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On the advantages and disadvantages of a hybrid of tomato "Mazarin F1"


One of the kings in our beds is a tomato. There are many varieties and hybrids, how not to get confused in the choice, because you need to know at least something about this or that. Here we will help you with this. Read today's topic, tomato "Mazarin", reviews about it, see photos, those who planted.

general description

2Tomato "Mazarin" - this is one of those hybrids, about which we can say the best of the best. Breeders worked on it for more than one year, and the result satisfied everyone. Not only does Mazarin produce large fruits weighing more than 600 grams, they also have excellent taste. All this is due to the fact that breeders cleaned and improved their hybrid, which made it possible to get such a tomato. The birthplace of this hybrid is Russia.

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Also it is necessary to immediately say about the views of summer residents. "Mazarin" - this is one of the favorites, it is grown on small plots and for sale by entire plantations. Well, it's time to move on to a more detailed acquaintance.

Video review of tomatoes "Mazarin"

Characteristic and description

For a start it is worth noting that this hybrid is very common throughout our country. Often it is compared in popularity with the varieties of tomatoes "Sanka" and "Pink Honey".

  • Tomatoes "Mazarin" are hybrids with medium and at the same time early ripening. The first harvest after sowing seeds receive in 110-115 days.
  • The taste and aroma of the fruit is excellent. Because of them you can cook delicious summer salads, make juices and sauces. You can also tomatoes and canned.
  • "Mazarin" has a tall bush, which can grow up to 190 cm. Such a height will be in the greenhouse condition, there will be less bush on the street.
  • It is a determinant variety.
  • The brush that first forms the crop is located above the eighth or ninth leaf. One brush gives up to 6 ripe tomatoes.

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  • Of course, one of the main advantages of this tomato is its large fruits. The mass of tomatoes on the first brushes can reach 800 grams or more. On all other 500-600 grams.
  • It is worth noting the fact that Mazarini gives the best yields in greenhouse conditions and in the southern regions. In the middle band and in the north, this tomato is better not to grow in the open field, as it cannot always have time to ripen if the summer is not very warm.
  • Hybrid forms stepchildren, which must be removed. For high yields the bush is formed into one stem. It looks like a tall stalk, on which there are four or five brushes with large fruits.
  • If the hybrid is high, then, of course, it must be tied up.
  • "Mazarin" loves moisture, especially during the formation of the fruit. Consider this when caring for plantings.
  • The hybrid is unpretentious in terms of growing seedlings and in the future care does not require special methods of farming.
  • Characteristics of tomato "Mazarin" can not be complete without information about disease resistance. Manufacturers do not give specific guarantees, but according to the dacha residents, the culture is sick very little. But it is still better to observe to eliminate the risk.


If you want to buy Mazarini seeds, then there is information that few companies produce them, but the most popular ones are Aelita and Biotechnology. They have proven themselves.

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It is up to you to buy this hybrid or not, but it has been proven by experience that this tomato is worthy of growing in your garden.

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