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How to get rid of dandelions on the site forever: folk remedies without chemistry

The presence on the site of a large number of dandelions belonging to perennial plants, which retain the ability to germinate even in extreme conditions, leads to clogging of the beds. Therefore, the issue of combating this perennial remains relevant today. The most common way to get rid of them on the site is the use of chemicals, which adversely affects the condition of vegetable crops. Therefore, folk methods of dealing with this plant without the use of chemistry are becoming increasingly popular among gardeners.

Dandelion - the benefits or harm

Dandelions, growing on land, have a negative impact on:

  • cultivated plants, being their competitors and taking nutrients and moisture;
  • yield of vegetable crops;
  • decorative growing next to flowers;
  • the human body in the period of abundant flowering, causing allergies.

However, these representatives of perennials still do more good than harm:

  • attract insects to the site for pollination of useful crops;
  • act as siderata, which contribute to the enrichment of soil with oxygen and the formation of a fertile surface layer;
  • improve soil quality by attracting earthworms;
  • secrete substances affecting the improvement of microflora;
  • in greenhouse conditions, ethanol vapor is released, thereby accelerating the ripening process of the nightshade family.

Root remover

The most common way to control weeds in the beds is their mechanical removal. For this purpose choppers, flat-cutters, cultivators, shovels with narrowed blade are used. All these tools just remove the ground part of the flower, and the rhizome remains in the ground, which allows perennial to grow again and does not solve the problem.

For the most high-quality destruction of plants using root removers Gardena 03517, Grinda 8, Smart Fit Fiskars, with the help of which the process of weed control in the beds is accelerated.

Table Vinegar

One of the most effective methods of control is spraying plants with vinegar (9%). To do this, the liquid must be heated and boiled for several minutes. After that spraying with hot solution is performed directly on the weed plantation.

Baking soda

No less effective in relation to dandelions soda. For the procedure using a concentrated soda solution in a ratio of 2: 1, which is sprayed areas with the largest accumulation of perennial.

It is better to do this in calm weather so that the solution does not fall on cultural specimens.

Boiling water

Pouring over areas with boiling weeds is widely used in gardeners. Processing is done by pouring boiling water directly onto the outlet of the plant. It should be remembered that such a procedure is carried out periodically in order to prevent the weed plant from spreading further along the plot.

Corn flour

For the safe and harmless removal of dandelions, they use corn flour, which contains gluten in its composition, which is dangerous for weeds and harmless to pets and people.

Traditional methods of dealing with dandelions do not harm the environment and are sufficiently effective to destroy this type of weed.

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