Tomato varieties with photos and descriptions 28.05.2019

The sweetest tomato varieties for greenhouses and open ground

Tomato - one of the most common products in our country. It is difficult to imagine a summer salad without this ingredient, but many refuse to plant them, because they cannot grow sweet fruits. In fact, it is enough to follow a few simple rules of care and choose the right grade.

What affects the sweetness of tomatoes when grown?

Although many believe that the sugar content of the fruit depends solely on the tomato variety, there are a few more secrets:

  • an important role is played by a good soil in which there are all the necessary nutrients;
  • it is better to use potassium or wood ash as fertilizer, but nitrogen fertilizers cannot be added at the moment of the appearance and ripening of fruits;
  • the more sun the tomatoes get, the sweeter they will be;
  • when tomatoes appear on the bushes, watering should be reduced to a minimum.

Also, gardeners noticed that varietal tomatoes are tastier than hybrid ones.

Sweet meeting

Early view with pink smooth berries weighing about 20 g. It is recommended to grow bushes in a well-prepared place. At the time of the beginning of ripening it is necessary to make supports for the ovary. This variety of tomatoes rarely suffers.

Pink honey

The variety has large fruits, which in some cases can reach a weight of 1 kg. It has a pleasant taste with a hint of astringency.

Pink honey differs in high fertility which does not depend in any way on height of stalks of a plant.

The disadvantage is susceptibility to fungi.

Sweet fountain

Hybrid species grown in a greenhouse. For this tomato necessarily need a support under the ovary. The berries ripen early, the average weight is about 20 g. Gardeners note that the variety copes well with fusarium.

The Tsar Bell

Mid-season variety, perfect for making salads. Berries grow large (500 g), red, fleshy, have a shape similar to the heart. Unpretentious to weather conditions, easily adapt to the climate.

Königsberg gold

Tomatoes elongated, with a thick peel. Best of all grow in the conditions of open beds. Differ in high fertility. In general, one fruit can weigh no more than 300 g.


Low view (height of the bush does not exceed half a meter).

On one branch can grow about 10 berries with an average weight of 30 g.

The fruits are scarlet, elongated, covered with a rather dense skin that protects them from cracking and contributes to long-term storage.

Sweet sea buckthorn

The hybrid can be grown up both in greenhouses, and on usual beds. Berries ripen early, bushes do not grow above 1 m.

The fruits are yellow in color and rich in beta-carotene. Tomatoes are highly immune to common diseases.

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