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How to get rid of the bug bugs on tomatoes

Bug bugs

The bug bed bug is an inconspicuous pest that does not mind eating tomato fruit. In the fight against insects, gardeners use low-toxic and toxic drugs, depending on the degree of destruction of the fruit culture. Large populations can ruin up to 40% of the total crop if they are exterminated.

Pest characteristic


Bugs shchitnikov in nature a large number. Spoils of tomatoes are engaged in gray or green representatives. Their size varies from 5 mm to 20 mm. Body oval, flattened. If you touch an insect, it begins to emit an unpleasant smell that lasts for a long time if it is not washed off. The oral apparatus is powerful, freely bites through various fruits, including tomatoes.

Affected tomatoes begin to fade, yellow or white spots appear on vegetables. Harmful vegetable crops adults. They arrive in areas with solanaceous plants, spoil the planting, begin to suck the juice from the fruit, injecting their poison into them. The main reason for the spread of pests is a close proximity to meadows, fields, untimely removal of weeds in the garden.

Treatment and prevention of pests

You can fight insects in the garden by folk and chemical means.

  • Chemicals:
    1. Aktara. The solution is prepared on the basis of 8 grams of powder and 10 liters of water;
    2. "Chlorophos". Preparation: dissolve 20 grams of the drug in 10 liters of water;
    3. "Phosphamide". Preparation: take 2 ampoules, open and pour into 10 liters of water, stir.
  • Folk remedies. For small lesions of tomatoes, spray the plants with infusion on dry mustard. Preparation of the solution: take 300 grams of mustard powder, fill with a liter of water, stir. Then, mix the mustard mixture in a bucket of water. Abundantly handle tomato plantings.

To preventive measures include:

  • timely removal of weeds from the beds;
  • planting near the tomato beds of the perennial herb Klopogona. The title ciphers the basic properties of the ornamental culture;
  • preventive spraying infusion on onion peel. Preparation: take 300 grams of onion peel, pour boiling water (5 liters). Insist on for 7 days. Then, infusion strain and spray the plants.

Bugs shchitniki appear on tomatoes not often, but the enemy needs to know in person to immediately destroy it.

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