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Trees that need to be planted at home: folk signs

Choosing trees to plant them at home, you should know which of them can be planted in the yard and behind the fence, and what should bewareso as not to cause misfortune and misfortune.

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  1. Birch tree
  2. Cherry
  3. Juniper
  4. Acacia
  5. Viburnum

Birch tree

Do not plant birch near the house. According to Russian beliefs, the spirits of nature live in the trunk, and it is not known whether they are good or evil. If there is a good spirit in the birch, then nothing bad will happen to the owner of the yard, but if it's evil, then wait for disaster.

The belief also says that a woman who lives near a growing birch suffers from gynecological diseases or infertility. If you still want to plant this beautiful tree, then you need to plant outside the yard, near the gate. Then she will protect housing from the invasion of evil spirits and evil spirits, and will not allow people with negative intentions to enter the courtyard.


Growing cherries near the house is a good sign. The plant does not require special care, richly blooms and bears fruit, and the sweet aroma during the flowering period has a positive effect on the human psyche and restores emotional balance.

Cherry is a symbol of fertility and wealth of the owners.

In the East, Sakura is one of the most revered trees, which brings good luck. Cherries are often made amulets and talismans that protect the owner from evil forces, attract good luck and material wealth.

Planting cherries is recommended near altanok and barbecues. In addition, kebabs cooked on coals of cherry logs will be the most delicious.


In many regions of the Russian Federation, juniper branches mark the last path of a person from home to the cemetery at the time of the funeral. Due to the connection of the juniper with the afterlife, many people do not want to plant it near the dwelling.

But it is necessary to take into account the fact that it is the most powerful amulet that will protect the home and the owners from evil spirits, the evil eye, the guidance of damage and other black magic rituals.

Juniper needles need to be burned in the stoves in the house to clean the house of negative energy. Planting a plant is necessary only near the house, not in the backyard.


Acacia has a positive effect on procreation - it treats male and female infertility. For married couples who cannot have a child for a long time, healers recommend planting an acacia tree in the courtyard. In addition, the energy of the tree relieves stress from a person and improves mood.


Many gardeners are wary of planting viburnum on the site, knowing the legend of the appearance of the bush, but this tree will protect the house, it is a symbol of consent in the family.

To preserve the love between the spouses for many years and a quick replenishment in the family, newlyweds immediately after the wedding should plant a viburnum near the house. Newborn girls were bathed in Kalinas infusion, which guaranteed the baby health and female happiness.

If you know the energy of each plant, you can protect your house of evil spirits, restore mental balance living in the house and attract luck, happiness and wealth.

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