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Description of a grade of tomatoes "Lady fingers"

tomato lady fingers characteristic and description of the variety

Meet this “Lady Fingers” tomato variety that has good reviews. It received its interesting and elegant name for its compact fruits, which are stretched out and hang on the bushes in unusual clusters, like the handle of some lady. This is an old tomato, if we talk about the timing of its removal, but it has not lost its relevance.

general description

"Lady Fingers" was launched in Russia in the last century. For so much time, a bad variety would simply cease to exist, but these tomatoes are still popular and in demand. Compact fruits are tasty and fragrant and very well suited for preservation in general. They can be salted in banks of any size, perfect for assorted.

The tomato is grown in greenhouse conditions, and on the street. It bears fruits well both there and there, but, of course, in the protected ground the bushes are higher and there will be more fruits. At the same time in the greenhouse may need a garter, as the stem grows up to a meter, but it is not necessary. In general, the variety is very unpretentious and even a novice in the dacha business can grow it.

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Tomato "Lady Fingers." Characteristics and description of the variety

  • Not a hybrid look.
  • It gives red, compact fruits - up to 100 grams in weight, but usually tomatoes are 50-70 grams.
  • The bush is determinant. It grows on the street up to 50 cm in height, and therefore it does not need support, in a warmer climate and in the greenhouse up to a meter. It is better to put support here so that the bushes do not become loose in the wind and do not break.
  • The tomato tolerates weather and drought well, but he also likes watering.
  • It has early terms of fruiting - you harvest your first crop 100-110 days after sowing seedlings.
  • Cold-resistant tomato.
  • Fruits do not crack.
  • Tomatoes ripen evenly on the bushes, and after harvesting in unripe form.
  • The yield of one bush over a kilogram. Of course, it will seem a little to someone, but remember that the fruits are very small. But in a greenhouse, the yield may be 2-5 times greater.
  • The tomato is delicious both fresh and processed. It is suitable for dressing in borsch, pasta, salads, sauce and ketchup. But not for juice.
  • There is a slight sourness.
  • Excellent transport over long distances and often grown for sale. Also the grade is perfectly stored, so, in a cool time can reach up to 4 months.
  • Tomato can not form or leave 1-2 stems. One brush gives 6-8 fruits, there is light ribbing.
  • Fruits are juicy, fleshy, glossy, few seeds. Their length is only 5-10 cm.
  • The color of the leaves is dark green.
  • Suitable for cultivation in all regions of Russia.

Look at the photo, this is the "Lady Fingers", then we will talk about the method of their cultivation. It's simple, and we advise you to try to plant this tomato in the new season. He has to taste a lot of gardeners. In addition, the hostess will appreciate the culinary opportunity that can give compact and beautiful fruit varieties of tomato "Lady fingers."

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Sowing begins in the second decade of March. Also, this tomato can be sown in open ground in warm regions or in greenhouses, if the soil is heated by more than 21 degrees. Pre-sowing treatment in a solution of manganese is best done to disinfect the seeds and give them greater immunity in the future.

Now, with regards to the soil. This variety loves a neutral, well ventilated ground.You can buy such soil in any store in a season, but it is better to process it additionally. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon that the soil is infected even that which is sold in stores. This variety does not have absolute resistance to diseases. Sowing depth - 1 cm under the film.

After the sprouting of the seedlings, it needs only watering and loosening, of course, in the phase of two leaves, pickling into separate pots and soil is needed, which also needs to be processed in advance. Saplings are transported to the street when warm weather has settled, usually in May, its second and third decade, in some regions it is June. Landing plan 50/70. On one square meter you can plant up to 8 bushes. The soil before planting need to dig and spill boiling water. Before planting, make mineral fertilizer.

For information!

This tomato loves the sun, and therefore choose areas that are light and windless.

It is worth noting that this tomato is best fruited at a temperature of 22-26 degrees, when the soil is evenly moistened. Watering is needed 2-3 times a week, if summer is dry, then 5-6 times. Be sure to loosen and remove weeds. Garter and shaping are not needed outside, in a greenhouse may be required. You need to monitor the pests so that they do not bother the bushes.

With regards to disease, this variety is sensitive to mosaic. Therefore, the treatment of seeds, the entire soil is important, but if the bushes start to hurt, they are only removed, otherwise the whole area will get sick. Additionally, the bushes can be sprayed for the prevention of a weak solution of manganese. Good potassium helps.

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Podkormy, like all tomatoes, loves. You can use the purchased mineral feed, which is diluted in water, and just manure or droppings. Which also helps very well. For a season 2-4 times bring these fertilizers, and your crop will increase significantly. So you learned all about tomato lady fingers from our description of the variety.

Growing tomatoes is easy, so worry about failure is not worth it. Remember about light and prevention.

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tomato lady fingers characteristic and description of the varietytomato lady fingers characteristic and description of the variety

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