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Houseplants for happiness and good luck

Not many people know that some plants that grow at home can not only bring good luck, but also make their owner happier and richer. Therefore, when planning to start a plant at home, be sure to take into account all the nuances, ask what popular wisdom says about this.

Agarum (aloe)

The healing properties of agave or aloe have been known for a long time. But not only they made this plant so popular. Even our great-grandmothers knew that aloe is able to protect a house and its inhabitants from evil eyes, bad influences and misfortunes. That is why agave grew in almost every home.

The juice of this plant is used in various fields, but it is most active in cosmetology and traditional medicine. He is able to relieve pain, help heal wounds and perfectly disinfects.

Women's happiness (spathiphyllum)

The plant got its name for a reason. The fact is that it is capable of changing the life of a single woman for the better, will attract male attention to her and help her meet true love. If a woman or a girl who is already married or in relationship has a flower, the green friend will protect from quarrels, relieve from omissions and completely harmonize relations.

First of all ingrowing spathiphyllum worth doing single women.

Male happiness (anthurium)

If a man has problems in relationships with the opposite sex, he is advised to start an anthurium - a flower known as Male happiness. In this case, it is recommended to put it in the bedroom. The plant is very beautiful, besides it has a positive effect on the potency, making its owner more sensual. And the flower will help to find a soul mate.

It is necessary to take into account the capriciousness of male happiness - it does not like when it comes to direct sunlight, likes when it is often sprayed and grows especially well where humidity is elevated.

Being engaged in cultivation, it is necessary to be careful - the anthurium is poisonous.

Chinese rose

Another flower that is especially suitable for unmarried ladies who lack attention and love from men. Excellent Chinese rose works in tandem with feminine happiness, because they have similar qualities and properties.

Having got this eastern sorceress in the house, you will soon attract men to you, among them will be the one and only.

If you plant a flower in a house where the family already lives, he will give peace to the household. And also the Chinese rose is a symbol of real passion.


Mirth is the best gift for the newlyweds, because it helps to strengthen family relations, ensures mutual understanding between spouses, gives not only happiness, but also real peace.

This plant is a true keeper of love and peace. In some countries, there is even a rite of adornment myrtle twigs bridal outfit. Translated from the Greek "myrtle" means "balm." It is enough to rub the leaf with your fingers to feel the pleasant aroma of the essential oil.It is actively used by cosmetologists, helps to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. Myrtle, planted in the house, contributes to the disinfection of the room, fills it with fresh and unique aroma.

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