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Treatment of tomato fusarium wilt

fusarium wilt tomatoes treatment folk remedies

Everyone can grow tomatoes; there is nothing difficult in this, the problems are often in diseases, pests. We will examine today an unpleasant and dangerous affliction that can destroy all the planting of tomatoes, leaving no opportunity to harvest. Act quickly and efficiently. Let's talk about fusarium wilting of tomatoes, about the treatment of folk remedies and not only.

Signs of disease

  • The leaves begin to change color. Appears yellow, light green.
  • The veins along the whole leaf also change their color to more faded.
  • Deformation and twisting of the aerial parts;
  • The dying off of the leaves, which most often starts from the bottom and spreads all over the bush.
  • White raid after rains near the root system and on the roots themselves.

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Cause all these negative manifestations of fungi, which develop very quickly. Spores enter the soil through diseased seeds or can infect plants when there is damage on the roots, which often occurs during the transfer of seedlings to the ground to a permanent place.

Causes of illness

Fungi are very fond of wet weather and warm. If at first it rained, with many days, after which the heat came, then this is an ideal environment for the development of pathogenic flora. In addition, there are additional provoking signs:

  • bushes were planted too close to each other;
  • there are many weeds in the area, which create obstacles for drying out the soil;
  • a large number of chemical dressings;
  • nearby groundwater;
  • little sun;
  • drying up the roots.


For information!

Those tomatoes that are grown in the greenhouse, often suffer from fungal diseases. It is also worth noting that fusarium is confused with the bacterial wilting of tomatoes, but it is often asymptomatic, and the causative agents are bacteria and not fungi.


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What to do if tomatoes started to hurt?

Severe defeat

If you notice too late that the bushes are sluggish and change their color, then, unfortunately, time is lost. It is too late to fight a clearly progressive disease. You must remove all diseased plants as a matter of urgency, and treat them in the soil in a greenhouse or on an open-air plot. It is not enough to simply remove all the tomatoes, since we said that the spores remain in the soil and affect the root system. Next year the negative experience will repeat, therefore it will be necessary to take measures.

Sick tops need to burn away from your garden. Dig a plot, shed boiling water with manganese crystals. Repeat the same treatment in the spring before planting. The greenhouse must be processed from ceilings, walls to the ground. You can also dig up the soil with ash or use ash solution, you can buy various kinds of fungicides.

Onset of the disease

If you noticed at the first stage that 1-2 bushes began to differ from all other planted plants, then take urgent measures. It is advisable to remove these bushes. And others process the drug "Trichodermin." It is poured at the root of half a liter, also used for prophylaxis, so take notes. With it you can also dig up the soil, preparing the site in the winter and spring before planting. You can use the drug for spraying.

You should also monitor the soil moisture - it should be optimal, not wet. Always loosen the plot, inspect the tomatoes, remove weeds, pour the soil with ash. In order not to introduce new diseases, remove the stepchildren, and treat the cut points. It is better to use a pruner to remove stepsons, always disinfect it, or use rubber gloves for the procedure. Even for prophylaxis, you can use spraying with a weak solution of manganese, it will not bring harm and it will well help your plantings not to get sick not only with fusarium, but also with other diseases.


For information!

If your tomatoes are constantly dying from fuzariosis, then the seeds can be treated with drugs "Benazole" or "Fundazole." They are quite strong, chemical, but, of course, not very useful for soil and health. Can be used for the treatment of roots safe "Fitosporin M". Also biological preparations "Pseudobacterin 2", "Batsikol", "Trichodermin".


How to treat fusarium wilting tomatoes can still? Of course, folk methods. They are used both in complex and for prophylaxis. But do not rely on them alone, when there is already a strong defeat of the bushes and fruits.

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Folk methods

  • A third of a bar of laundry soap is rubbed on a grater, diluted in a liter of warm milk, and 25 grams of iodine is dropped here. Then spend spraying every 2-5 days, until the disease does not recede. But be sure to do the procedure in the evening or early in the morning, while there is no heat.
  • In a liter of water squeeze 1-1.5 heads of garlic. The infusion costs 24 hours, after which water is added, so that the volume is a bucket, used for spraying.
  • Spoon of grated soap, a glass of ash diluted in two liters of water and sprayed the bushes 2 times a week.
  • They collect a bucket of water and pour onion husks into it, boil for half an hour.
  • Make the solution in a ratio of 1: 7 whey and water. Serum need a little warm. Used for spraying.

These folk treatment options are suitable for the treatment of many tomato diseases. They are safe, chemicals do not accumulate in the fruit, which will be safe for the health of your and your family.

These are the methods and prevention you can use to cope with the disease. The main thing is to do everything quickly and on time.

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