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What makes tomatoes small in the greenhouse? What can be done to be larger

small tomatoes

Small tomatoes are a common problem if you grow them in a greenhouse. Minor dimensions of the fruit, indicate the wrong care. Immediately after disembarking, it is necessary to regularly monitor the condition of the bushes and to take care of them. There are a number of reasons why tomatoes are small, consider them below.

Why do tomatoes have small fruits?

There are 6 common reasons why tomatoes do not grow:

  1. Watering in abundance in the first month after planting.
  2. Bad light.
  3. Abuse of top dressing.
  4. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity.
  5. Insufficient pollination.
  6. Bushes zhiru.

Signs of tomato fattening

The main reason for small tomatoes is fattening. There are common signs that your tomatoes are fattening:

  • healthy and powerful bush;
  • thick stems;
  • juicy leaves of dark green color;
  • insufficient flowering or its absence;
  • fruits are small and slowly ripen.

How to fix the situation if the fruits are already small?

Ways to fix the problem:

  1. Stop watering the plants for 7-10 days.
  2. Carry out regular airing of the greenhouse.
  3. Trim the holding dressings. Get a reduction in nitrogen in the soil.
  4. Remove excess leaves and shoots.
  5. Monitor the temperature in the greenhouse and the humidity of the air.


To avoid the problem of small tomatoes, follow these guidelines:

  • observe temperature conditions. Based on the time of day, the temperature should change. In the evening the temperature varies between 16-18 degrees, and during the day 23-25 ​​degrees;
  • carry out regular watering. In hot weather, the bushes of tomatoes watered at the root. Watering by sprinkling increases moisture in the greenhouse and causes shedding of flowers. For low-growing varieties will need 5 liters for one watering, and for tall ones it will be enough 10 liters. Watering should be 3-4 times a week;

After a long drought, you should not water the tomatoes abundantly, since all the water will flow into the fruit and they will begin to crack.

  • feed tomatoes. In order for the crop to be large, it is necessary to provide the plant with magnesium and nitrogenous substances;
  • Do not forget about agrotechnical care. Pasy kidding no more than once a week. Begin the stepson when the first stepson appears. Also remove excess leaves at the bottom, it will improve the ventilation of the bushes. In the future, save only the flowering parts, and remove the side.


If you want the bushes of tomatoes to give a lot of large fruits, it is required in the first month of life of the plant in good faith to adhere to the advice given in this article. Adhering to the rules, you will collect excellent harvest.

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