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Time-tested tomato varieties: the oldest and most popular


Despite the appearance of a huge number of new products, proven tomatoes have not given up their positions for years. The oldest and most popular varieties of tomatoes show good results when cultivated in the open field, in greenhouses or greenhouses. In many dacha plots you can still see tomatoes, bred in the late 50s of the last century. Gardeners appreciate them for great taste, unpretentiousness, stable yield of the crop.

White filling 241

Many summer residents admit to love for this variety. They note that past generations have planted it, and never White filling did not let down. In the State Register of the Russian Federation recorded in 1966.

Tomatoes are harvested from it in 110-117 days. Chunky bushes, in the open field do not grow more than 50 cm. There is no need to remove the stepchildren, but for the quickest ripening of the first batch of fruits, some gardeners stepchild the bush to the bottom floral brush.

Tomatoes look like apples, in an immature state - light green, with full maturity - orange-red. Weigh 70-120 grams, the taste is normal. In the fruit is felt characteristic of the variety sour. Suitable for all types of processing. Usually, a tomato is harvested in a state of technical maturity, and then dispensed in boxes and boxes at home.

On a note!

Requires prevention from phytophthora!

Siberian early

Another “veteran” who is praised by the summer residents of the Urals and Siberia. Sort "Siberian early" justifies its name to the early and amicable bestowal of tomatoes. Derived specifically for regions with adverse weather conditions. In the catalog of the State Register - since 1959. Main characteristics:

  • unpretentious;
  • frost-resistant;
  • belongs to the group of determinant varieties of tomatoes;
  • compact (45-50 cm tall), few leaves;
  • early terms of fruit ripening (90-100 days).

Tomatoes are delicious, bright red color, weighing about 100-130 grams. Feature of the fruit - thin, often bursting skin. Not suitable for salting, used fresh, for sauces, pastes. Tomatoes are not deadly, therefore, after ripening, it is immediately necessary to process the fruits.

Gribovsky soil

Excellently proved to be among many generations of gardeners tomato for open ground. It grows quickly, fruits abundantly, the yield of the harvest is amicable. In terms of ripening - early, after 95-100 days, tomatoes are ready for harvesting (technical ripeness stage). On small bushes 3-4 brushes are formed. The variety does not have high yields, but it is stable in any season.

Tomatoes with standard characteristics:

  • round, slightly flattened;
  • the color of the skin and pulp is red;
  • weigh about 70-90 grams;
  • the taste is pleasant, sweet-sour.

From one square meter collect 3-3,5 kg. The main use is salads. For conservation and salting is not suitable.

Talalikhin 186

In 1952, a variety of Belarusian breeders appeared in the USSR State Register. The name is given in honor of the famous pilot V. Talalikhin. A tomato was created for all regions, successfully showed itself in Siberia, in the Urals. Variety from the group of determinant tomatoes, not high (40-60 cm), with beautiful corrugated leaves. On the bush forms 2-4 inflorescences. There are few tomatoes, but there is a harvest in any season.

Fruits are slightly ribbed, with full maturity - red.Weighing no more than 110 grams, but during the formation of the brush can be instances of 170-190 grams. The area around the peduncle is darker, this will continue when the tomato is ripe. Inside - several cameras with a large number of seeds. The taste is pleasant, you can feel the sweetness and sourness characteristic of all early tomatoes. This does not spoil the taste of the fruit, gives them a piquancy.

Use the fruit in blanks, sliced ​​on the salad, in fresh form. Thanks to juicy pulp, Talalikhin is suitable for making juice, pasta, tomato sauces.


Gardeners of the present time are not surprised by the variety of tomatoes. But in the 70s-80s of the 20th century, the appearance of a short and fruitful variety of tomatoes became a sensation. Moskvich - a tomato for cultivation on ridges or in small tunnels. Its height is 30-40 cm. Stamb tomato is unpretentious, does not need to be staved, quickly and unanimously returns the crop.

On a note!

Loves to grow in thickened plantings. The landing of 7-9 bushes per square meter is recommended.

In the State Register - since 1976, grown throughout Russia, in the CIS countries. He proved to be a tomato resistant to diseases and adverse factors. Tomatoes are small, 60-70 grams, a good pleasant taste. The yield is from one "square" of 3.5-4 kg of fruits.

Suitable tomatoes for all types of processing:

  • conservation;
  • pickles;
  • cooking tomato products.

Alpatiev 905

The variety has been known since the 50s of the last century. Gardeners of old generations remember him as a fruitful and unpretentious tomato. Shrubs grow just over 40 cm, with a large amount of leaf mass. Cleaning stepchildren is not required, only during the formation and ripening of tomatoes it is necessary to tie the bushes to the stakes.

Fruits - bright red, looks like small ruddy apples, tasty and slightly sour. By weight - 50-60 grams, inside - four cameras. Indicators of dry matter in fruits - 6%.

Alpatiev variety - one of the tomatoes of the last century, widely used for industrial production. 3-4 brushes are formed on one plant, in each - 4 tomatoes. Productivity is not as high as in modern industrial hybrids, but the variety "takes" others:

  • the stability of the fruit in any season;
  • harmonious ripening;
  • simple care.

Verlioka F1

The hybrid is known to many summer residents. It is grown for decades, noting the yield and early harvest of fruits. Tomatoes were entered into the State Register in 1990, yields to the hybrids of the new century in terms of yield.

Tomatoes "Verliok" cleaned in 100-106 days. Will please with productivity both beginners, and gardeners with an experience.

Plant of determinant type, spreading, with large dark green leaves. In inflorescences 8-10 fruits are fastened. Tomatoes are even, beautiful, weighing about 100-140 grams. Covered with thin, but dense skin, inside - sugary on the fault of the flesh. The color of the fruit is bright red.

With prolonged drought or over-wetting of the soil, the taste qualities of the hybrid deteriorate. Tomatoes are suitable for all types of processing, in salads. This hybrid is not very susceptible to diseases, bears fruit even in summer, which is not very favorable for tomatoes.


For almost two decades, gardeners have been pleased with this variety of tomatoes. He has many advantages:

  • easy to clean;
  • compact and short (35-45 cm);
  • early return yield (80 days);
  • suitable for cultivation in all regions;
  • grows well at home on the windowsill or on the balcony;
  • fruitful (for its growth).

On small bushes smooth, red tomatoes are tied, weighing 50-70 grams. It is not necessary to graze the plant, but it is necessary to tie it up during the fruiting period. Under a mass of tomato bushes often fall on its side.

Betta variety is a little exposed to diseases, it has time to “get away” from phytophtoras due to early ripening periods. Tomatoes are suitable for salting, but are usually used in salads, fresh.

Peremoga 165

This variety was bred in Belarus; it was listed in the State Registry catalog in 1951. Since then, grown everywhere. Many summer residents collect their seeds and plant this tomato from year to year for decades.

Sredneroslye bushes covered with lots of leaves. A variety usually catches up to the first brush, and also dispenses with a pinching. Fruits are formed in the hands of 2-4 pieces, the main inflorescences are located on the main trunk.

Unripe tomatoes - light green with a slight darkening in the stalk. As it matures, the speck disappears, the color of the sweaty skin turns red. Weigh about 90-130 grams. Inside - from 4 to 9 cameras.

The taste of the fruit is pleasant, without sour. The main use is salad, processing, harvesting.

Blagovest F1

One of the famous hybrids of the 90s of the XX century. Designed for greenhouses, gives excellent yields while adhering to the rules of agricultural engineering.

Main characteristics:

  • determinant type;
  • height - 1.8-2 meters;
  • fruit delivery begins already at 100-106 days (early tomato);
  • resistant to many diseases;
  • high pest resistance;
  • excellent seed germination when sown on seedlings;
  • good taste (which is not often found in tomato hybrid forms).

Tomatoes on average grow to 120 grams. Round, with a glossy skin, the fruit has a slight depression in the stalk area. Taste - pronounced, tomato, present aroma. Dense pulp allows you to use a tomato with various blanks:

  • pickling;
  • conservation;
  • pickling.

Hybrid Blagovest it is perfectly stored, does not spoil during long transportation. Yields - 5-6 kg per bush. But to obtain a large number of tomatoes, you must comply with the rules of agrotechnology:

  • planting seedlings according to the scheme (without thickening), 2-3 bushes per square meter;
  • 4-5 feedings per season;
  • necessarily form a shrub, removing stepchildren and extra floral brushes.

In all climatic zones (with the exception of the southern regions), yields high yields in greenhouses.

Old varieties and hybrid forms of tomatoes have proven themselves in the conditions of Russia. By providing them the right care, you can collect an enviable harvest without much hassle.

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