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Variety of tomato "Matryoshka": a great choice for canning

Characteristics and description of the Matreshka tomato variety, reviews, photos, yields, everything suggests that the variety of universal purpose and planting it can provide the family with fresh produce and make preparations for the winter.

Official information

It took four years to enter a variety in the list of breeding achievements. In 2010, the variety was entered in the state register, under the number 9359614.

Applicant and originator of the variety “Agrofirm Aelita” LLC, Moscow Russia.

The grade is recommended for cultivation in all regions of the country as late for cultivation in personal subsidiary farms under film shelters and in a kitchen garden.

When choosing seed material, you need to ensure that in addition to the variety there is also a hybrid “Matryoshka F1”, “Matryoshka”, as well as “Russian matryoshka”, they are all different. Only “Matryoshka” is entered in the register.

Characteristic and description

Tomato "Matryoshka" variety description, photos, reviews, say that the variety is determinant, not high and does not require staking and formation. Some descriptions indicate that the plant grows up to 60 cm, but a dense shoot well holds small fruits, especially since there are absolutely not many of them.

The leaf is medium in size, saturated color, dark green. Variety produces simple inflorescences.


A tomato has a very interesting shape, resembling a small pear. Its surface is smooth. Green fruits have a dark spot at the base. When ripe, the stain dissolves and the fruit becomes saturated red.

The weight of the tomato is in the range of 55-60 g. When cut, four seed nests are visible.

Originators indicate that the assessment obtained during the tasting is “good,” although reviews indicate that tomatoes pull only on “satisfactory”

Fruits are dense, the skin is dense enough to keep the flesh from cracking. It also allows the tomato to be whole after heat treatment.

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Yield reviews

Although originators indicate yield in film greenhouses within 11 kg / sq. m, according to the testimony of those who have already grown, the grade does not reach, to such a commodity shaft. In open ground, the yield is several times less.

Since the variety is late, vegetable growers are slightly unsatisfied with the variety. There are several reasons for this:

  • by the time of the ripening of the variety, the salad, tasty tomatoes are already satisfied by the vegetable growers;
  • bins, jars, casseroles of barrels, are already filled, and the “Matryoshka” only matures;
  • the variety is not quite suitable for processing into tomato products, because it is very dense and not very juicy;
Growing a Matryoshka tomato, the characteristic and description of the variety comes down to an interesting shape of the fruit and the fact that it behaves well in conservation. In this regard, he really recommended the seed as a tomato for whole-canning.

Disease and Pest Resistance

When testing the variety, good resistance to fusarium wilt and verticillosis was found.

Reviews of gardeners indicate that the variety is not very resistant to late blight, and in comparison with other varieties requires increased attention.This may be due to the fact that the late variety and the early varieties manage to “escape” from the phytophtoras, and “Matryoshka” picks up the fungus and it multiplies on it.

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The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Due to the fact that there are a lot of “matryoshkas”, and the people who leave their comments do not always correctly name the variety and the hybrid, as well as the originator, not only the regrader is possible, but also the appearance of information that does not correspond to reality and this should be taken into account.

Among the advantages of the "Matryoshka" variety:

  • interesting, pear-shaped form;
  • beautiful, rich color;
  • perfectly behaves in conservation, does not lose integrity;
  • good taste of canned products;
  • does not require staving

The disadvantages of the variety are as follows:

  • late maturation;
  • instability to phytophthora;
  • low yield.

Features of growing

If we consider the aspect that late ripening is a disadvantage, then fruiting can be accelerated by earlier sowing of seeds.

This tomato is impossible to grow without seedlings. Sowing seeds is best done in early March, if you have the opportunity to plant tomatoes in open ground in May. If not, then it is probably better to abandon the variety in favor of the earlier ones.

In order for crops to sprout faster, it is advisable to soak the seeds in a damp cloth and place them in a warm place for 34 days. Sowing should be done only with seeds that show signs of life. Maintaining the optimum temperature and humidity, the seedlings will appear quickly and thus you will “save” 10-15 days, which is very important for late tomatoes.

The variety of tomato "Matryoshka" is deterministic, undersized, it will not take much space on the windowsill and will not stretch much. However, for successful fruiting tomato needs a well-developed root system. That is why when sowing it is necessary:

  • provide seedlings with universal soil for seedlings;
  • in case of early sowing, provide additional light;
  • conduct a pick at the optimum time (2 true sheets);
  • to pick a sufficient amount of soil mixture.

When planting in the garden, it should be noted that the "Matryoshka" is not tall and they need to give the southern side, in relation to the higher.

Tomatoes will not require supports and dressings, because the fruits are not large and the shoots are not tilted.

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Preventive actions

Since the Matryoshka tomatoes are not resistant to phytophthora, preventive spraying should be carried out timely and regularly.

The first spraying is necessary during the period of budding and flowering. Best used "Ridomil Gold." Having diluted 50 g in a bucket of water, you can process the bushes until the foliage is completely wetted. If weather conditions are not favorable, then re-processing is carried out after 10 days.

The second treatment is carried out at the stage when the tomatoes just started and it is better to do this with the Revus Top 12 ml per bucket of water.

The beginning of ripening is not a reason to abandon treatments, but you need to apply such a drug, the waiting period in which from treatments to fruit consumption is not great. For example, you can use the drug "Quadris" 6 ml per 5 liters of water.

The attitude to the “Matryoshka” from “Aelita” is not unequivocal. This variety was in the nomination "I will not plant more," but everyone has their own opinion and re-grading is not excluded. Perhaps it is you who fall for quality seeds and a tomato will like its interesting shape and impeccable view in banks.

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