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Tomato "Black Chocolate": unpretentious in all respects variety

general information

Tomato "dark chocolate" refers to a sort of cherry tomato, registered in the State Register and approved for use throughout the territory of our country.

Cherry is translated from English as “cherry”, that is, small fruits weighing no more than 30 g. It is for their small size that everyone loves them so much, especially children.

“Dark chocolate” - a nondeterminant tomato of a non-hybrid type, begins to bear fruit on 110–120 days from the day the seeds germinate. Durable and unpretentious in all respects. Fruits, as follows the type of cherry, small, collected in a brush from 10 to 12 pieces.

Characteristic and description

  • Mid-season grade, that is, seeding is carried out from March 15 to 22.
  • For film greenhouses.
  • Tall, requires the formation and mandatory garters.
  • Fruits are medium-sized, dark in color with a brown tinge.
  • Yield, on average, from one bush collect up to 5 kg.
  • The brushes are elongated, harmonious ripening from 10 to 12 fruits.
  • The fruit weighs from 20 to 30 g.
  • Great taste.
  • Suitable for fresh consumption and blanks.
  • Transfer transportation, can be stored for a long time.
  • Can ripen in a torn form, without losing taste.

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Description of the bush

Tomato "Dark chocolate" refers to the indeterminant type, that is, it is a real vine, which grows without stopping. Therefore, pasynkovanie and the formation of the bush. It is best to lead in 1-2 of the trunk, planted on 1 sq. M. 3 bushes that provide light to the tomatoes.

Garter to do better with trellis twine, entangling the plants around the rope, passing under the tassels, which will increase the reliability of the plant during growth.

Fruit Description

Cherry fruits are small, round, cocktail type. Very attractive and in size, they are not quite tiny, but from 20 g and more, and, of course, in color.

The color of the tomato is unusual: chocolate color with a noble green tint at the very stem. They look like toys.

Fruits are juicy, two-chamber, have an elastic and dense skin that allows them to be stored well and does not deteriorate during transportation.

They taste very pleasant: a harmonious combination of sugars, which are sufficient, and acids.

Disease and Pest Resistance

Tomato variety is represented by producers as “resistant” to pests and diseases. But prevention, nevertheless, should be carried out.

  • This is a crop rotation, and if there is no possibility in the greenhouse to do this, then before planting the greenhouse must be treated with sulfur.
  • Air, that is, open the doors and transom, to avoid high humidity.
  • Do not thicken the landing: the availability of sunlight - the guarantee of health.
  • Feed and water the plants in time so that their immunity can withstand diseases.
Treat planting diseases once a week with yeast. Take the usual baker's yeast one bag and 10 tablespoons of sugar. Dissolve them in five liters of warm water. After 4 hours, when the yeast came to life, it was poured into a bucket and adjusted to 10 liters. To feed such a solution tomatoes under the root of 1 liter 1 time in 15 days, and to spray - ideal for the prevention of diseases, even phytophthora.

Or you can advise for spraying whey in a ratio of 1 liter of water and 1 liter of serum.Lactic acid bacteria, like yeast, multiply, will destroy alien spores on plants.

Namely, this disease is dangerous for the prolonged fruiting of tomato indeterminate varieties.

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Advantages and disadvantages

We looked at the “Black Chocolate” tomato, its characteristics and description of the variety, now we will find out all the pros and cons.

The advantages include:

  • taste and type of fruit;
  • good harvest, up to 5 kg or more from a bush;
  • excellent behavior during storage and transportation of fruits, that is, tomatoes do not lose their qualities;
  • universal value: not only eaten raw, but ideal for harvesting dried tomatoes, as well as for canning. With its appearance, cherry decorate any assorted, and thanks to its small size, it is good for them to complement the voids in the banks.
The main advantage of "dark chocolate" is their black, or rather, brown color! Fruits get this color due to anthocyanin - a substance that can strengthen the immune system, fight viral infections, help with colds, have a bactericidal effect, and positively affect vision. Anthocyanin is a natural antioxidant, its use has a beneficial effect on the entire human body. This substance contains crops such as eggplant, beets, black currants and blueberries.

This plus is more powerful than all.

And what is attributed to the minuses?

  • The formation of a bush is required, but all tall varieties need to tear off the stepchildren.
  • The grade is intended for the greenhouse. So what? Minus a stretch. I want to say to the growers that buying seeds, pay attention to the characteristics. Many varieties for outdoor use.
Summing up the “Black Chocolate” tomato, it is clear that it has some advantages.

Features of growing

Growing a tomato "Dark chocolate", given the description of the variety, is a snap.

Observing the rules, you can get a great harvest of excellent quality, surprising the unusual fruits of neighbors and loved ones.

  • To plant seedlings in a greenhouse not earlier than May 10, so that the soil warms to 17 ° C, this condition will allow the seedling to grow faster.
  • Planting tall varieties do not thicken, recommend 3 plants per meter.
  • The greenhouse must be at least two meters in height, well ventilated. Plants to tie to the trellis.
  • Cutting off all stepchildren, except the strongest after the first flower brush, forming a bush two stalks, tearing off the lower leaves as the fruits are poured.
  • Cherry fruits are allowed to ripen on the bush, so they get tastier, and the color will be a rich brown color.
  • Water this variety a little more often than for large-fruited tomatoes, but do not pour every day: it is optimal to water every three days.
  • Mulch under the bush necessarily.
  • Top dressing in the hole when planting ash 1 liter and superphosphate - 2 tablespoons. Feeding a mullein cherry is not worth it, it is better to do foliar dressing.
Such dressings have a good effect on growth and on the formation of brushes: Carbamide 1 tsp. in 10 liters of water, or potassium nitrate in the same proportion, or 15 drops of iodine in 1 liter of serum and 10 liters of water.

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In mid-August, pinch the top of the bush so that all the fruits have time to ripen.

During flowering "shake" the bushes for a complete ovary of all flower stalks.

Nothing complicated. All efforts will not be in vain.

Excellent harvests to you!

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