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To garden barrels of water do not crack in the winter, you need to resort to tricks

water in the barrel in winter

For watering the garden, gardeners collect water in large barrels and smaller containers so that it stands up and warms up in the sun. Cold watering is harmful to horticultural crops, stops their growth, causes fungal diseases as a result of hypothermia and, instead of a positive effect, the form of feeding the plants with moisture, has a negative effect. Before the winter period, it is usually drained from all accumulators to prevent them from being torn by the resulting ice. One of the laws of physics says that when a liquid freezes, they increase in size. Therefore, in the spring, gardeners who did not release their devices from water in the fall often see them leaky, torn, or torn. But there are several ways to preserve thawed rain and rain even in winter conditions without consequences.

Why do we need water in the barrels in the spring

In late winter, many gardeners make supplies for watering, filling containers with snow and substituting drives for plums from the roof. Moisture resulting from melting has no harmful contaminants and, at the beginning of the garden season, in the absence of other sources, is used for watering when planting seeds in the ground and other household needs, even for drinking, after boiling, if the dacha is located far from the city and busy trails. It is considered the most useful. In addition, the water supply system at the dacha plots at the beginning of garden work begins to work late.

In order not to dry out and not be left without watering and drinking when you first arrive at the site, many summer residents proceed as follows:

  • in the fall, plastic 5 l cylinders are poured and life-giving moisture from a spring or a well to 2/3 of the height and in this form is left in the country house;
  • liquid does not deteriorate over the winter;
  • containers remain intact;
  • it can be used for watering when planting seeds in the ground;
  • liquid can be boiled and drunk;
  • for securing the bottle can be put in an empty basin or an old baby bath.

This can only be done with plastic containers. Glass container ice breaks.

Winter storage in barrels

Gardeners, who at the beginning of the planting season have problems with watering at their summer cottages, and there is no way to get there at the end of the winter season to fill with snow, at the end of the summer season do not drain water from the storage tanks, but rather fill them. Preliminary:

  • they install the drive on the stand so that it is from the ground at a height of 10 cm;
  • pour liquid, not reaching the edges of about 10-15 cm;
  • they wrap polyethylene and old blankets from the sides;
  • wrapped with wire or twine;
  • vertically insert a few old branches, sticks, which have a soft structure, can well freeze, and the excess ice will rise from the tank on the tree;
  • thus, the container is protected from damage by ice and preserve its integrity.
barrel for the winter

The second method is suitable for those who have a plot or cottage is located nearby. In early spring, gardeners stuffed barrels with snow collected on the site. But in March there are still significant decreases in temperature. And gardeners craftsmen found a way out.All you need is a long stick and empty plastic bottles:

  1. A hole is drilled at its end.
  2. A rope is threaded into the hole, an empty bottle with a capacity of 5 liters or several 1.5 or 2 liters of bottles is tied to a stick.
  3. Lower the pole with the bottles into the barrel and fix the stick on the inner side of the barrel or in another way.
  4. Water, even when it is freezing, when expanding, presses on empty bottles, compressing them, thereby weakening its pressure on the internal lateral surfaces of the storage tank.

Owners of land plots near the houses free all containers from the water before winter and turn over the barrels. Gardeners, suffering from a lack of moisture for irrigation at the beginning of the planting season, when the common dacha systems are not yet connected, take care of themselves. With the help of simple methods of conservation and water, and barrels in the winter, they solve the problem of watering in the spring during the season of intensive gardening and planting.

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water in the barrel in winterwater in the barrel in winter

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