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Various ways to destroy the grass for a long period

Paved paths or paths of tree cuts are the decoration of any territory. But after a few years after laying in the joints of the grass appears, which must be destroyed, until it lifted or moved the tiles, cuts. In such places, electrolyte for batteries will be an effective means. It has a high concentration of sulfuric acid, which easily burns out the surface layer of the soil along with the roots of weeds.

Weed control at the dacha

Cultivated plants protect not only from diseases, pests, but also from weeds. Due to their intensive development, it is possible not to get 30% of the harvest. Today, agrofirms manufacturers of pesticides offer a numerous line of herbicides of different spectrum of activity - continuous, selective. But in order to get ecologically clean fruits, the mechanical method of protection is better - weeding the beds, between the rows and tree trunks.

There are areas where weeds spoil the landscape of the entire plot - around the sandbox, under the trees, and parking. Often such areas are occupied by lawns - green and flowering lawns. Pyrei, having a developed root system, does not give the opportunity to develop weed grass. There are still curbs, paths, the foundation - the places where it is necessary to destroy the grass for a long time. Sulfuric acid will help to cope with this task, because it burns down the soil layer. No herbicide shows better results.


After treatment with half-concentration sulfuric acid, the soil will not be suitable for the cultivation of agricultural and other plants, since this compound burns out the surface soil layer. The main objects of application are paths, parking lots and cemeteries.

Battery electrolyte composition

The substance consists of two elements: water and sulfuric acid. The first must be distilled, without chlorine impurities, salts. The electrolyte has a certain density, which depends on the concentration of the compounds (1.23 - 1.29 g / m3). You can prepare the composition at home, using the main components and porcelain container. To obtain an electrolyte with a density of 1.23 m3, it is sufficient to pour 280 ml of sulfuric acid into 1 liter of distilled water.


There is no special instruction on the use of the substance, since it is enough to pour it into the sprayer and apply it on the object that requires destruction. The main thing is to spray in the morning when there is no strong wind. In the absence of a sprayer, you can simply shed stitches on the tracks and other places where weeds should not disturb the owner of the site for many years.

Acid Precautions

Since the basis of the electrolyte is acid, it is necessary to follow safety precautions when processing various zones:

  1. Wear gloves and a respirator.
  2. Prepare a set of replacement clothes.
  3. Spray the grass in the direction of the wind (better if it is not at all).
  4. In case of contact with skin, immediately flush the affected area with running water.

Battery Electrolyte - Effective way to destroy the grass for several years ahead. The result - on the face after a few days.

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