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High-yielding hybrid of the Dutch selection "Tolstoy F1"

In order to get a crop of tomatoes, gardeners planted seedlings, follow the methods of agricultural engineering, carefully refer to the choice of variety. And so with all cultures. In order for you to understand which tomato will grow better and produce a crop, and which will not, you need to know the varietal characteristics. If you stopped on a sort of tomato "Tolstoy F1" you will definitely get acquainted with reviews, photos, and yield. Today we will introduce you to this variety.

General information about the variety

This variety is a hybrid. And hybrids have become very popular in recent years, as they always have high rates in one way or another. Gardeners are looking for the best varieties that will save them from a lot of unnecessary things, they will not get sick, while the return in yield will be high. There are a lot of varieties with such indicators, and here “Tolstoy” is one of them. He is very appreciated by summer residents, the varietal characteristics, which we describe to you below, will prove that gardeners' love is justified.

With regards to the homeland of this tomato, then he was taken from us. Breeders wanted to bring a universal tomato that will grow in different conditions of our rich country. In this case, the crop that the variety gave and the greenhouse, and in the greenhouse, and in the open field. You can congratulate our breeders, because they have achieved all this in a tomato "Tolstoy."

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variety of tomato thick photo and descriptionCharacteristics and description of the variety

  • The tomato belongs to hybrids of the first generation.
  • Unpretentious and does not require special techniques of agrotechnology, it can also grow on different types of soil both in greenhouse and greenhouse conditions, and in the open field.
  • Variety is a determinant species. Its height can reach up to one and a half meters. But at the same time the bush itself looks quite compact.
  • Stems can not tie up, the bush grows quite compactly and does not form a lot of green mass. Also does not require variety and pasynkovaniya. All this facilitates the cultivation process, saves time and effort. In addition, the less greenery on the bushes, the faster the crop can ripen, and the less moisture is produced and, as a consequence, the pathogenic environment of microorganisms.
  • Variety refers to tomatoes with medium early ripening. So, you can collect the first fruits about 100-110 days after sowing.
  • Productivity varieties high. One bush can produce more than three kilograms of fruit. They have a sweet taste, tomato flavor. Tomatoes are juicy, fleshy, tasty.
  • "Tolstoy" tolerates weather adversity. It can grow at low summer temperatures and still show good results.
  • The variety is highly resistant to the most common diseases of tomatoes.

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  • Tomatoes variety forms of medium size. Their weight is on average 300 grams. Experienced gardeners note that during the first harvest the fruits are usually larger and reach a weight of half a kilogram.
  • The skin color is scarlet, there are small edges on the surface. The shape of the fruit is round and slightly oblate.
  • The universal purpose of the variety allows you to cook from it pasta, juice, canned whole and eat fresh. It is also noted that these fruits contain many useful substances and are well suited for feeding young children.

Here he is such a sort of tomato "Tolstoy" Photo and description of how to plant it, you can see further.The process is quite simple, because you can grow seedlings from seed yourself. In addition, its seedlings are always better than the purchase. Of course, if she was planted properly and carefully looked after. Buying seedlings on the market does not always give the desired result, since the seedlings may be of a different kind, may be sick, sickly.

Video review of a hybrid of tomatoes "Tolstoy F1"

Tips for the care of tomatoes "Tolstoy"

tolstoiPlanting seeds carried out in March on the days of the lunar calendar. Planting days are different each year. The phases of the moon affect greatly the future harvest. Purchased seeds must be treated for diseases. To do this, they are placed in potassium permanganate in a weak solution or there is another way - it is heated up to 40 degrees of hydrogen peroxide, and then immerse the seed for a few minutes.

To increase the germination rate, first, buy seeds that are not older than a year. Secondly, soak them in preparations such as Immunocytophyte or Epin. Proceed as recommended on the package.

Next, prepare the tank for landing. It can be handy boxes made of cardboard, plastic or purchased containers. It is best to use pots of peat. They are planted in a nutrient soil seeds. Dive seedlings do not need and plant in the wells in the open field, you can, along with pots.

Landing is made when daytime temperatures have become more than 15 degrees, and the threat of frost has passed. The soil should be nutritious and loose. To do this, pour sand into each well. Sour earth sprinkled with lime.

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The holes are made so that the roots fit and feel comfortable in them. The distance should be 35-50 cm. You can no longer do, because we have already said the bushes do not form a lot of greenery.

Care will include watering, loosening and removing weeds; no need for a straw arrow. Top-dressings can be applied using urea, chicken manure, manure. You can buy ready-made drugs. During the season it will take 2-4 times to fertilize depending on how fertile the soil is in your area. Unripe and ripe fruit can be collected at the same time. Green tomatoes quickly reach home.

That's all you need to do to get the harvest from the tomato "Tolstoy." The variety is good, and we can recommend it to you.

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