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Yeast dressing for lush geranium flowering


In winter, indoor pelargoniums almost stop growing. The reason for this is the short light day and the deficiency of trace elements in the soil. To support the vitality of the plant, growers use top dressings. But it is not necessary to use expensive chemical fertilizers for this. A good result gives fertilizing, prepared on the basis of conventional Baker's yeast.

The benefits and harm of yeast dressings

Yeast is a fungal unicellular structure. Nutrient medium for the fungal colonies are the places containing organic compounds in abundance. The soil in which indoor geranium and other flowers are grown is a medium containing just such compounds. It contains the waste products of insects, plant residues.

The composition of the yeast includes a lot of protein, mineral salts, amino acids, including essential. Due to this composition, the yeast can be used as a fertilizer for different plants.

The beneficial effect of yeast feeding is as follows:

  • growth is activated;
  • there is a strengthening of the root system;
  • the aerial part of the plant develops;
  • the flowering period is prolonged;
  • plants grow well even with a short light day and lack of light;
  • vital activity of bacteria that saturate the soil with nitrogen is activated;
  • improves the chemical composition of the soil.

Top-dressings based on yeast are not fully fertilized. Such agents act as growth promoters. Therefore, it is useful to use them for supplying the room geranium with useful substances and successful rooting of cuttings during breeding.


The inept use of yeast-based feed can harm the plant. For their development, yeast takes potassium and calcium from the soil, which plants need. Therefore, it is not necessary to abuse top dressings based on them, and to fill the deficit of useful elements, periodically add wood ash to the ground.

Yeast Feeding Recipes

For the preparation of yeast infusion will need water. It is better if it is soft and settled, without traces of chlorine. You can take a spring or rain. If there is no time to defend the liquid, you can skip it through a household filter. A mandatory component of the solution is wood ash. It helps to compensate for the deficit of potassium and calcium, which occurs during the vital activity of fungi and the active processing of organic matter.

To create a nutrient medium for the yeast during fermentation, sugar is added to the water. The yeast itself must be culinary. For the recipe fit different types: dry or raw. The only difference is in the quantity of the product.

The solution for feeding is prepared in two stages. First, make a concentrate, dissolving the yeast in water and waiting for the start of fermentation. The working solution is prepared right before entering into the soil.

Raw Yeast Feeding Recipe


  • 3 liters of water;
  • 100 grams of sugar;
  • 100 g of raw yeast;
  • 1 cup wood ash.

How to cook:

In a large saucepan or five-liter jar mixed all the ingredients. Leave the container in a warm and dark place for four hours. It is important to prevent direct exposure to ultraviolet light on the yeast solution. The container is not tightly closed so that air can flow inward for fermentation. Before use, the finished concentrate is diluted by adding to 1 part of the prepared solution 40 parts of water, heated to a temperature of +35 degrees.

Preparation of top dressing from dry granulated yeast

Nutrient solution based on dry yeast is prepared according to the same principle. All components remain the same. The amount of dry yeast granules is reduced to 30 g. The time of fermentation is also reduced by 1 hour.

Do not store the prepared solution for a long time. The activity of fungi is noticeably reduced the next day. Therefore, it is better to prepare the solution right on the day the feeding is made. It should take into account the number of plants and the volume of flower pots. For room geraniums it will be appropriate to prepare a small amount of top dressing. Therefore, the number of ingredients, if necessary, is proportionally reduced.

Yeast Sourdough Recipe

For a change, you can periodically replace the dressing, prepared according to the classic recipe, with a special starter. It is suitable for strengthening seedlings geraniums.


  • stale black bread with no traces of mold;
  • 10 g dry granulated yeast;
  • 200 ml of sour milk;
  • 100 g wood ash;
  • warm water.

How to cook:

The bread is cut in small pieces and placed in a bucket, filling it in half. You can use bread crusts instead of a whole loaf. Enter the remaining components and pour warm water so that it covers the contents of the bucket. From above tie a capacity gauze and leave in a warm place for 7 days. Periodically, the mass in the bucket is mixed. Before use, the resulting dressing is diluted in half with warm water.

Other Yeast Uses

Mushroom-based solutions can be used to protect the room geranium from phytophthora. To do this, dissolve 10 g of raw yeast in 1 l of water and leave for 2 hours. Then dilute the concentrate in half with warm water and spray the plants. The first time the treatment is carried out after planting a young geranium in a permanent pot. Then spend a few more spraying every 2 weeks, until the formation of buds.

You can use a yeast solution for soaking the seeds. Such treatment before planting stimulates germination. To prepare the solution in 500 ml of warm water stir 20 g of raw yeast and leave for 2 hours. Then in solution moisten gauze or other suitable natural fabric. The seed is wrapped in it and placed in a plastic bag. It makes several holes, left in a warm room. A few days later the seeds swell. Then they can be sown.

Top dressing rules

For the development of yeast fungi need a warm environment. Therefore, to dilute the solutions, the water is preheated to a temperature of +35 degrees. Processing of geranium is also desirable to carry out in a warm room. Otherwise, the procedure will not be effective.


To avoid burns of the roots, it is recommended to pour the plant with warm water before applying the top dressing. Spraying of plants should be performed in the evening or in the morning when there is no active sun. Otherwise burns are also possible on the foliage.

Do not use yeast solutions too often. It is enough to process the plant 1 time in February, and then repeat the procedure after 3 weeks. If spraying leaves is used, spend 4 feeding with an interval of 2 weeks.

Room geranium fertilizer by yeast is a simple and convenient way to strengthen plants. It gives an impetus to good root development and allows you to get a long flowering.

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