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When to remove tomatoes from the greenhouse, to quickly ripen at home

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There are no clear deadlines for harvesting, because the climate in each region is different, and summer is rainy and cold. If the nights were cold, and green tomatoes still remained on the bushes, they are best removed so that they do not freeze and start to deteriorate. Dospeyut tomatoes already at home.

When to remove tomatoes for ripening?

Early ripening varieties are not harvested for ripening, they ripen even before the start of frost and late blight outbreaks. At the stage of technical maturity, mid-season and late-ripening varieties are harvested. In the south of the country, tomatoes have time to ripen on the bushes, in the middle regions of the country, the harvest usually falls in August. In the northern regions, summer begins later, so the fruits are removed around mid-September. When growing tomatoes in open ground, they should be harvested if the daytime temperature has dropped below ten degrees Celsius or at the first threats of night frost.

Sometimes, even in warm weather, there is a need to harvest earlier than it ripens, and the reason for this is fungal diseases. In this case, all fruits that have reached the technical maturity, are subject to collection.


Tomatoes with signs of disease are discarded, processed or stored separately from healthy fruits.

When removing from the bush you need to consider that not all specimens are able to ripen at home. Gather tomatoes if they:

  • reached the standard for the grade size;
  • the seeds in the fruit were formed and ripened;
  • the color of the fruit is white;

Conditions for ripening

There are several ways of ripening tomatoes, each gardener can choose any suitable one.

Ripening on the bushes

If some fruits have not yet reached the stage of technical maturity, and it is already cold outside, you can dig up bushes and hang them up roots in a dry, warm, well-ventilated room. In this case, the fruits will not only ripen, but grow. You can also dig up bushes and transplant them into large pots or buckets and transfer them to a warm well-lit room.

Long ripening

If desired, eat vegetables until the new year, they are torn down and placed in a cool room, stored at a temperature of +12 to + 15 degrees Celsius, and the humidity should not exceed 70 percent. Fruits neatly put in boxes in several layers, each shift sawdust. Top tomatoes covered with a cloth. Periodically, the crop is reviewed, ripened fruits are removed in the refrigerator.

Traditional way

If a small amount of tomatoes are harvested, cleaned of dirt and placed on a sunny place, for example, on a windowsill. The recommended room temperature is +25 +28 degrees. Will ripen the harvest during the week.

You can also put the tomatoes in boxes and store at room temperature, with the ripening period a little stretch.


With green tomatoes must always lie red.

What affects ripening?

The ripening of fruits is primarily affected by the temperature in the room, the higher it is, the faster they will ripen, so if you want to eat tomatoes until winter, then the temperature in the room should be no more than 18 degrees.To reduce the time of ripening, the harvest is stored at room temperature.

An important factor is the humidity of the air, it should not exceed 50%, otherwise the tomatoes will start to rot. Pigmentation is manifested due to lighting, most quickly the tomatoes ripen on the sunny windowsill.

Useful tips

  1. If late blight occurs, the collected fruits should be put into hot water at a temperature of sixty degrees for 1-2 minutes and then wiped dry. The procedure will destroy the spores of the fungus on the surface.
  2. At temperatures below 60 Celsius, the taste of tomatoes is lost.
  3. When ripening, ripened tomatoes are regularly harvested, leaving several ripe fruits.
  4. To make tomatoes ripen faster outside the bush, they put bananas or red apples next to them, they release a substance that affects ripening.
  5. Diseased affected specimens should be processed immediately;
  6. It is not recommended to store tomatoes near other vegetables.

What not to do when ripe?

In order for the harvest to be fully matured and not spoiled it is strictly prohibited:

  • keep healthy fruits with infected;
  • wash the collected tomatoes, water can cause rotting;
  • tomatoes infected with fungal diseases are immersed in hot water, stored separately from the rest;
  • Store in a cold place with high humidity.


Many gardeners reap tomatoes at home, because the fruits do not always have time to ripen on the bushes. They are also removed in order for the rest of the fruits to be fully formed. And sometimes plants infect fungal diseases, and in order not to lose a crop, it is better to harvest fruits at the stage of technical maturity. The main thing is to follow the advice and recommendations on the harvest and storage of the crop.

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woman cuts tomatowoman cuts tomato

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