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My best dressings for lush geranium blooms

Geranium - flowering plant, which can be found in almost every lover of indoor flowers. However, budding will not occur if the ornamental culture is deficient in nutrients. Therefore, every florist should know the most effective and proven dressing that is necessary for abundant flowering plants in the home.

When geraniums need dressing

Since the supply of nutrients in the soil is rather poor, all flowering ornamental crops need additional feeding. It is precisely the time that the fertilizer is applied that will help ensure the abundant and long flowering of the geranium.

During the period of active growing season, which falls on the spring-summer period, the flower needs to be fed 2 times a month.

In the autumn, the plant is not recommended to fertilize more often than once every 30 days. But in the cold season it is better to stop feeding the geranium and give it time to rest.

Iodine and peroxide

A water-based solution with the addition of iodine and peroxide stimulates well the budding of the plant. To prepare a nutrient solution, you must take:

  • water (separated) - 1 l;
  • hydrogen peroxide, 1-2 ml;
  • iodine - 1 drop.

The resulting liquid must moisten the edges of the earthy coma so that fertilizing does not get on the root system and the leaves of the flower. For 1 copy, 50 ml of this solution is sufficient. It is recommended to use this fertilizer once every 22 days from May to September.

Boric acid

Boric acid solution can increase the number of buds several times and prolong the flowering period. For its preparation, it is enough to dissolve 0.5 g of boric acid powder in a small amount of very warm water so that the crystals can dissolve. After the resulting concentrated mixture is diluted with another 1 liter of water.

Experts do not recommend fertilizing plants with boric acid more than 2 times per season, because with its frequent use the flower can get burned.


Top dressing with yeast accelerates the development of buds and contributes to longer flowering. This is due to the fact that, entering the soil, the yeast begins to stimulate the production of potassium and nitrogen. Nutrient liquid is prepared in a ratio of 10 g of dry yeast per 10 liters of water. Adding a small amount of sugar to the solution will enhance the beneficial properties of the yeast. It is also possible to fertilize a flower with a fresh product, it is enough to dissolve 100 g of it in a bucket of water and let it stand for a day.

Make a useful solution recommended in the spring before the beginning of active flowering, no more than 1 time per month. But in the summer, when the culture is actively flowering, it is better to give preference to fertilizer with a minimum amount of nitrogen.

For a geranium to enjoy its lush and bright flowering for a long time, it must be regularly supplied with nutrients. As a fertilizer, you can use both ready-made feedings and those prepared with your own hands.Many growers prefer the latter, due to their effectiveness.

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