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How an egg shell helps increase tomato yields

for fertilizing tomatoes

Infusion from eggshells is an effective means of replenishing the calcium deficiency of tomatoes and other vegetable crops. Especially acute shortage of trace elements is manifested in the period of formation and ripening of fruits.

To avoid mass spoilage of tomatoes will allow the timely introduction of the infusion of eggshell.

What are the benefits of eggshell?

eggshellThe composition of the egg shell allows you to use it as a nutritional supplement. The shell of chicken eggs contains a large number of micro and macro elements. A complete picture of the chemical composition could be studied by Professor Shtele A.L. in 1980.

The shell contains:

Trace elements Macronutrients
  • zinc;
  • fluorine;
  • cobalt;
  • copper;
  • iron;
  • iodine;
  • molybdenum;
  • manganese.
  • calcium;
  • magnesium;
  • sulfur;
  • phosphorus;
  • sodium;
  • potassium.






The shell is a side shell that goes into the bin after using the contents of the egg. After learning about its benefits, you will never throw in the trash.

Chicken egg shells:

  1. Get rid of calcium deficiency in plants, as it is a natural fertilizer that saturates vegetables with calcium. Macroelement allows for normal development, strengthens the roots of plants, increases resistance to diseases of fungal and viral origin.
  2. Reduce soil acidity. Soil contamination is a problem in most regions. Overly acidic soil environment does not allow the normal development of most plants, so it must be reduced. Eggshell will solve the problem of high acidity of the earth. If you make it annually, you can reach a normal pH in three years.
  3. Make the soil light. The introduction of ground powder into clay or loamy soil will make it less dense, loose. The oxygen supply will increase, which means that the water will not stagnate, which leads to a better absorption of nutrients by plants.
  4. Get rid of the invasion of slugs and Medvedok. Mulching the soil with large pieces of the shell under the tomatoes will help to avoid attacks of pests, which will be difficult to get through the layer of piercing material.

Signs of calcium deficiency in tomatoes

crushed shellDetermine the lack of any micro-or macro can external changes of tomatoes. The main signs of calcium deficiency in tomatoes include:

  • the appearance of dark brown depressed spots on the fruit. Tomatoes begin to cover them even in technical ripeness. They are no longer suitable for consumption, so they need to be plucked from the bush and thrown away;
  • the lower part of the leaves begins to turn yellow. The top young shoots of dark green brighten to light green;
  • leaves begin to curl. If the disadvantage is significant, then necrotic spots begin to appear on the leaf plate;
  • imperceptible to the human eye are changes in the root system. It weakens and loses its power. Nutrients from the soil are consumed poorly, so plants begin to slow down growth and development.

Infusion from eggshell for tomatoes

infusion from the shellBefore you start preparing the nutritional infusion, you need to understand the intricacies of collecting, preparing and storing the shell.Collect the shell of chicken eggs need to fall or winter, to gather up a sufficient number of shells. The main details of storage and preparation of raw materials for the infusion:

  • The shell must be completely free of yolk and protein residues. Therefore, rinse the casing under running cold water. So that it does not become covered with mold and does not disappear, dry it in the sun, in the oven.
Helpful advice!

If possible, collect brown shells. They contain more nutrients than white.

  • Use only fresh egg shells. Boiled shells are prone to a rapid loss of their freshness, and they cannot be stored for a long time.
  • To keep the shells dry, allow hermetically sealed glass jar. Storage time is six months.
  • To get a large amount of egg shells into the jar, after drying, grind them into powder (unless of course you will use them for mulching from the bear and slugs). You can crush it with a coffee grinder or a conventional rolling pin.

Preparation of the infusion of eggshell

preparation of the infusion of eggshellDried pieces of shell fill a three-liter jar to half. Boil the water, pour it into the jar with the shell. Insist on for 7 days, tightly closing the lid. You will immediately determine the readiness of the infusion; it will begin to smell like hydrogen sulfide, and the water will become turbid. Before use, the solution must be diluted with clean water. Per liter of infusion need three liters of water. Water the tomatoes at the root.

Top dressing from an egg shell for seedling

The soil, as the tomato seedlings grow, is depleted, because the plants take all the nutrients from the soil. Useful components are not enough for normal development. To replenish the nutritional value of the earth will allow the infusion of the powder from the shell.

Take the powder, half fill a three-liter jar. Fill with warm water (50 ° C). Insist within 24 hours. After that, the resulting infusion dilute with a bucket of water. Water 100 milliliters under one bush of tomatoes.

Reviews gardeners

Marina Olegovna, 46 years old, Krasnodar Territory.

I use fertilizing on an egg-shell for 10 years. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, watering infusion, but under the potatoes I make dry powder. I recommend to feed vegetable crops at least 4 times per season. Also use the shell as a means of medvedka. I grind the shells into small pieces, wet them in vegetable oil, lay them out near the moves of the bear. Having tried the shell the insect dies.

Svetlana Gennadievna, 36 years old, Voronezh region.

I use egg shells as fertilizer for vegetable crops in the garden for only a few years. She was advised to me by my friend, who graduated from the Agrarian Technical School. I use the infusion on the powder from the shell. So that the seedlings are strong when the sprouts just appear, I sprinkle the soil with powder and water it with warm water.

Eggshell is ideal for gardeners who do not want to use chemicals to fertilize tomatoes and other vegetable crops. Efficiency from top dressing is shown in several days after top dressing.

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for fertilizing tomatoesfor fertilizing tomatoes

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