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The use of weeds in the garden

Few people know that even the most malicious weed can be used with great benefit. That is why today it is less and less possible to meet absolutely “sterile” kitchen gardens, because their owners are trying to use the plants for the good of their plot.

Is it always necessary to remove weeds from the garden?

All is well that in moderation. This also applies to weeds. We can not allow them to germinate uncontrollably. However, in moderation weed can be beneficial:

  1. Helps to develop plants. Some herbs emit phytoncides, remove enzymes and ions, enhance immunity and disease resistance in many cultures.
  2. Protect from the sun. Therefore, in the run-up to the intense heat, it is better to leave the beds unpolluted: weeds will grow above cultivated plants and thus will cover them from scorching rays.

Eating and medication

Many weeds can be eaten, they are nutritious and healthy, filled with vitamins, which are sometimes much more than in the usual green. So, pre-boil, eat plants such as quinoa, schiritsa, kupyr. From nettle prepare delicious borscht. It is also added to salads, pre-doused with boiling water.

Wild grasses are healing, and you can't argue with that. Recipes of traditional medicine are used for a long time. Everyone knows that the plantain can be applied to the wound and it will heal sooner, and the yarrow will help stop the blood. Mokritsa helps to treat joint diseases. With the help of a decoction of chamomile and nettle strengthen hair, on celandine and coltsfoot prepare lotions for the treatment of skin diseases.


Many people know about the benefits of compost. It is a raw material from overheated organics. Composting is not difficult, for this it is worth weeding the beds, the grass is not thrown away, but preserved. Such raw materials are excellent fertilize the beds. The most important thing is not to use plants for compost, in which the seeds begin to be tied: they do not rot, but only spread throughout the site.

Free fertilizer - siderata and mulch

With weeds, it makes sense to fight only at the beginning of summer, while the seedlings have not yet had time to get stronger.

But when the seedlings grow up, totally remove grass There is no urgent need from the beds, you just need to restrain its growth and prevent seed maturation.

Moreover, you should not hurry to throw away the weeds: after weeding, it is better to leave them at the same place, so you can protect the ground from strong heating and not let it dry out. In addition, dew will collect on the weeds, and this is additional moisture for the soil. In addition, this mulch is an excellent food for black soil.

Siderats help to improve the quality of the soil. Some even specifically buy their seeds. Such plants enrich the soil with nitrogen, proteins, trace elements, protect it from blowing and blurring. Among the most popular sideratov are peas, chickpeas, clover, sweet clover, etc.

Use for garden plants

Many weeds are very beneficial effect on everything that grows on the beds. Thus, the flowering of dandelions and burdocks attracts insects for pollination of berry bushes and fruit trees. Also burdock roots are very strong and loosen the ground very well.

Soil indicators

Weed grasses signal land deficiencies. By what weeds grow on the site from year to year, we can judge the composition of the soil:

  1. Sour composition. Violets, Ivan-da-Marya, horsetail and wild rosemary sprouts, as well as sorrel, plantain, fern and blueberry sprout here.
  2. Subacid and neutral. It is possible to judge the normal composition by chamomile, coltsfoot, swan, clover, pack, wheatgrass. Also nettle will indicate neutrality of the soil.

And the growth of quinoa between potato beds suggests that the land here is "tired" and requires a break.

When there are many weeds on the ground that bloom in summer and autumn, this means that its fertility has decreased and there is not enough humus.

Scaring insects

Some wild plants are used to repel harmful insects. For example, wormwood is an effective remedy for mosquitoes. Preparing a wormwood decoction, you can easily get rid of the moth and gooseberry podvorni.

If you dry tansy, it will help expel the mole. The broth is used in the fight with moth, sucker and tsvetoedom. Dandelion infusions - the right remedy for aphids, and yarrow - from caterpillars, spider mites.

Here are some useful pest recipes:

  1. Dry yarrow (200 g) pour boiling water and infuse for at least half an hour. After that, add another 10 liters of water and insist an hour. Before spraying add 40 g of soap.
  2. Fresh wormwood pour hot water in a ratio of 1: 1, insist day, diluted with water 1: 5.

As you can see, weeds are not only harmful, with skillful use of the grass, from which everyone is trying to get rid of, can be a loyal assistant in the protection of cultivated plants, fertilizer and soil nutrition.

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