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Very tasty stuffing for cabbage pies

stuffing for cabbage pies

Pies are cooked often and much. For the filling, you can use a variety of vegetables, fish or meat. In order not to waste time searching for the necessary recipe, we offer you a universal filling for any baking. Stuffing for patties with cabbage is very tasty. Prepared quickly, the products are very affordable and inexpensive. This will require not only white cabbage, but also some boiled eggs. The combination of cabbage and eggs will make the filling more nourishing and nutritious. Pies, though fried, even brass, will turn out just wonderful, that you can not ottyanesh ears. And if you use ready-made puff pastry, then the patties can be prepared even faster. See the recipe with photos step by step.


  • white cabbage - 300 grams;
  • boiled chicken eggs - 2 pcs .;
  • vegetable oil - 1-2 tables. l .;
  • salt, pepper - to taste.

How to cook delicious stuffing for cabbage pies

Cut the cabbage.

cut cabbage

Heat the pan, put the cabbage in there, pour in the oil and add a little until softened. When roasting the cabbage, sometimes stirring so that it cooks evenly. Fry for 5-7 minutes. With this method of cooking cabbage will be fragrant, slightly crispy, but not sour. It is not always necessary to add tomato paste to cabbage, so we exclude it today. Tomato is an amateur thing, plus it will add acid to cabbage, which not everyone uses. After roasting the cabbage to cool to room temperature. It is best to transfer it from the pan to a separate plate.

put out

Pre-boiled eggs (cook boiled for 7-8 minutes) clean and chop: chop with a knife to make cubes.

cut eggs

Mix cabbage and eggs, season with salt, a little pepper. Mix and taste, if there is enough, you can add other spices to taste.

to mix

The finished filling will be tasty in itself, and the cakes with it come out just amazing. Such stuffing from cabbage does not give juice, does not follow from pies and perfectly holds a form. Pies sculpt easy and simple.

stuffing for patties with cabbage and egg

Good appetite!

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stuffing for cabbage piesstuffing for cabbage pies
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  1. Larisa

    Without onion? No I do not agree.
    I will share a highlight for the best cabbage filling from my mother-in-law. Fry the cabbage in any of the usual ways (fresh or with pickled, carrot, onion or not, but when the filling is ready to beat a couple - three raw eggs instead of boiled ones and keep on the fire for a couple of minutes, intensively stirring.
    Warning: Prepare the fillings more than the prescription needs, as it may simply not be enough if the household tries the stuffing. Verified


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