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How to "reanimate" indoor flowers with aspirin?

How to Reanimate Indoor Aspirin Flowers

Changes in the appearance of a houseplant signal problems that have arisen related to infection, pests, and lack of nutrients. Analysis of changes will help to choose a method of treatment. Sometimes it is enough to feed and strengthen the immune system. Acetylsalicylic acid, a drug known to everyone as "aspirin", can help. It must be applied with the observance of dosage in order to bring benefit, not harm.

Aspirin - plant benefits

The effect of aspirin is based on the components that make up it. The basis of the drug is acetylsalicylic acid, which improves immunity and saturates the plant with vitamin C, which increases resistance to infections, pest damage, promotes the rapid rooting of cuttings, seed germination, and stimulates flowering.

In a situation when the plant has suffered stress (transplantation, change of place, treatment), it in itself releases acetylsalicylic acid in small quantities, which serves as protection during this period. Artificial acid application restores its balance in plant tissues.

On a note!

Studies on the effects of aspirin on plant organisms were conducted on garden crops. The results showed that it can be used for indoor plants.


The use of the drug is not always justified - they need to be used reasonably and only after setting the "diagnosis". Sometimes, aspirin alone is enough for treatment, and in some cases (infections, pests) a combination with other drugs is necessary.

When to apply

Not all the problems of the indoor flower can be solved with aspirin - in serious situations an integrated approach is necessary. The effect is observed in the following cases:

  • when dropping leaves;
  • not strong enough to set the buds;
  • there are changes in appearance (pale color of flowers and leaves, stem thin, light-colored spots on the leaf plate);
  • after treatment for infection, with adaptation after transplantation;
  • prevention of fungal infections;
  • seed treatment before sowing, cuttings - before rooting;
  • immunity support during the cold season;
  • prolongs the life of flowers in the cut.

How to apply

To prepare the solution, you need ordinary tablets from a pharmacy, separated, filtered or boiled water at room temperature. You can add dressing by spraying (foliar dressing) or watering under the root. Spraying is best done in the evening or early in the morning.


Use the drug frequently and can not exceed the dosage - excess acid can lead to the death of the plant.

Methods of use:

  • during the growing season, every 20 days, spray the aerial part - grind 1 tablet + 1 l;
  • treatment of the cutting (seed) before planting - lower the cut into a glass with distilled water, where the acid tablet is dissolved, soak the seeds for 20-30 minutes for a few minutes;
  • one tablet dissolved in a vase of flowers will help to keep their decorative effect longer;
  • spraying a solution of a stronger concentration (2 tablets + 1 l) helps to restore soil after flooding, freezing leaves in winter, treatment with fungicides, insecticides, and stimulates the formation of buds;
  • extra root (basal) top dressing (1 tablet + 0.5 l) once a month will improve the color of the leaves, prolong the flowering period.

The maximum benefit to the plant aspirin will bring only with proper preparation and time spent feeding. Overdose and frequent use will lead to the opposite result.

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How to Reanimate Indoor Aspirin FlowersHow to Reanimate Indoor Aspirin Flowers

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