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Tomatoes for the Urals in the greenhouse

Considering tomatoes for the Urals, in the greenhouse varieties and hybrids will be able to show their potential and make the greenhouse construction profitable.

Tomato plants can be planted in the greenhouse as stunted and tall, the choice is yours.

Early tall

"Voyage F1"

LLC Agrofira Poisk and FGBNU "VNII of vegetable growing" Moscow region pleased the vegetable growers with this hybrid.

The fruits of this hybrid classic round shape, smooth and dense, but their color is pink.

The weight of an average tomato is 120-130 g with a good balanced taste.

Hybrid pleases vegetable growers with very good yield, which varies between 15-18 kg per m2. All tomatoes are beautifully stored and transported over long distances.

The hybrid has extreme resistance to tobacco mosaic virus, bacteriosis, Alternaria, Fusarium.


  • early ripening;
  • high yield;
  • excellent transportability;
  • resistance to complex diseases.

Checkmark F1

Choosing tomatoes for a closed ground for the Urals, vegetable growers want to plant tomatoes that have an unrivaled tomato flavor. Choosing a hybrid "Tick F1" demand will be satisfied.

The hybrid was presented by the breeders of the Ilyinichna Selection and Seed Company, Moscow Region, Mytischi

The bush needs to be formed and in time to tie up. Early plant with medium sized leaf plates.

Fruit with weak ribbing, round, dense, red with an average weight of 150-250 g.

The tomato has a very balanced, pleasant taste and interesting aftertaste. Fans of salad products and fresh fruits are delighted after eating this hybrid.

Tomato yield up to 13 kg / sq. m

The hybrid is resistant to tobacco mosaic virus and fusarium wilt.


  • early maturation;
  • excellent taste;
  • good yield;
  • disease resistance.

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Considering the varieties of tomatoes for the Urals in the greenhouse, the photo, without a clear description of the culture does not help to choose, but will give an idea of ​​the shape and color. For lovers of orange tomatoes, the variety will be quite popular.

“Rufinna” was offered to the market by breeders of the Federal Research Center of Vegetable Growing Moscow Region.

The variety has a salad designation and early ripening.

Tomatoes are round, with medium density, some have light ribbing. Beautiful bright orange color looks very appetizing, and rich, harmonious, sweetish taste makes the tomato desirable to the dinner table.

Tomatoes are not very large and rarely more than 90 g.

Productivity grade is good, in the range of 15-18 kg / m2.

The variety has increased resistance to tobacco mosaic virus and late blight.


  • excellent presentation;
  • orange fruit;
  • high yield;
  • early maturation.

"Sir F1"

Choosing tomato seeds for the Urals for greenhouses, this hybrid should not be ignored.

We owe the appearance of a hybrid to the breeders of Agrofirm Poisk LLC, Moscow Region and the All-Russian Research Institute of Vegetable Growing, Moscow Region.

A tall plant requires garters and the formation of a single shoot.

Salad and early hybrid will give you a smooth and rounded tomato of medium density. During the period of ripening, the fruit will have a light green spot at the base, as it ripens, it will gradually disappear and the fruit will acquire a crimson color.

The average weight of the fruit is from 200 to 220 g. The tomatoes are leveled, uniform in shape, weight and color. The taste of tomatoes is good, balanced and pleasant.

Commodity yield reaches 17 kg per square meter.

The hybrid is resistant to tobacco mosaic virus and fusarium wilt.


  • early ripening of fruits.
  • high commercial quality;
  • large fruits;
  • excellent yield

Medium ripening

Sated with the first tomatoes, you need to take care that the end of the summer was with tomatoes and for this purpose select the varieties of the average ripening period.

"Grandma's happiness F1"

The hybrid was put on the market by breeders of Tomagros Breeding and Seed Company LLC, Moscow.

A tall hybrid requires a timely staking and a garter. Salad destination with flat-round, ribbed fruit. Tomatoes average density and pink color.

The size of tomatoes reaches a weight of 270 g, and impeccable taste was rated "excellent". The balance of acids and sugars has such a ratio that even true gourmets recognize this tomato as the best.

The yield of this tomato pleases growers. On average, from one square meter can collect up to 19 kg.


  • greatness;
  • impeccable taste;
  • good presentation;
  • high yield.

"Pink Whale"

Breeders of the city of S. Petersburg CJSC Agricultural Breeding and Production Enterprise "Sortsemovosch" brought a wonderful hybrid, which is worth trying in greenhouses and greenhouses.

The lettuce plant has a large and dark green leaf. The fruit of this hybrid is heart-shaped, with a weak ribs and medium density.

The weight of a tomato, which reaches 600 g, deserves special delight. The inconvenience is that such large fruits require additional fixation, otherwise the shoots will break.

Marketable fruit yield is 13-14 kg s m2.


  • excellent marketability of the fruit;
  • impeccable taste;
  • huge weight;
  • good yield.

Low-growing tomatoes

Not all gardeners prefer to grow tall tomatoes in the greenhouse, which must be pasyonovat and tie up.

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Selecting tomatoes for the greenhouse from polycarbonate, the best varieties for the Urals can be considered from those that do not require much attention from the grower. After planting seedlings of such tomatoes in the nutrient soil, it will be enough just to irrigate and harvest.

Orange Fight F1

The hybrid company was introduced to the market by the Moscow company LLC Semkr-Junior.

Having landed such a hybrid, it is easy to get an early harvest of tomato orange, smooth and round, with a good, balanced, dietary taste. The "body" of a tomato contains 4-5 seed chambers, which are filled with sugary contents and a small amount of seeds.

The weight of one tomato is up to 200 g, but it is firmly held on the shoots without additional fixation.

Fruits have a thin, but durable skin that allows them to be coarse and well transported.

The yield of the hybrid plant reaches 1 kg per square meter of the greenhouse.

Tomatoes are tolerant to the main diseases of tomatoes.


  • excellent taste data;
  • good keeping quality and portability;
  • yield

"Eliseevsky F1"

Growing tomatoes in a greenhouse, you can have a crop for your consumption, and sell the surplus on the market. However, you need to take care of the blanks for the winter and for this the best ideal hardening hybrid “Eliseevsky F1” fits perfectly.

Thanks to the breeders of the Leningrad Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture "Belogorka" Leningrad Region. growers can fully know the beauty of this tomato.

Tomato has a universal purpose. Its fruits are used as salad products and are processed by means of preservation, pickling, pickling, the production of juices, pastes, ketchups.

Early tomato tomato, cradle and formation does not require. The leaf is small and does not shade the fruit, bright green.

Ripened round tomatoes, medium in size, within 65 g

Tastes tomato excellent. Tomatoes never crack, which puts them in the first place when desired for processing in whole-canning.

"Yeleseevsky" has extreme resistance and tolerance to the complex of tomato diseases, and this allows it to be used in greenhouses with problem climate control.

Choosing the best varieties of tomatoes for the Urals for greenhouses, it should be noted that this hybrid has several advantages:

  • no need for shaping and garter;
  • fine commodity output;
  • good yield;
  • resistance to a whole list of tomato diseases;
  • excellent qualities for whole canning and processing for tomato products.

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Choosing varieties and hybrids and combining them you can achieve high productivity from a square meter of greenhouse.

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The best hybrids of tomatoes with photos and descriptions