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The original use of the grid for fruit in everyday life


To solve the problem with the disposal of garbage and get a useful fixture will help the original use of the grid for fruits and vegetables in everyday life. Durable polymeric material can be used for various purposes - washing dishes, body care, cleaning vegetables, creating crafts. It will take only your imagination and a little time.

Elastic fruit nets

Fruit packs tend to stretch. The products are made of polymer fibers, which are made in a long elastic cylinder using special equipment. In mesh packaging, the fruits do not rot, ventilate, retain their shape.

The material is characterized by:

  • strength;
  • pollution resistance;
  • ability to withstand mechanical stress;
  • lack of reaction to organic and chemical substances.

From the fruit nets you can make various accessories for the household, which will make household chores easier, decorate the interior, and help you organize your life.

Sponge for washing dishes

A device for scrubbing from plates, pots, pans of food residue and fat will facilitate washing dishes and make the process more efficient. To make a reinforced washcloth, follow the algorithm:

  • wash the elastic container with soap and hot water, dry it;
  • put a regular sponge inside the mesh cylinder;
  • cut the edges so that the sides of the sponge can be closed with a net;
  • Sew a piece of sponge with a reinforced thread or line on the side, grabbing only cellular edges.

Pick up the porous foam sponge in size with a mesh. Mesh material should not be too tight or too loose.

Hard sponge ribs with cells easily scrape off the fat, food from the dishes. Foam rubber located inside the fixture will make it possible to use detergent economically.

Bast for skin care

You can make a homemade washcloth for exfoliating dead skin cells from several grids from under the fruit or combine foam rubber and elastic mesh material. For the manufacture of devices for washing the body you need a rope, needle, reinforced thread or fishing line.

Choose one of the options for making a homemade washcloth:

  • collect several grids from under the fruit, remove labels and knots of stickers from them. Cut the packaging on one side to form a rectangular elastic web. Put some pieces on top of one another. Secure the thread on the bottom mesh layer in the middle. Sew the blank several times through all the rectangles. Wrap the rope around the washcloth and make a loop;
  • Take a fruit net pack with a length of at least 25 cm and a stretched width of at least 15 cm. Insert a foam sponge into the workpiece. Sew mesh edges on the sides. Make a loop from the rope and sew it to a homemade washcloth.

The mesh material gently and simultaneously effectively removes the old epithelium from wet skin. You can scrub your body once a week with this device.

Scraper for cleaning vegetables

Dirty vegetables, on the surface of which there is a raid from the ground or other pollutants are easy to clean with a net of fruit. Contaminate particles are quickly eliminated by the use of an elastic polymer.

To clean the vegetables, use the recommendations:

  • take the usual mesh packaging;
  • in warm water with a light touch process fruits;
  • rinse the vegetables;
  • wash the homemade scraper with soap and water.

Thin strands of packaging containers from under the fruit can get into the grooves on the peel and remove dirt from them. Cellular device you quickly clean the potatoes, carrots, beets and other contaminated roots. Dry the scraper after use.

Crafts and accessories

It is possible to make a variety of useful devices from an elastic mesh material that will find practical application in everyday life, interior decoration, and handicraft decoration. From the packaging net from the fruit can be made:

  • needle bed. Take a narrow package of bright color. Inside, put the rolled material or foam. Cut the edges and stitch them;
  • string bag for bulbs. Save the onion harvest and flower onions will help their content in the net material;
  • gift wrapping. Put the mesh material on top of the wrapping paper on the gift and give it the shape of a bow, candy, elegant layer with beads and flowers sewn to the cells;
  • brooches. You can make different brooches in the form of flowers, insects from multi-colored nets. Give the material the desired shape and sew the appropriate color thread;
  • jewelry on the bottle. From the mesh material you can make a beautiful frill on the glass container for a festive table. Cut the packaging to get the tape. Sew elastic packaging on the gum.

The elastic container from under the fruit does not tear for a long time, keeps its properties, is easy to clean. You can apply it in different areas of the economy.

Large mesh from vegetables

Large mesh bags from vegetables should not be thrown away. In them you can store vegetables, transport things, objects. Packages of 5 and 10 kg are made of bright polymer fibers, which are characterized by high strength. Use this material to create useful things.

From large vegetable nets you can make:

  • decorative pillowcases. Cut the seams on the package, unfold the cellular material and sew multi-colored covers for sofa cushions;
  • laundry basket. Make a wire frame that simulates a cylinder. Stretch the mesh fabric over the skeleton, sew the edges, providing tension to the product;
  • bag under the toys. In a honeycomb bag, place the wire bent in a circle or rectangle. Arrange such blanks over the entire billet in order to shape the packaging of a cylinder or an oblong box. On one of the sides, make a hole where the child can remove his toys.

Mesh packaging from under the vegetables and fruits can be useful in the economy. Give a second life elastic bags, showing imagination. You can make convenient sponges for washing dishes, beautiful decor for gifts, containers for storage and transportation from fruit and vegetable nets.

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