes, use feces of chickens and pigeons. This is a concentrated dressing that is able to provide plants with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for the whole summer.

2 days before planting the seedlings, the wells are watered with a nutrient solution. 1.5 kg of litter is put on 10 liters of water. The composition should ferment 5-7 days. Then the resulting substance is diluted with water in a proportion of 200 ml of concentrate per bucket. 250 ml of the diluted solution is poured into each well. Then water the wells with ordinary water.


Peat contains a variety of organic residues. In addition, it is loose and makes the soil in the garden more breathable. It is easier to form and strengthen in the light, earth-filled land.

1-2 handfuls of peat are placed in each well and mixed with the rest of the soil. Low-moor peat is best for tomatoes.


Wood ash is rich in vitamins and microelements. At the bottom of the pit under the seedlings placed 1-2 tablespoons of ash and mix it with the ground. In addition to feeding the bushes, ash disinfects the soil.

Onion Husk

Especially useful onion scales in the prevention of pests. It also disinfects the earth, and rotting enriches it with nutrients. In each well placed 1 handful of dry peel.


The shells are thoroughly washed, dried and thoroughly pounded. At the bottom of the hole is enough to place 1-2 teaspoons of the resulting powder. The shell supplies the tomatoes with calcium and magnesium carbonate.


Yeast stimulates growth and helps plants adapt more easily after transplantation. 10 g of dry matter diluted in a bucket of water and insist 24 hours. A glass of infusion is placed in each well. You can also combine yeast dressing with ash and eggshell.

Mineral fertilizers when planting tomato seedlings

Mineral dressings are used less frequently than organic.

Ammonium nitrate

If you use the drug in granules, for each tomato scrub pour 1 tablespoon. It is important to remember that in ammonium nitrate a lot of nitrogen, which stimulates the growth of leaf mass.


Helps accelerate the formation of the plant and its root system. In each hole place 1 tablespoon of the substance in the granules.

Complex formulations

On the shelves of stores there are a variety of fertilizers from different manufacturers. Apply complex compositions according to the instructions.


When planting seedlings in the garden, nutrients are placed in each well. Each gardener chooses to make organic or mineral compounds. Need to focus on the composition of the soil and the variety of tomatoes. Before planting seedlings, the hole must be watered with clean water.

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What to put in the hole when planting tomatoesWhat to put in the hole when planting tomatoes

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